oversize-leather-pants-streetstyle Whoever said size does not matter, clearly had no idea what they were saying. Fashion wise. Let’s keep this conversation unsoiled.

For the past year everyone seems to have a slight obsession towards going up a few sizes, hence the oversized coats, sweaters, and boyfriend borrowed looks. Have we just had enough of the bombshell looks, that we now couldn’t care less if we come across as stylish hobos or oversexed pop stars? Even the golden rule of style – balance – is every now and then ditched in favor of comfy meets quirkiness (the rule – if your bottoms are tight, your top has to be slouchy and vice versa – is suddenly dated). baggy-leather-pants-style I would have thought though, a few items would never make it to the oversized shortlist. Ha! Think again, said the Leather Trousers. When you hear about this new trend – Baggy Leather Trousers – you immediately say wtf. Buuut, once you see them… you may just reconsider. Sure not all baggy styles look great on leather, but some are actually pretty fantastic. It’s all a hip hop meets glam combo. Or a late 80’s meets 2013 urban glam or sporty luxe thing. It’s cool, effortless and this way you may just be able to pull off leather trousers style for work.

While the skin tight looks are still in (think it’s safe to assume they will always be hot), this slouchy version of the leather trousers does make it more appropriate for various situations. Sure, eventually it depends how edgy (read baggy) you’re going with this look as well, but, at the end of the day, any piece of clothing that is less fitted and slightly oversized, will look a bit more tamed rather than sexy. baggy-leather-trousers-style leather-sweatpants-trend (2) leather-sweatpants-trend On where this Baggy Leather thing came from, safe to say it’s one more extension of the boyfriend look. I mean up to now, it was just men who wore baggy leather trousers. They would have looked a bit too exposed in skin tight. As much as we loved those 80s and 90s with Bon Jovi and Axl Rose rocking the shit out of our generation… some things are better left in the past.

Personally I love how fashion is always switching up between trends and looks, inventing or redesigning weird-at-first-sight-styles. Gives us a chance to experiment and express ourselves. baggy-leather-pants-style (2) baggy-leather-pants-street-style how-to-style-leather-sweatpants large-leather-pants-look Having said that, let’s see what the fuss is with these baggy leather trousers.

Basically there are 2 versions of this trend:

  1. The leather sweatpants (remember my sweatpants & heels post? something like that only with a different fabric. It’s somehow a tamed down version of what pop stars and celebs wear on stage.)
  2. The tailored oversized leather trousers. Hence the baggy name. They can be any style, resembling a suit or tapered version of the trousers, high waisted, boot-cut, wide leg, or au contraire tight around the ankles.

ciara-leather-sweatpants baggy-leather-trousers-street-style large-leather-trousers-look leather-baggy-pants leather-large-trousers-trend leather-sweatpants-look oversized-leather-pants-street-style https://thefashiontag.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/oversized-leather-pants-trend.jpg oversize-leather-pants-streetstyle (2) rihanna-leather-sweatpants slouchy-leather=pants-streetstyle slouchy-leather-pants slouchy-leather-pants-streetstyle slouchy-leather-pants-trendslouchy-leather-pants-trend slouchy-leather-trousers slouchy-leather-trousers-look sporty-chic-baggy-leather-pants-look street-style-baggy-leather-pants tapered-leather-pants suit-pants-leather What to wear with Baggy Leather Trousers? Anything. They are normal trousers in a more edgy, glam, sophisticated fabric. What’s great about these is that the looser cut makes them a bit more work appropriate. They look very professionally chic when paired with a blouse or T-shirt and a blazer. Shoes wise. Again anything works. personally I love how they look with heels. street-style-leather-baggy-pants street-style-leather-large-pantsstreet-style-leather-large-pants street-style-leathersweatpants street-style-leather-sweatpantsstreet-style-leather-sweatpants street-style-large-leather-trousers Overall, when not extremely oversized, the baggy leather trousers trend is quite fantastic. It’s sophisticated yet effortless.

What do you think? Some things are better left skin tight, or not?

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  7. Stepanie says:

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  8. Ed Watt says:

    Try some pink leather sweatpants available in 2 shades of pink. Tooooo cute.

  9. Catalina Horodinca says:

    Have them in navy suede, loooove them, so so confy! Give me leather clothes, in any form and shape, and I’m happy! Hope I’m not the only one here, cause I don’t like to sound like a freak one! :)))

    • Fashion Tag (Dana Cristina) says:

      omg babe, I was starting to feel sooo redundant with my leather everything obsession myslef. I agree, I have this addiction, but I see no harm in it. leather anything looks fabulous and now more than anytime it has its shining moment in fashion. I say milk it while it’s hot lol. And besides, who gives a shit if it’s in style or not. Love it. Work it. Don’t have baggy leather pants YET, buut I kinda fancy those resembling sweatpants. Who’s the freak now? haha. Kisses xoxo

  10. reversecommuter says:

    Big & pleated – kinda cool and super amazing staple for a winter wardrobe!
    Great post – I really loved all the pics!

  11. jennifer stewart says:

    now i want some leather pant’s i have a leather skirt will work on those pant’s they look comfortable and the girls look so relaxed

    • Fashion Tag (Dana Cristina) says:

      Exactly! Relaxed and cool are the keywords :) so jealous of u for the leather skirt, so need to buy one! Thanks xx

  12. MRG says:

    Really love the tailored baggy pants, got some but not in leather gotta get me some :) but I always pair them with heels and a crop top or else I feel too overly short! xo


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