Turn Your BACK, For Fashion’s Sake!

bare-back-summer-looksNo, no, no, no, fashion does not want us to turn our back on it, but it does want to see our BACKS exposed, sexy, and incredibly enticing. This has got to be the steamiest fashion trend in a looong time. Forget boobs, and bums, and all of that. The subtle and mysterious game of concealing and covering up is way more sensual, not to mention sophisticated. backless-outfitsI gotta give it to the fashion bitch, she nailed it with this one. She’s now all grown up and throws our way trends and looks that are the opposite of in-your-face BUT do more for us wearers and for the fashion ignoramus watchers, than any super thought out outfits and fitted to the millimeter clothing item. Back in the day, circa 2000 it was all about showing your tits, and painted-on low waisted jeans. Before that it must have been another body part worshiping by maximum exposure. Today… I’m not saying we’re all prude, au contraire, but we’ve learned to master style and mix Tom-boy’ish looks with hot heels, and flirty mini dresses with sneakers. Fitted with oversized. We’re balancing it all out, we’re princesses one day and bad boys the next. That I find quite liberating. And I think this BARE BACK trend is just fashion’s way of telling us it’s time to let imagination run loose and get creative with outfits. open-back-tops-So we’re experiencing a summer of BACK bows, chains, jewelry, straps, exposed bras, tattoos, spines, and what not – through the most exquisite tops or dresses that have back cut-outs & cheeky back designs to show our backs in all their glory. It kinda drives us to do all sorts of DYI projects on old tops and tees and cut them in weird funky shapes to show it all or just a glimpse of our backs as we turn and walk away.

You can be covered up from head to toe in the front, but the moment you turn around BAM! the open back will cause a frenzy as it’s quite the fashion statement, without going over the top. ;) open-back-tops-dressesThe best part about this trend is that we can choose how much of it we do it – a little bit, or open back all the way. We can rock it even at work. Of course no-one would know, as you’d be wearing a blazer on top, but you’d know it… and that’s enough to make you feel empowered. Cause I thing this feeling goes hand in hand with this trend. The power of a beautiful naked back as you turn and walk away from a conversation or situation that was either good or bad… is one style scenario that’s in your favor.

And now let’s see how street style does the BARE BACK TREND for summer. :) back-jewelry-outfitback-necklace-styleback-stripes-trendback-trend-back-view-brabare-back-dressbare-backscara-delevinge-open-back-jewelrycool-back-topnaked-back-trend-summer-2014open-back-cutout-teesopen-back-cutout-topsopen-back-dress-street-styleopen-back-summer-trend-pantsuitsexy-back=topssexyBackssexy-backssexy-back-streetstyle-summersexy-back-summer-trendstreet=style-backsstreetstyle10spring14street-style-exposed-backstreet-style-intricate-back-stylesstreet-style-open-back-outfitsstreet-style-summer-open-back-lookssummer-look-open-back-dresssummer-trend-exposed-backssummer-trend-open-backssummer-trend-sexy-backtrend-bare-backsWhat do you think: YES or NO to open back tops & dresses?