Is Alicia Vikander The New IT GIRL?

There’s your million dollar for the most stupid Q, which can only be dignified by the equally stupid answer ‘DOH’, followed by the infamous eye-roll at any ignoramus who’s oblivious of the who’s who out there. Oh. I am not sarcastic. Actually I have’t been this dead serious in my life. YES, Alicia Vikander – the 28 year old Swedish actress who’s just won her Oscar for The Danish Girl, and has been in almost all the best films out there this year (U.N.C.L.E., Ex-Machina), who drinks like a man, swears like a sailor, and cooks like a chef (I knew we were sisters), looks like a model but is so relatable at the same time, dates the sexiest man out there (Michael Fassbender), dresses very high-fashion-relaxed on the red carpets, and very model-off duty when off-duty – is the mostest of the most right now. The IT girl.

A term my husband can’t stand, btw.

Speaking of who… he may not stand the term, but he’s totally smitten with Alicia alright. And so am I. And so are quite a few of my friends. So I’m thinking: is that how we know a person becomes an IT, and if so… is that okay if we call her that? 

Can a person become a trend? What the hell is wrong with us? 

I’m really asking all these hopefully-not-that-stupid-Qs to get an insight from you guys. Truth is we’re all like the blind leading the blind on this one. It’s usually media’s fault combined with our girl crushes, and film-geeking over an actress. And if the person in Q is a very cool, laid back, relaxed, talented, beautiful, and relatable human being like Alicia Vikander is – well then we are as guilty of starting person trends as the Internet is.

There is this charm and penchant we humans, and especially sartorial-media-pop-culture-lovers have about public figures who’ve got talents in film or music. We call them idols, we channel them, we emulate their looks, we watch or listen to their work, so it all eventually stretches out beyond what they do.

alicia-vikander-it-girl-4 alicia-vikander-it-girl-3 alicia-vikander-style-8

Why I, and every breathing human being out there have suddenly fallen for Alicia Vikander? 

Not to sound like a fucking smart-ass right now, but I loved her on-screeen first, and then whenever I heard of a film in which she had a part I was such an eager beaver to watch her. And then… we became best friends, who look alike. Please allow this poor soul, aka moi, a slight delusion here. It helps my pathetic mediocre life a little bit. Especially on Thursdays like these.

So yeah, now we hang out, we laugh, drink, party, eat a lot, swap outfits, listen to music, go to yoga class, talk about films, hang our with our gorgeous men.

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P.S. I promise to get back on my medication right after this post. 

On the whys behind my infatuation wth this girl: it’s about her charisma, I love her hair, her skin, her ability to look like an awkward 19 year old girl, or like a femme fatale the next day, or like this major fashion forward IT girl. I love her strapless looks cause I just think she’s got the best shoulder and collarbones on earth, I love her backless looks for the same bare-beautoful reasons, I love her spaghetti straps looks, her mini skirts or midi length high-fashion-with-a-twist-of-retro looks, I love her in long trench-coats, and half-buns like at the Oscars. I love her voice, her petite frame, her retro shoes. She is fashion in the most natural and effortless way possible, and her hair is always amazing. As if she’s got this private wind-machine with her to make it all as cool as her personality.

alicia-vikander-it-girl-2 f8b239142ad3632dfebeb52756c4a80c alicia-vikander-style-17 alicia-vikander-style-9

I know, I know. I’m beyond saving. But I’ll tell you this: we’ll be seeing a lot of Alicia, magazine covers, brand endorsements, and all that ‘crap’. Personally I just can’t wait for her next film and then, maybe a year from now get a glimpse of how, or if, her ubiquity changed her style.

Of course, I could just ask her these questions over wine on Saturday, but I love the suspense.

What do we do when we have a girl crush? We scroll. Endlessly.


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