6 Tips on Getting the Best Deals on Luxury Brands

Luxury brands, unfortunately, almost always come with a hefty price tag, especially if you are on the lookout for big-ticket pieces. However, even if your budget doesn’t have the room for the newest piece, it doesn’t mean that you cannot allow yourself to have luxury brands in your home or closet. With just a few resourceful tips and tricks you can end up having your favorite luxury pieces in possession, all without paying that ultra-high price.

And if there are readers who might be interested to learn why someone is ready to spend so much on luxury brands, the reasons are many. Luxury and designer brands usually offer higher worth and quality and longer-lasting materials. Also, these brands give out a status image among colleagues, associates, and friends. Very often these products keep their value, providing a nice opportunity for a high resale price, especially when it comes to jewelry or clothing, as some fashion names are always in high demand.

As you see, there are many reasons for one to lust for a luxury brand. The idea is how to avoid paying premium prices, without creating a hole in your wallet and to be able to enjoy some high-end products.

But before we continue with our suggestions for how to get the best deals on luxury brands, you must know how markups work. In a few words, people tend to believe that when any product is on sale, they are benefiting greatly, and are even ripping off the brand. However, that is not entirely true, at least according to the experts at The Pearl Source. Retailers set their prices backward. They are already aware of the lowest price a merchandise would sell, and even at that price, there is a markup. The “normal” price that consumers see is buffed – the retailer is aware that not many people will buy under that price, but even those few will benefit greatly to them.

Understanding that every price is negotiable, let’s jump to the 6 tips that will help you to get those best deals:

1.Shop the “Other” Collections

When you know a little more about how a particular brand works, you will also learn where you can find the best deals for that brand without paying the full price. This first tip is particularly useful when you are on the lookout for new designer pieces. Many fashion brands have additional brands that are under the same “umbrella” company name. So, one luxury brand line can have a few supplementary brands under that name, categorized in a capsule collection, bridge line, and lower-end brand.

2.Employ Flash Sale Websites

Flash sale websites give a few specific pieces for a lot cheaper than their original price. Those products, shipped in bulk, are received by the flash retailers who later on ship the products to your home. Like this, the designer line saves money on packaging and shipping, which in return are passed to you in the form of a discount. This simple process allows designer products to have lower prices compared to the ones on their website or department store. Of course, these items are usually only offered for a short period, and they tend to sell out pretty quickly.

3.Check for Price Adjustments

The most suitable time to buy off-season merchandise is a week or two before a sale takes place. Of course, this only works if that place does price adjustments. That is when retailers agree to refund part of the price in case a product goes on sale after you have purchased it (and are usually limited to a week or two post-purchase period). Like this, you can have the best selection before the sale is on, but you can still end up with a sales price a short period after your purchase.

4.Go for Off-Season

If price adjustments don’t work for the stores you have in mind, try to go for off-season products. These items always have some additional discounts to them as brands try to push the old merchandise and make room for a new one. And even if you need to wait for a few months before you can use it, that luxury item is now part of your lifestyle. A pro tip: go for classic pieces. Although you might find great deals, you always have to think if you will use it when the time is right, or when it comes to fashion, if it’s just a one-time thing.

5.The Final Sale

We believe you saw this coming. The only thing better from buying on sale is buying during clearance. Yes, there might be fewer items available to choose from, but if you find something that you like, it might be a steal. Just remember that usually, products on final sale are not eligible for returns. So, make sure you are sure with the purchase, as there is no way of returning it.

6.Ask What’s in the Back

As the last tip in this series, something that absolutely very few people do. As luxury brands tend not to have many items displayed upfront, people usually think that everything they have is displayed. However, very often there are additional products or leftovers from other seasons that stay in the back. If the salesperson is willing to pull something out for you, you might end up with just the right piece for you, plus with a nice discount on top.