Much like anything great in life – relationships, love, chemistry, friendship, fun, laziness, inspiration – you can’t force a great outfit. It just doesn’t happen. You’d think it only has to do with the actual clothes, but no. C’mon, even we are not that shallow. A great outfit is a perfect combo of what you’re wearing, with how you’re feeling, your details, state of mind, mood, great light, great hair day, great face day, et all.

And also, you never want to waste a great #OOTD on a basic situation, right?

Well I am bloody grateful I waited to drape myself in cappuccino and cream colours and let my body get hugged and loved by this amazing bandage dress. It was a good day. One of those perfect combos coming together. Or so I like to think.

After a very brief and very fun previous Friday night, I woke up Saturday morning fresher than a banana, put my hair in a sleek low ponytail, rocked dark lips (actually a combination of 3 lipsticks gave birth to that one), and squeezed my body into one of my latest gifts: a bandage dress from The Kewl Shop. Oh. My. God. That I am sometimes vain, is no news, but I LOVED myself in this dress, and you know what, I ain’t scared of saying it. It is International Women’s Day today, after all.

bandage-dress-kewl-shop-1 bandage-dress-kewl-shop-27bandage-dress-kewl-shop-11

This bandage dress is purely the best for two reasons: 1) the quality is insane, the fabric being bandage is so thick and stretchy, it holds it all together, pulls it in, squeezes it, the straps and cuts are body fit in the best way possible, it takes 10 seconds to put on and even less to take off if you have the right help, AND 2) the moment you’re dressed in it you literally hear Beyonce’s ‘I’m a grown woman, I can do whatever I want’ song in the background. No, I’m serious.

Man, I was feeling this dress, and so was my photographer pal, and so were the tens of people passing by and taking pics themselves. Yeah, that happened. Talk about not at all awkward moments.

All YES to this dress, for its high-quality fabric, for fast shipping, for being exactly as expected if not more, and for that razzamatazz it makes you feel once you squeeze into it. Not to sound as if I’m shoving them down your throat, but if you’re looking for hot dresses to wear to evening events, parties, going out moments THE KEWL SHOP is the online place to shop. It’s packed with bandage dresses, long, short, midi, two-pieces, you name it. I would literally wear all their dresses, especially the white, nude ones. Cause I have the obsession right now.

Enough talk. Here’s the pics.



I am wearing Sophisticated & Edgy Bandage Dress | The Kewl Shop | bandage dresses collection

Photos by Florina Ciupertea.

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