Nothing major in fashion (or life) ever happens without a commotion (yes 2020 pandemic, I’m looking at you!)… so there should be little surprise as to how come over-the-top events, and evening gowns are having a huge moment these days. People feel more secure and free to celebrate life and love, so wedding seasons are not holding back on glamour and style. Yes the bride and the groom are the stars, but a great wedding translates in all the details, and bridesmaid dresses reflect the tone of a wedding, they’re a mirror of good taste, high fashion, style, simplicity, class, but also friendship, love, beauty, and an extra layer of care if you will for the whole ceremony to have a unity in both meaning as well las aesthetic.

Is there a trend in 2022 bridesmaid dresses?

Let’s just say the 1990’s sitcom bridesmaid dresses craze and horror are a thing of the past. Long gone are the days when the bride wore a simple and exquisite white mermaid dress while the bridesmaids were left in cheap fabric funny looking ridiculous dresses that resembled a comical character in a play rather than the bride’s best friend in life and fashion.

2022 comes with glamour, class and tasteful simplicity and elegance. Timeless designs and colours are having a huge comeback and the bridesmaid dresses seem to resemble the brides’ dress itself in terms of cut and look.

Styles and colours

Glamorous weddings usually have a highly coordinated color scheme and even the bridesmaids are donning stylish long rose gold satin bridesmaid dresses, for example that seem to be one with the brides’.



More classic and traditional weddings usually have the bridesmaids in darker more refined colours, yet following the same cut and fit of the bride’s.

An exquisitely elegant option is the stylish long burgundy satin bridesmaid dresses, which is gorgeous for that contrast vibe, classic bride-bridesmaid duo, and a very flattering shade.



With the colder season upon us, stylish long rust satin bridesmaid dresses are another stunning option. Dark, deep colours compliment all skin tones and looks, and they are a perfect choice for a classic autumn and winter wedding.



How to pick the right bridesmaid dress?

Picking the bridesmaid dresses is the same as picking a fab evening gown. Of course all bridesmaids are united in the same style, colours and dress per se… but the options are way more elegant and flattering in both fit as well as fashion, as they used to be ages ago. From princess dresses, to long very seductive mermaid dresses, from knee length to ankle style, from pleats to slits, strapless to long sleeves – everything is in and everything is an option.

The right dress will feel part of the wedding’s vibe, will compliment all bridesmaids as well the the bride’s dress, will showcase style, and elegance 50 years from now, and will and can make a beautiful evening gown on its own.

Personally I adore the classic mermaid style and I think it’s theee most flattering and versatile cut and design and pure perfection for such an occasion. For 2022 I adore intricate and asymmetric upper part cuts and styles like, one shoulder for example. I love slits and a train. I’m what you call a classic glamorous kinda ‘bride’ if you will so I’ll always go for the deeper colours OR super light pastels that almost are the same as the bride’s.


I was a bride almost 10 years ago and to this day I still adore what I went for in terms of fashion: mermaid dress for me and the bridesmaids, I wore a classic white and they had black lace. They were free to choose whichever design as long as the dress was mermaid and had a train. And everyone loved it.

So go with your instinct and follow your heart even when it comes to dresses, make sure everyone is on the same page, and your bridesmaids love their dresses, and can wear them in the future as gowns too…

The times have changed and bridesmaids dresses have become a staple of elegance and a future evening gown.

xoxo D.

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