7 Reasons Why You Should Start Wearing Bowties

Bowties can make you look iconic so consider adding them in your male accessories. They can make you stand out at an event regardless of their size and style. If you can’t decide between wearing a regular necktie or a bowtie to your next event, here are some good reasons to convince you why you should be wearing a bowtie. 

  1. Bowties are Trendy:

Bowties are back with a bang. They are booming with new styles and colors in the men’s tie collection. You will find a fashionista rocking his style in a bowtie at almost every fashion show or a red carpet event. Retailers of men accessories have seen more bowtie sales. You must also buy one if you haven’t got it yet. 

  1. Diversify Your Style:

You can look boring or rigid if you follow the same dressing style every time you get ready for an event. You can try to spice things up by juggling between bowties and neckties. Wearing bowties make you look formal and sophisticated while sticking to your formal dress code. Bowties can actually make your life a celebration by elevating your style. 

  1. Make You Look Confident and Elegant:

A bowtie indicates that you are a bold and confident man who knows how to pull off a style. Bowties are not as common as neckties so you can stand out at an event by wearing a bowtie. It makes you look elegant, smart, and gentle. Shop the best bowties at Ties.com

  1. They Don’t Get in Your Way:

A bowtie will not bother you like a necktie. With a bowtie, you don’t have to worry about the wind to blow your necktie, or you will no longer face the awkward situation when your necktie got caught in the car door. Bowties are especially convenient if you are constantly on your feet during the day. Professionals who have to bend over tables and people like architects, dentists, and chiropractors, prefer to use bowties because they don’t get in their way. 

  1. A Bowtie can Set You Apart:

Dressing righty has become essential for success in most professions. For instance, if you are dressing up to for an interview, a bowtie can set you apart from a sea of candidates wearing normal ties. Moreover, if you are up for a promotion, or a meeting, wearing a bowtie is a great way to impress your superiors. You’d be surprised by how many folks will remember you just because of the impression your bowtie has made. 

  1. Girls love Fashionable Guys:

Girls easily get impressed with the guys who care about their style and aesthetics. When they see you are wearing a bowtie, they know that you are a bold guy who likes to stand out and to be different and fashionable. 

  1. No Size Restrictions:

Bowties don’t usually vary much in size and shape. When you choose to wear a regular necktie, you waste your time while selecting the right size that goes well with your suit or body shape. There are no such rules when wearing a bowtie. Men of every age group can enjoy the grace and flexibility of bowties. You can choose between silk, cotton, or wooden bowties.