Merging Art With Alternative Fashion!

Can fashion or alternative fashion be considered to be true art? That’s a question that’s hotly debated in both the fashion and art industries. Yet, according to the website, 90% of people believe that both art and fashion display many of the same qualities.

Is Alternative Fashion Truly Art?

While fashion and alternative fashion aren’t displayed in a gallery or in a frame, fashion certainly tells a story – a story of the designer, of the wearer themselves and of the era in which the garment was created. If the purpose of art is self-expression, then fashion must be the ultimate embodiment of that principle, and in that light, fashion must therefore be art which is worn on the body.

Increasingly, we’re seeing fashion being displayed in museums in exactly the same way as art, and, in the same way that art can either be beautiful or disturbing depending on the message the artist is trying to express so, too, can fashion vary in style according to the whim and direction of the designer.

So, Is Art Fashion?

Conversely, if alternative fashion is art, then art must also be fashion, and The Killing Tree brand believe that clothing can be used as a medium, just like a traditional canvas, for artists to display their work and for the world to exposed to its beauty and its deeper message.

The Killing Tree is at the forefront of the art inspired clothing innovation, specialising in creating wearable art that makes a statement. Merging art with alternative fashion, The Killing Tree is proud to lead the way in this exciting industry, and ‘we have made it our mission to share both with as many people as possible.’

Working with Artists to Make Wearable Art

The Killing Tree works with some of the most innovative UK artists to create exciting artworks that can be admired on a wall, or worn on a t shirt. Working closely with some of today’s most innovative and talented creators, The Killing Tree has developed the Exposing Art programme, designed to bring art within easy reach of everyone.

Art is at the very heart of The Killing Tree, and our passion is to raise its profile whether in an art gallery, your living room, or on your body. We’re proud of the amazing artistic talent in this country today, and we’re here to make sure that it doesn’t go unnoticed – that’s why we give away free matching art prints with every t shirt bought on our site.

The UK’s Artistic Talent

The UK is home to some of the world’s most outstanding and gifted artists, and it’s our mission to make sure that they get the exposure they deserve. In the same way that fashion legend Yves St Laurent worked in collaboration with the artist Piet Mondrian during the 1960s to produce iconic pieces that are still famous today, we take inspiration from the world of fine art to create beautiful statement garments that you’ll love to wear.

Some of the artists we work with include Chris Rivers, a musician and artist from Manchester who incorporates his musical influences into his darkly themed paintings that centre around the concepts of innocence versus the sinister, and Tom Gilmour, an illustrator who takes his inspiration from tattoo designs and early 1980s skateboard graphics.

Other artists whose work features in The Killing Tree’s collection include Helen Hebenton, who reflects her personal interests in her surreal artwork. Pieces from her Animal Inspired collection were featured in GQ’s summer 2015 edition, and, of course, The Killing Tree’s founder himself, Karl Sandor whose reverse approach to design results in a unique artistic perspective. 

xoxo D.