6 Must-Have Sweaters For This Autumn

You know… those who know nothing about me might be tempted to assume and judge (why not?) my geolocation as being somewhere where the sun always shines, the ocean waves are my BFFs when I surf them every morning, seagulls are my fave tune, sandy feet are my default state. Well… actually that’s what *I* fantasise about. The rest of you lot probably assume, when I strike your thoughts (which I’m sure is like all. the. time. pardon my sarcasm), that my lack of sweaters is due to the weather I roll with, not my not needing them.


Partly true (I’m rarely cold, hence the T-shirt, short sleeves, layered with button downs, jackets and the occasional sweater or cardigan). The rest of the part through – majorly untrue.


I do need sweaters. Oh I also need a new song playlist, some new food recipes, loads of stiletto heel shoes, a pair of Brian Atwood thigh high boots, the ability to grow my hair overnight so I can cut it and not regret it. Yeah… but sweaters I desperately need. I’ve only got like 5 at most, and 4 of them are black, so except for me, nobody even notices any difference in my outfits when I’m wearing them. Not that it matters, but I’m just saying… too much time passed me by sans moi purchasing the sweaters of the season man.

Turtlenecks. Cable knits. Nudes and browns and greys – neutral luxe tones are so IN this season it’s insane. Cropped sweaters are still in, and I have to stay away from them and learn to embrace the-dress-like-a-normal-human-being-living-in-winter-code. Fuzzy fluffy sweaters. Bare back. Uber long styles. OverSized. Retro fitted.

Statement styles have a taken a seat back, but that’s not to say they’re gone, let’s just say 2015-2016 autumn/winter is about the neutral classic luxe refined but cozy sweater styles.

With this tiny list in mind, and my promise to adhere to the coziness of autumn I refuse to still be a headless chicken every time I go shopping and am literally bombarded with thousands of sweaters on those retail racks – so I have chosen 6 sweaters which pretty much cover all the styles and looks and trends that are IN this season, BUT at the same time hold incredible versatility to them.

Classic & fuss-free is the code here. Neutral tones are the stars. Quality goes without saying.

6 must-have sweaters for this cold season. 


While I LOVE to wear sweaters as jackets, that’s not always possible, cause of the fucking blizzard you know. And for some reason I’ve never been a fan of sweaters and coats. I know I know. I have issues. So I kinda always go for sweaters alone, sweaters and jackets and only if I must… I cover them completely with coats.

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Ugh… gotta get my head right on this one. What is wrong with me?