9 Nail Polish Mistakes You Must Avoid At All Costs

Applying perfect nail paint is a dream for everyone. Gone are the days when people had to visit fancy salons to get their nails done. You can apply nail polish yourself at home in this day and age, but mistakes you have made in the past might not allow you to do so. 

All of us are guilty of nail polish application mistakes that waste our time and destroy the final look. Everything can go wrong if you have cute short nails and still fail to get exciting nail paint. In this article, we will show you how you can overcome the ten most common nail polish mistakes – keep reading! 

  1. Prepare your nails the right way

Most people think that they have to go all out when applying nail polish. Remember that if you don’t take care of your nails before you start the application process, you will end up with terrible results. The only way you can enhance the look of your nail polish and make it last longer is by preparing your nails. 

Remove all the oils or any other cosmetic product that might be present on your nail. Wash your nails with gentle, warm water and dry them with a soft towel before starting the application process. 

  1. Filing is important

Nail filing is an important part of the nail polish application that can easily go wrong. Most people have the habit of filing their nails like crazy and can go back and forth, which can cause the splitting of your nails in no time. 

You will have to stay gentle and present-minded while filing your nails. Start slowly and gather all the tools that are necessary for the filing process. Don’t overdo the process if you don’t know about the details, as improper filing can destroy your nail in no time. 

  1. Don’t neglect the cuticles

Taking care of your cuticles is essential if you want the glossy and shiny look of your nails. Cuticles can get dry in no time if you don’t follow the right tips. Remember that if you don’t apply nail paint on the cuticles the right way, it will start chipping off in no time. 

There are tons of products available in the market that can ensure the proper health of nail cuticles. Apply cuticle oils or cuticle creams to keep your nail fresh and healthy. 

  1. Start with a base coat

Most people get hasty when it comes to nail polish application and get started without putting in a proper base coat. A base coat is super important when it comes to nail polish as it ensures the fine look and the longer stay-on time of the nail paint. 

Always start by putting a proper base coat on your nails. This coat will allow you to get rid of the nail stains and will keep the additional layers of the nail paint in check – giving you a perfect look that you want. 

  1. Apply nail polish with care

You might be making mistakes when applying nail polish without knowing about it. Remember how skilled you are when it comes to nail polish application and for how long you have been doing it; you can be making mistakes that stop you from getting those perfect looks. 

Start by checking the quality of the products you use for nail polish applications. Buy only the best items from the market, and don’t hesitate to buy costly products if you want great results. Next up, watch online tutorials or get help from someone in your friends and family to ensure that you are applying nail paint the right way. 

  1. Finish it with the top coat

The base coat is the most important coat that refines your nail polish experience as you read it above. A top coat is also as important as the base coat as it seals off all the layers and magnifies the look and feel of your nails. 

Stay patient and apply the top coat without making any mistakes. If necessary, you can reapply the top coat in 2-3 days if the inner layers of the nail polish are intact. Remember that the inner layers will only be safe if you apply the base coat with proper attention. Next time when applying nail polish, focus on both the top and the base coat. 

  1. Avoid Quick-dry products

There are tons of Quick-dry products available in the market that make it easier for you to dry the nail paint. However, certain problems might arise with the application of such products. The first thing you have to keep in your mind is that nail polish pigments take some time to settle on your nails.

If you get hasty and want the layers of nail paint to settle in no time, you will fail to get the gorgeous looks. Using a blow-dryer pumping out blazing hot air to dry your nails is not the best option at all. 

Any method that dries up the nail polish layers quickly can not only ruin the look of your nail polish but can also damage your nails. So stick with the simple methods and wait for some minutes after applying the nail paint. 

  1. Keep your tools clean

We all know how messy the tools can get after the application of nail paint. If you don’t have time to clean those tools, they will no longer be perfect for applying nail polish. You will have to spend extra cash if you think that nail polish application tools are disposable. 

Set some time aside to clean all the tools after you’ve applied the nail paint. Doing so will help you enhance your nail paint application experience. 

  1. Haste makes waste 

A general tip that you might overlook easily is going fast during the application process. We all know how urgent things can be at times, and we might resort to quick methods to get the job done. But doing anything hasty will only destroy the looks. 

Stay slow when you are applying nail paint. Urgencies will only destroy the experience, so get things done at an easy pace.