Why Is Fashion Turning ATHLETIC?

sporty-trend-streetstyle (8)Growing up, whether interested in fashion or not, we’ve all been slightly aware of a few style faux pas such as: never wear track pants with heels, don’t go to work in sporty tees, cover up your neon cool athletic bra top when you leave the house. Well… all this is obsolete as fashion has pulled a 180 on us all for the past year and shoved the ATHLETIC TREND down our throats, urging us to dress sporty cool & athletic luxe in 2014 summer.

That the sartorial world has become more laid back is no news anymore. Hell it’s become hectic and manic, impossible to make up its mind on what to keep and what to ditch, so all trends pretty much have comebacks. The style to all though, is gym inspired. We’re all looking like we’ve just left the tennis courts, swim-pools, golf tournaments, marathons, and forgot to take off items of the sporty attire. More so we’ve bothered to put heels on, red lipsticks and bling yet not renounce on the oversized tops, short shorts, mesh, track pants, and bright sneakers. Micah Gianneli_Best top personal style fashion blog_Street styleathletic-trend-street-style-track-pants2014 Summer fashion is a beautiful reinvention of all that is casual, athletic and laid back, keeping the vibe of the gym/sporty clothes, but using fabrics and mixtures that are more eclectic, clashing trends, and styles to allow more versatility. Varsity jackets became posh. Track suits are made of leather. Worn with heels even. Oversized jersey tees have glitter and sparkles on them, and can be donned as dresses with heeled sandals. Bright colored bra tops are out on the streets from underneath office blazers. One piece swimsuits are worn as bare back tops (see Kim Kardashian).

Are there no more limits?

I would think not. Not when it’s OK to wear bright sneakers to work, with summer dresses, pencil skirts, silky tops, blazers and posh bags. Not when you can pair your business suit with an athletic mesh top, T-shirt or white soled flat shoes that inspire some vintage futuristic new sport out there. athletic-trendathletic-trend-street-style (2)athletic-trend-street-style (3)Why is this happening? Maybe fashion got bored of the same things. Maybe we got more relaxed, or maybe fashion is more accessible to everyone now, not necessarily in terms of affordability, but in trends to emulate, hence, designers offering the world what they want. We’re all sick of stuck up, polished looks all the time. Super coordinated, proper, lifeless outfits, that are so right they’re wrongs. We all wanna look like we’re rich kids on holiday. Like we’re laid back Aussies who go for a swim after work. sporty-chic-trendsporty-trend-streetstyle (19)I used to hate any sporty inspired outfits a long time ago, now… it’s all I wear somehow, whether it’s classic sporty, or chic, or just an athletic piece in a smart outfit.

And the beauty if it all is that ATHLETIC WEAR has loads of options for all tastes: all black, all white looks, black and white minimalist styles, bright, tropical, neon looks, evening dresses, going out jeans and sporty tops… it’s all a question of whether or not you love it.

And if you do, do you wear this trend? athletic-trend (2)athletic-trend (3)Micah Gianneli_Best top personal style fashion blog_Street styleMicah Gianneli_Jesse Maricic photographer_Controle Creatif_Streeathletic-trend-street-style-trackpants-glitter-topathletic-trend-street-style-track-pants-high-heelssporty-chic-trend (2)sporty-chic-trend (3)sporty-trend-streetstyle (2)sporty-trend-streetstyle (3)sporty-trend-streetstyle (4)sporty-trend-streetstyle (7)sporty-trend-streetstyle (6)sporty-trend-streetstyle (9)sporty-trend-streetstyle (10)sporty-trend-streetstyle (11)sporty-trend-streetstyle (12)sporty-trend-streetstyle (13)sporty-trend-streetstyle (14)sporty-trend-streetstyle (15)sporty-trend-streetstyle (16)sporty-trend-streetstylesporty-trend-streetstyle (17)sporty-trend-streetstylesporty-trend-streetstyle (18)So, what do you think about the sporty/athletic trend?