T-shirts and jeans have been the stepping stone of each and every great style that was ever emulated, copied, and ironically rarely duplicated. Fashion is a lot of things these days, but with the rise of retro and 90s styles, dressing up has become more laid back. Sure there’s Versace, and Marc Jacobs or Tom Ford, but there’s also a massive rise in street style and more Calvin Klein like outfits. The queen of too-much  and over the top dolled up looks – Kim Kardashian herself is often seen as the face of such basic dressing, with the long simple hair, or bob lately, and 90s style spaghetti strap dresses or jeans and white t-shirts she’s like ‘I’m done with those too studied looks, and over the top outfits. I wanna look like I barely tried.’ Bloggers too are jumping in on this ‘trend’ and chose simple outfits with 0 exaggerated elements. They’re easier to wear, easier to shoot, and a true mirror of our laziness at times. By forcing us to rid ourselves of those extra frills and fashion opulence they kinda allow true style and simplicity to shine through.

TBH, except for a few incredibly great stylers out there, I’m done with seeing too trendy dressing hanging on the backs of every single girl out there with not a dash of personalty in sight. What is IN these days? Red lips, bob haircut, track pants, platform big shoes, chokers, big logo tees, micro bags, long nails, perfect makeup, combat boots, spring floral dresses, coffee to go, cool drinks and food, etc. *wears all of them at once*. Sure, it’s all fashion and fun, and by all means go have a clothes party, and leave the 30 year olds to their minimalist and basic dressing style. Right?!

Are we haters for saying that? I know I certainly have my moments, and I’m working on pissing all rainbows and butterflies… but am I wrong in my fashion observation here?

Or maybe, just maybe… there’s more to fashion than just one massive trend or movement, and the world is divided into: statement and opulent aka trendy, VS minimal and basic, the formal being sort of a fight back to this massive fashion consumers and piling on of trends…  and if this is the case where do you stand? Good Lord I know I used to be such a fashion freak not too long ago and would wear anything that looked funky, cool, good, bad, you name it, I made it work… or so I thought. Fast forward a few (wise) years and here I am embracing basic dressing. Of course, with time I’ve also become slightly lazier and very very hard to impress… so perhaps there’s this slob phase I’m going through…

What happens when you start dressing basic?

A massive attention to details is born: good hair, natural, healthy, good skin, pretty nails, quality jewelry (a simple thin gold gold necklace, stacking on thin rings, hoop earrings), great shoes, tiny cool bags or classic totes, red lips, good eyebrows, dewy cheeks, headscarves, dainty accessories, tiny sunglasses…

It’s the stripping off of the extra details that allows us to be more careful about what we chose to wear.

How to wear basic clothes and dress minimal without looking ‘basic’?

First of all, stop trying and just wear simple clothes. Secondly don’t give a damn about fashion. The rest will come, cause after mastering the art of stripping yourself of all the ancestry you’ll start having fun with details and before you know it a new style will be born. More comfortable, unique, easy, simple, and classic.

Have you noticed how style icons and some mortals too look good in anything, especially t-shirts and jeans or a simple dress? That is style. Effortlessness is key.

  • jeans
  • t-shirts
  • sneakers, sandals, slide shoes
  • micro bags
  • tote bags
  • dainty jewelry (pile up)
  • red lips
  • zero dresses
  • floral dress
  • monochromatic look
  • sporty style
  • classic pieces
  • retro details
  • simple items

All the minimal things you need:



Basic dressing a la 90s!

This is the so called minimal dressing trend happening these days. It’s Beverly Hills 90210 meets the grungy side of fashion in the 90s with a dash of preppy. What would Brenda Walsh wear? What you wore back in the day? Jeans, crop top, oversized sweatshirts, sneakers, simple black dress, tiny sunglasses. Take them all to 2018 level and integrate these retro classic clothes into a more polished and clean style. Pick quality over opulence, and limit the statement pieces your put on for a more grown-up clean effect.

Get the look:



At the end of the day it’s still fashion (which is supposed to be fun and personal) so it’s up to all of us. Perhaps we’ll al be walking basic copycats by the end of summer? Who knows… What I do know, is that basic dressing and minimal style are quite refreshing in a sea of too much fashion, if there’s even such a thing.

What do YOU think?

xoxo D.

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