Lately it feels as if I’m one step behind on everything, and living off my ‘glorious’ fashion past big time. I mean… 2020 pandemic or not, ever since my baby girl turned into a cheeky gorgeous feisty demanding and utterly adorable  toddler (yes I’m obsessed with her) I’ve traded my borderline fashun outfits for sweats. It’s like all of a sudden there’s no more time or why’s as to why I should even bother beyond leggings or sweats. Don’t pity me y’all… I’m happy af like this BUT that don’t mean I don’t get the occasional fashion blues, you know.

And this post is just that… an accidental stumble onto a folder from circa 2 yrs ago, which triggered some beautiful travel memories and that dress-up nostalgia I was telling you about.

Typing this in my white stay home stained with toddler food sweats (who the hell wears white sweats as a mom?!) – and I’m already making mental notes about future outfits in these leather pants and fur coat. To this day it’s my fave faux fur coat, as some of you may know from past winters featured on Instagram.

Anyway here’s the pics and some shopping references.


Shop my look:

Oh man I need to start dressing up more. Slob life is great until you stumble onto your old more put-together self.


Now tell me about you: are you the dresser up kind in these times, or nah… I’m good in sweats?

I am wearing: FashionNova pants | Forever21 coat and boots | Quizclothing shirt | Tom Ford shades | vintage jewellery | 

xoxo D.

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