If you were just invited to a baby shower by a close friend or a relative, you might be wondering what kind of gifts you ought to get for the expectant parents. To celebrate the arrival of a new baby, you want to give the mother-to-be something that her baby can wear or play with. The big question is, should you craft the gift yourself or buy one from the department store?

Here are a few cute baby shower gifts that the mother will definitely appreciate:

1. A Tableware Bundle

If you want to gift something that will be helpful in the long run, then you should definitely go for tableware. Pay attention to the materials from which the tableware is made, as it is vital for the health of the infant. Opt for tableware that is made from organic products, such as wood or bamboo. Bamboo suction plates for babies can also be an option because they are not only organic but also have the suction feature which prevents mess during the eating process. Do not forget to add cuteness to charm up your gift and the parents will be delighted for sure.

2. Nursery Critter Towels

One of the most adorable gifts you could get for the infant is an animal critter towel. This cozy wrap will not only keep the baby warm but also makes rocking them to sleep a lot easier. These soft blanket substitutes are available with an assortment of fluffy animal features like bunny ears, elephant trunks, or duck hoodies. They are great for both snuggling close and drying after a bath.

3. A Musical Rock ‘N Play

Rock ‘N Plays is perfect for calming down a crying baby when the mother is too tired to carry them. The back-and-forth motion helps them fall asleep when they hear a soft, musical lullaby. Fisher Price offers quite a few rockers that are completely hands-free. They often have shakers, stuffed animals, and link toys dangling from the top for a curious infant exploring their sense of touch.

4. A Floral Print Maternity Dress

A pregnant mother is probably wondering what to wear. After all, they want to present their best by dressing in style at the baby shower. Luckily, there are some fashionable designs for maternity dresses that are guaranteed to make the mother feel special about preparing for the new arrival. She could go for an all-white look, gown up in a floral maxi dress, try on a sleek pencil dress with frilly sleeves, or a satin polka dot one to match a pair of strappy sandals.

5. A Diaper Wreath

If you’re someone who likes to think outside the box, you can get creative by decorating a wreath of rolled-up diapers with baby supplies like shoes, mittens, baby wash bottles, and anything an infant might need. As a nice surprise, these small gifts can be hung up as colorful ornaments before the baby shower. As a plus, it helps them get into the holiday spirit if they are about to shop for Christmas.

6. A Handmade Snake Pillow

Snake Pillows are long, squeezable, plush toys that protect the baby by setting the boundaries of a play area. Handmade snake pillows add a personal touch of pastel colors combined with ice cream, polka dot, or animal patterns. As long as you know how to stitch frilly fabric pieces together and wrap up the loose ends with ribbons, you can craft a snake pillow in no time.

7. A DIY Baby Mobile Kit

A hanging crib mobile toy is quite popular as well, though there are many ways to mix and match the wooden decorations such as planets from the solar system or a set of hot air balloons. These kits include all the materials you need to build a hanging mobile toy from polyester stuffing to sewing threads. Once you’re done, attach a music holder arm so it plays soothing songs while spinning.

8. Picture Alphabet Board

You can craft homemade alphabet blocks by covering wooden blocks with brightly colored fabrics, then sticking foam letters onto the cloth. To help the new baby learn their ABCs, super glue magnets onto the back of each block, then arrange them on a whiteboard. Feel free to wrap up the entire board, which is likely to stand out in the gift pile.

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