sweatersWhenever the transitional pieces talk is due, as summer’s perks are coming to an end, we’re still clawed to the hot season’s fashion pieces in a desperate attempt to not let go yet. Three months is way to little to do it all. And yet we have to take tiny little steps into fall and slowly adapt to chiller nights & mornings. And jackets are overrated. Well maybe not, but we’re in weather denial so we’re faced with having to come up with a top to layer over the summer piece we still love to rock in crispy August days. street-style-summer-sweaters (7)What do we wear in August when we’re slightly cold?

Summer sweaters to me seem like the perfect alternative to the uber trendy and why not too-cold-season-I’m-not-ready-for-yet thicker jackets or vests. Yeah leather and denim are brilliant but there’s enough time to do them later on. So… let’s get down to more retro, bohemian, chic, sort-of-Parisian vibes sartorial choices.

The summer sweaters of 2014 are the perfect pick from August all throughout autumn. From tiny retro Audrey Hepburn inspired designs in your classic black & white or solid colors, that come down to the waist, cinged, with fitted sleeves and round necks, to more loose styles that cover our bums and sexily drip off our shoulders making us look as if we’re wearing nothing underneath, to cropped sweaters (think Liv Tyler in those Aerosmith 90s videos), to neon knits or mesh, or to those timeless navy stripe sweaters that look fabulous paired with tiny white shorts as if you’re some billionaire yachting in St. Tropez – all seem like a much better idea than jackets. sweaters-bare-legs-looks (6)street-style-summer-sweaters (6)summer-sweaters-trend (3)How do we wear sweaters in summer? I feel like the best thing to do is to not think your outfit through with a sweater in it, and just wear your choice of summer look for that day and casually pick any sweater you love and feel sexy or comfortable in to layer it over if you’re cold. This way you’re getting that effortless style, and you don’t even need to worry about this going with that because really… anything goes with everything today, even if it doesn’t. sweaters-bare-legs-looks (2)To avoid looking too autumn ready the tip is to do bare legs. So have a blast with shorts, with cutoffs, mini skirts, pleated skirts, midi skirts, maxi skirts, and even dresses which you can layer with a chic summer sweater that has an intricate design (exposed back, off the shoulders, deep plunging neckline) to still show off a bit of your dress. street-style-summer-sweaters (5)summer-sweaters-looks (4)sweaters-bare-legs-looksYou can have fun with shoes and still do the summer sandals, heels, OR you can slowly incorporate more fall appropriate styles: ankle boots or sneakersstreet-style-summer-sweaterstransitional-pieces-summer-autumn-sweatersSweaters ironically don’t look as heavy and bulked as jackets, nor as prepped up, are way more easy to throw in your bag for the just-in-case colder moments and look absolutely great paired with just about anything. Being way more affordable than jackets, you can buy and wear them like crazy. All the styles, all the cuts, all the colors.

My favorite ones for the traditional weather are bright colored styles in loose designs the kind that just look oversized, come in thin sexy fabrics & are a bit see through. And also those white fab sweaters! There’s just something so incredibly rich-casual and luxurious about these it’s irresistible. summer-sweaters-looksLet’s see more street style pics for inspiration. street-style-summer-sweaters (3)street-style-summer-sweaters (2)summer-style-sweaterssummer-sweaters-looks (2)summer-sweaters-looks (3)summer-sweaters-trend (2)summer-sweaters-trend (4)summer-sweaters-trendsweaters-bare-legs-looks (3)sweaters-bare-legs-looks (5)sweaters-bare-legs-looks (7)sweaters-for-summersweaters-trend-summer-lookstransitional-pieces-summer-autumn-sweaters (2)transitional-pieces-summer-autumn-sweaters (3)transitional-pieces-summer-autumn-sweaters (4)white-summer-sweatersWhat do you think about summer sweaters? Do you prefer them over jackets or other tops? What’s your go to transitional piece?

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