OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASomething about autumn and how we dress makes this season, and us with it, look like a scene from our favorite film. Leaves on the ground, trees going to sleep, sun & rain altogether, windy cool weather, crispy mornings, heads tucked in collars, hands fidgeting in pockets, sipping hot drinks in bohemian artsy or posh bars, hot coffees to go on rushed cold mornings, and us starring in all these scenes, almost always wearing SWEATERS! 

Whether trendy or not sweaters were always fall’s #1 staple. autumn-2014-sweaters-styles (6)I remember growing up how much I used to hate wearing any type of sweater that my mom used to lay out for me. I felt it made me look like a tiny bug about to explode. You could spot me from 1 mile away, in my always so colored and bright patterned Christmas themed sweaters even when Christmas was long way ahead, scratching my neck from the itching fabric, sweating my heart out, cause I was never cold, au contraire. But my mom… bless her, lives by the saying ‘better safe than sorry’, so dress up kid, and sweat your heart out. If I’m cold you’re cold. And she was always cold.

So you get why for quite some time, I disliked sweaters of any kind. Up until I grew up (well, that’s debatable), and found myself embracing their look. And utility. Also I think sweaters have become a major look for the past years, and are having their 5 minutes of fame for a while now. Which is fantastic! sweaters-looks-2014-fallTrend wise – today – seems to me that all is in. Sort of. If last autumn bright sweaters and crazy printed styles were massive, today it’s more about pastels, monochromatic sweaters, softer fabrics, muted colors (grey, whites, blues, pinks), with chunky, cable knit and oversized designs still running the show. So basically it’s just the wild prints that are a bit dated, but even those I think are great. Don’t do trends per se, you know. Do what you feel like. :) chunky-sweaters-street-style (3)

Here are 8 SWEATERS STYLE to rock this fall:
1. Oversized sweaters. The bigger the better you know. Who ever said size does not matter, clearly never wore or seen a sophisticated boho-chic oversized sweater paired with anything, especially skinny pants, jeans, OR mini skirts.autumn-2014-sweaters-styles (7)SONY DSC2. Metallic sweaters are quite the shit this season, which is perfect cause they can go from office hours to late night dinners or even cocktails. They look so fabulous, yet have a certain effortlessness to them, sort of like saying ‘I just threw this on and here I am.’ Silver & gold styles are the best.autumn-2014-sweaters-styles (3)metallic-sweaters-trend-2013. Turtleneck sweaters. The 70s baby! Or just a great solution to hide from the cold. From loose to skin tight, to rolled or messy turtlesnecks – they’re all in, whether on oversized or tight sweaters, they do the style trick. To get that French look everyone is buzzing about these days, tuck your hair in. ;) autumn-looks-sweaters (5)chunky-sweaters-street-style (4)4. Chunky sweaters are the best fashion invention ever. For freezing temperatures. For fat days. And being IN right now makes them okay not just for weekends or mountain trips, but for everyday no matter the occasion. A little half tuck always gives a bit of chicness to the look and waist definition. chunky-sweaters-street-style (13)5. Cable knit sweaters. ‘Look, it’s the cable guy!’ Er, no. Just a revamped version of those ugly sweaters from the past. There’s something very winter’ish, Christmasy about cable knit sweaters. Always love how they look with statement necklaces. autumn-looks-sweaters (2)chunky-sweaters-street-style6. Pastels or powdered sweaters. Crazy prints and funky patters step aside, it’s time for monochromatic style, for muted colors, for pastels and dainty hues to rule this autumn. Whites, blues, pinks, and tons of greys are invading the streets and the shops, and really it’s a blessing, cause change is a blessing. Besides, they carry a bit more class and sophistication to them, which is good. Edginess and funkiness may lose their meaning if done too much for too long, right? autumn-2014-sweaters-styles (5)powdered-sweater-trendsweaters-styles7. One color sweaters. Okay, so patterns and prints may not be so hot this fall, that does not mean we can’t wear them though. It’s more like monochromatic or subtle patterns are ALSO in. And kinda stealing the show. autumn-2014-sweaters-styles (10)chunky-sweaters-street-style (5)8. Fuzzy sweaters. What the… ? Is that a furry ball you’re wearing? Er, no. It’s my cozy, warm, fun, yet quiet fashion-forward sweater. Thank you! I love these. The only problem I have with mine, is that I never wear it when I’m having those fat days, cause it makes me feel like a stuffed turkey on Thanksgiving dinner. Other than that, I LOVE it. autumn-2014-sweaters-styles (8)autumn-2014-sweaters-styles (2)chunky-sweaters-street-style (7)More sweater inspiration… autumn-2014-sweaters-styles (4)chunky-sweaters-street-style (8)chunky-sweaters-street-style (9)chunky-sweaters-street-style (10)chunky-sweaters-street-style (11)chunky-sweaters-street-style (12)chunky-sweaters-street-style (14)chunky-sweaters-street-style (15)chunky-sweaters-street-style (16)chunky-sweaters-street-style (17)chunky-sweaters-street-style (18)chunky-sweaters-street-style (19)chunky-sweaters-street-style (20)chunky-sweaters-street-stylesweaters-street-stylesweaters-trend-2014-fall (2)sweaters-trend-2014-fall (3)sweaters-trend-2014-fallsweaters-trend-2014-fall (4)sweaters-trend-2014-fall (5)Autumn weather always rhymes with sweater weather. Hashtag. Well, not exactly but whatever. :)

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