Can’t decide what to wear even when you’re standing in front of a wardrobe bursting with clothing? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Thankfully, some outfit combinations are tried and tested and have been worn for years amongst even the biggest fashionistas in the world. To help you get out of your style rut, we’re here to share 7 failsafe outfit combinations that are guaranteed to have you looking fabulously chic all week long. 


Ready to rock the runway that we call life? Simply read on to find out more. 


  • T-Shirt x Blazer x Jeans 


Whether you’re out running errands or meeting up with friends for a quick afternoon lunch, the combination of a t-shirt, blazer and jeans is one that can never go wrong. This matchmade in heaven trio can be worn down with a sling bag and pair of your favourite sneakers or really jazzed up with a killer pair of pumps when you’re heading to your favourite boozy brunch spot on a busy Sunday afternoon. We personally love the extensive range of blazers available at iconic Australian store David Jones, so be sure to head to their website to shop on all the latest fashion deals. 


  • Skater Dress x Denim Jacket x Sneakers 


The combination of a gorgeous skater dress, denim jacket and sneakers is a simple yet put together look that anyone can pull off. Whether your weekend plans include grocery shopping, soccer practice runs or a fun afternoon out on the high street, this is a look that can do no wrong. For the ultimate in balanced silhouettes, we recommend pairing a form-fitting denim jacket (cropped or regular) with a loosely fitting skater/t-shirt dress and of course, a classic pair of white sneakers. 


  • Fitted Top x A-Line Skirt 


If you’re trying to find ways to put an a-line skirt to use, look no further than a fitted top. A-line skirts have some serious volume which can benefit from simple, fitted shirts up top, like a sleek turtle-neck bodysuit or a cool ribbed crop tank top. Generally speaking, you are free to wear whatever top you fancy, but just be sure to pick something that doesn’t overpower your skirt’s silhouette. 

  • Basic White Tee x Jeans 


Is there anything more classic than a simple white t-shirt paired with your favourite pair of jeans? This iconic combination is one that almost everyone will have in their wardrobe, and is a total look that comes together in a matter of seconds. Whether you’re a skinny jeans devotee or someone who prefers a relaxed pair of mom jeans, this easy outfit will keep you looking chic and feeling comfortable all day long. Explore 10 different ways to wear a white tee and jeans here


  • Plain T-Shirt x Oversized Blazer x Shorts


If you’re looking for the perfect Spring or Autumn getup, it doesn’t get better than a classic plain t-shirt, oversized blazer and your favourite pair of shorts. This runway worthy combination is the very definition of casual elegance and is guaranteed to have you looking like a million bucks without feeling too stuffy. For the warmer months, we recommend opting for bike shorts that are paired with ballet flats and a casual oversized bag. When temperatures start to dip in Autumn, opt for a thicker blazer and a stylish pair of chunky ankle boots for a warmer, more rugged look. 


  • Flowy Blouse x Skinny Jeans/Pants


If there’s one look that we have to pick as our ultimate favourite, it’s got to be the combination of a flowy blouse and skinny jeans (or pants). This classic combination has been around for ages and is one look that will take you from work to drinks without skipping a beat. For a more casual look, consider pairing a flowy satin blouse with a killer pair of denim skinny jeans and ballet flats. For an outfit that will help you seamlessly transition from 9-5 to afterwork drinks, swap the jeans and flats for a pair of skinny tailored pants and a stylish pair of heels that will have you looking like a million bucks even on a Wednesday evening. 


  • Casual Dress x Cardigan X Sandals 


Last but not least, no article about outfit combinations is complete without mentioning one of our favourite casual combinations – a casual dress, cardigan and sandals. This outfit is the perfect ensemble for warmer days and the ideal combination for anyone who is looking for a feminine look without too much hassle. Combinations are endless when you mix up different dresses and cardigans, leaving you with a fresh option for every day of the week. Pair this duo with your favourite sandals and you’re good to go! 



And there you have it – 7 tried and tested outfit combinations that are guaranteed to help you get out of your fashion rut. If there’s one thing to know about style, it’s that simple basics make for an endless number of easy outfit combinations.


What are some of your favourite failsale outfit combinations for a chic week? Be sure to share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below! 

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