A Million Ways To Wear A Headscarf!

If there’s one thing AW18 collections had – that’s a busy beautiful head. From Prada, to Gucci, to Marc Jacobs and Dolce and Gabbana fashion is giving us, yet again a free pass to wearing scarves a billion ways, from our long necks, and tiny wrists… to our heads, and hairstyles. Hence the headscarf trend of 2018 spring!

First time in my life I ever consciously acknowledged a headscarf was probably when I was around 6 or so and I noticed my grandma always always wore one. She said that’s how the fashion was back in the day, and that’s how she was used to it. Plus she gave 0 fucks about her hairstyle. Of course she wore it in that Queen Elizabeth style, 50s, retro, tied either under the chin, or at the back of her head. No wild ponytail nor cool sunglasses.

These days all is in. Even Khaleesi dragons a la Gucci, or MacQueen face glam masks. So, at this point Dolce & Gabbana’s vision of a headscarf for the past 5 years or so seems pretty cool and decent.

Headscarves are both a throwback fashion moment as well as a culture thing, like in my grandma’s case, like in other nations or religions.

But the queens of headscarves to me remain: all the black ladies, Eva Mendes, and my grandma. So in case you have no idea on how to wear a head-scarf just peak into this bowl of inspiration.

Why would you wear a headscarf?

  • dirty hair
  • bad haircut
  • bad hair day
  • 0 fucks about the hair situation

OR you could actually love how it looks on you and thus it becomes a little style statement that brings a whole look together, or that turns an otherwise boring outfit into a more vibrant and chic one.

How to wear a headscarf in 2018?

Maybe there’re not a million or billion ways to wear a headscarf, nonetheless there are a few.

THE BUN – tie a scarf around your sleek or messy hair-bun and get an instant summer chic style. Pair this look with some bold earrings, like golden hoops and a pair of sunglasses. You can wear a maxi dress, an off the shoulders top with jeans, or even a blazer and a more classic outfit.

THE LOW PONYTAIL: tie a scarf around your low loose ponytail, and leave the ends out. This is a very French chic look that goes best with a plaid blazer, a spaghetti strap dress, a pair of culottes and birkinstocks.

THE HIGH MESSY PONYTAIL: did anyone call me? This is perfect for when you’re hair’s all acting up, OR you just don’t know what to do with it anymore and you and up wearing it in a high ponytail #storyofmylife, but you also feel kinda meh and basic for not doing more, so… ta-daa the head-scarf. It’s such a summer vibe effortless and very chic style gimmick. Tie a colourful scarf around you ponytail and leave the ends loose. It’s free and careless and looks amazing with anything.

THE DOLCE & GABBANA HEADSCARF: Bella Italia and Sicily and pasta and Monica Bellucci and Bianca Balti, and loud grandmas and cool boys on scooters. A million earrings, a lace dress, a black summer dress, a pair of sunglasses – this is the D&G look. Tie the scarf around your head, like a head-band, leaving the back open.

THE 50s STYLE: aka my grandma all the way. Tie the scarf either under your chin or at the back of your head. Still… you might not wanna look like a 70 year old woman so take the retro vibe with a dash of 2018, and use Queen Elizabeth’s scarves as inspiration. #wacththecrown Wear bold lips, cool sunglasses, a trench coat, popped collars, gloves, high heels, a mix of today and old Hollywood style.

THE FULL ON LOOK: I mean… if you have a gorgeous face, hide that hair and flaunt those features. Hello Eva Mendes, and Zendaya, or Solange. Confident, sexy women are wearing headscarves everywhere, red carpet included. It is such a powerful look, I love it. Use a printed silk massive scarf, watch a ton of tutorials on how to tie it, rock some red lips and insane earrings and you are the queen!!!


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What do you think?

xoxo D.