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Why Heeled Sandals Are Single (strapped) This Season?

street-style-ankle-strap-sandalsBecause nothing beats minimalism, that’s why. And hotness. For the past months or so, you might have noticed that every woman and girl with a penchant for quick tasteful hotness is slightly giving in to BDSM. On their feet. Cuffing your ankles may sound a little too risky but let’s not jump to sexual conclusions, cause it’s got nothing to do with it. Other than the sexy vibe it sends to the viewers – The Ankle Strap Sandals – are just that. Hot heeled shoes with ankle straps and a single strap around your toes. It’s basic, minimalist yet irresistibly sexy and chic. Personally I think they’re the hit shoe of 2013 summer, and the sandals that will never die with time. I remember they were pretty huge in the late ’90’s with those leather pencil skirts and cropped tight tops. You can roll your eyes all you want with this 90s invasion, but you gotta admit its fashion revival and reinvention is tremendous. Top this shoe trend with designers’ bondage, leather et all tiny obsession and you get some pretty cool looks and styles for 2013. And though they might be evening shoes, it’s in these times that breaking boundaries is embraced and permitted. So, when it comes to ankle strap heeled sandals, to hell with dusted fashion rules and faux-pas.

Ankle Strap Stiletto Sandals

ankle-strap-single-strap-sandalssingle-strap-sandals-stylesingle-strap-sandals-looktumblr_m5v4a1TWDU1qzhaxno1_1280tumblr_m8g6q208Zb1rovud9o1_500How To Wear Heeled Ankle Strap Sandals? 

Channeling your inner bad-ass girl whose subtle hotness is show stopping – might be one way to go about this. Actually, however you put on these hot shoes – ‘hot & cool route‘ is the only way you’ll be going. A major look right now is balancing styles, clashing and playing with clothes that do not go together, and obtaining a look that’s so eclectic, effortless and trendy, it’s fantastic. Now I remember an old fashion saying: never wear heels with sports wear. Pfff. Fuck that. Unless you’ve tried it, and resist labeling it as confusing, too cheesy or desperate – hold you’re thoughts for a while, and give these babies a try in your most comfy BF jeans or sweatpants. Having said that, ankle strap sandals are made for cutoffs, boyfriend jeans, slouchy extravagant urban clothes like a sweatshirt & skirt, or a denim jumpsuit, or a day-dress and a baseball cap. Not to mention tank-tops, t-shirts and sporty chic outfits. These hot simple, no-fuss-heels add all the drama and sexiness to an otherwise casual look. I don’t know if it’s the way we walk in heels, our instant attitude swing as we climb on hot shoes or it’s just the simplicity yet glamour of this trend – but it don’t get better than this. ankle-strap-sandalsankle-strap-sandals-stylecolored-ankle-strap-sandalsankle-strap-sandals-lookheeled-sandals-streetstylehow-to-wear-heeled-sandlasminimalist-sandlas-street-stylerihanna-ankle-strap-sandlasrihann-single-strap-sandalssandals-trendsimple-sandals-streetstylestrappy-sandlas-street-stylestreet-style-single-strap-sndalstumblr_mo9a8a6NuT1rg7d7ao1_500Being a posh shoe and all… of course this single strap / ankle strap sandal seems to be at its most when paired with its own attire: smart or sexy dresses & skirts. Or evening dresses. D’ohhh. Haven’t seen a celebrity who has not once donned this kinda shoe. And though I’m just a mere mortal – I myself have chosen a bling-bling pair of these sandals for my wedding day. Contrary to belief they are super comfy and perfect if you want to look hot, yet are not planning to peek a boo into the ceiling. They’re not that high. Well unless you opt for the platform with heels ankle sandals, but the classic design I most love is the simple one: 2 straps please. Thank you. colored-strap-sandalshigh-heeled-strap-sandalsminimal-shoes-heeled-sandalsrihanna-ankle-strap-sandalsrihanna-sandalssandals-trend-2013shoes-trend-ankle-strap-sandalsshoes-trend-single-strap-sandalsstreet-style-strap-sandlastumblr_m8rumeI3ns1qh9n5lo1_500streetstyle-single-strap-sandalsWhen to wear them? 

If we were all Twilight vampires who seductively glide any surface we’d probably never take them off. Our fleeting existence is but a ridiculous obstacle in the way of us looking polished in strappy sandals from morning to evening. Sure, it may be just a little to inconvenient (time wise, if not for anything else. we can walk in sky scrapers at 8 a.m. just fine, thank you) to don these heels on the tube or the bus at peak hours with your bag, newspaper, coffee, iPhone, and headphones to look after, but it’s not impossible. We all know by now women are superheroes and would rather suffer than not nail it style wise. Truth be told, it might be a bit too much in plain day, but if you’ve got just a block to walk, or a few minutes and you’ve reached your destination, why not wear them. Ah… they do look so fabulous with those office trousers and silky tops. Or do you know what? Take them in your bag and ditch your tennis shoes at work for a totally put together look. So yeah… work, going out, cocktail parties, dinners, weddings – that just about covers ‘the when’ of these shoes. ankle-strap-sandals-2013-summer-trendrihanna-ankle-strap-minimal-sandalssingle-strap-heeled-sandalssingle-strap-sandals-look (2)strappy-minimalist-sandals-streetstylestreet-style-ankle-sandalsI honestly think, shoes wise, the single strap sandals or the ankle strap sandals (however you want to put it) is a massive trend, and its versatility has probably got a lot to do with it. However, the look that’s got a hold of my heart is the urban chic style: minimal heels, boyfriend jeans, cropped top and a bit of bling. We might be a long way from Cinderella days, but who says we haven’t all got a bit of princessy persona underneath all this confident attitude? Cindy-badass-rella anyone?