’70s Fashion: 10 Things You Need This Spring To Get The ’70s Look

No. Not a hot man to constantly make out with. Although that wouldn’t hurt.

If you think I’m losing it over this 70s fashion craze, you’re right. I am. The world is too, and I ain’t one to sit aside and let things roll by. Not this time at least. Sometimes sitting a few ones out (take this as you may) is much more rewarding than rushing in the middle of action. Perspective you know. Even in fashion.

But not when it comes to this massive trend: the 70s LOOK. I wonder what is it about this decade we’re bringing back right now, that has us all completely smitten? It could’t be just me, right? I mean, I did write that post on 70s Woodstock vibe, and I’m pretty much still stuck there, but seriously? Alone? I thought I’d lure a few of you out there with me.


1970s fashion

Are we nostalgic after the fashion per se, OR what the decade stood for? Rocknroll culture, freedom, empowerment, breaking boundaries! I think it’s both. Besides, past-inspo is a fashion thing, so it makes sense we fall heavenly in love with a decade and re-do it over, and over, and over again with today’s spin on it.

1970s fashion 1970s fashion 70s-fashion-street-style-2

Also… I think 70s might just be the most versatile and richest-decade-in-looks. Every single person out there, regardless of personal style could totally do a 70s inspired look and keep their own sartorial persona intact. From office power suits, to boho chic, to Annie Hall looks, to sexy studio 54 outfits, to fluid flowy florals uber feminine styles, to masculine, to racy, to proper… all can be done.

1970s fashion

So let’s milk this obsession while it’s hot and see what STAPLES we have to have this spring to nail the 1970s Fashion. Let’s roll people.


Easiest, most coveted, most nothing-screams-70s more-than-long-middle-parted-hair look. I’ve noticed that no matter what you wear, the moment you let your hair down, into a slightly messy wavy middle parted do, you instantly get that 70s vibe.

70s-fashion-11 70s-fashion-14 70s-fashion-16


No extra explanation needed here. Pure rocknroll slash diva moment. If you pair this, with long flowy messy locks you will be mistaken for the coolest girl out there.

70s-fashion-1 70s-fashion-12 70s-fashion-13 70s-fashion-31 70s-fashion-35 70s-fashion-7

3. HATS.

They’re in for a looooong time, so it makes sense they will linger more for this one. Floppy hats used to be massive in the 70s, but my fave are the more structured styles. I’m not a hat person, cause I feel it’s too much for me, but I LOVE the look on everybody else.

70s-fashion-4 70s-fashion-21 70s-fashion-26 70s-fashion-41


The definition of the 70s. High waisted styles elongate the legs, and if you’re lucky to not be 6ft tall, you can definitely rock them with chunky sky high heels or wedges. You’ll have legs for days.

Flared pants or jeans look great paired with slouchy, bohemian tops (shirts, T-shirts, button-downs), OR with retro looking, more fitted T-shirts. I LOVE this look. Think Farrah Fawcett. *flawless*

70s-fashion 70s-fashion-19 70s-fashion-23 70s-fashion-27 70s-fashion-28 70s-fashion-32 70s-fashion-34 70s-fashion-38 70s-fashion-33


Again think of your mothers’ styles back in the day. My mom, she had the best skirts and dresses ever. The key to the look is: tea-length, over the knee, light fabrics for summer, prints, long sleeves and deep V-cuts.

Maxi dresses also can look 70s when done with middle part long hair and round shades. Straight long dresses with 70s prints on them, or brown styles look very retro chic as well.

The look is incredibly versatile and can be worn with any type of shoes. Stiletto sandals paired with a long sleeve, V-cut, high-slit, fluid dress is the epitome of 70s sexy.

70s-fashion-10 70s-fashion-20 70s-fashion-22 70s-fashion-24 70s-fashion-29 70s-fashion-36 70s-fashion-long-dress 70s-fashion-mid-lenght


These are borderline 60s, but the right print, length, and outfit will totally make this staple look 70s sexy schoolgirl. Think Alexa Chung.

They look great with a shirt or casual tee.

70s-fashion-9 70s-fashion-15 70s-fashion-17 70s-fashion-mini-skirts 70s-fashion-mini


Hello! No words needed here, besides, we’ve already talked the fringe trend, and the suede trend for 2015 spring.

70s-fashion-8 70s-fashion-25


They’ve been around for a while now, but they’re literally massive this season. Today’s designs are a great 90s-70s chunky shoes combo. For a full-on-70s look go for uber high wedges in prints or brown, OR chunky sandals.


9. JUMPSUITS. I can finally place them now in a time and frame. Sounds weird I know, but I’ve never been very comfortable with wearing them, until now. Given I find one that’s long enough.

Long-pants-long-sleeves-deep-V-cut jumpsuits are the IT look of the 70s. Think studio 54 parties and sexy styles.

70s-fashion-3 70s-fashion-37

10. 70s PRINTS.

Psychedelic don’t make any sense kinda prints but look adorable and so retro chic on any clothes, especially matching sets. Puts us right back into the 70s.

*Lee Moses now playing Bad Girl.*

70s-fashion-5 70s-fashion-18 70s-fashion-40

 Get the look:

Sunglasses – Prada Round Sunglasses 

Headpiece – Free People Dripping Coin Headpiece 

Hat – Nordstrom Floppy Hat 

Flare Pants – Michael Kors Leopard Print Flare Pants

Jumpsuit – Diane Von Furstenberg Long Jumpsuit