5 Ways To Wear White This Summer

white-whiteWearing white in the hot season is anything but radical, yet remains a staple look. A trend that will always be IN, and summer associated, although it’s a look that has spread its classiness in autumn and winter as well.

When Vanessa from Budding Fashionista blog said, an all white look is way better that an all black, it got me thinking if, and why, it is so. Cause regardless of personal like and dislike for the bright non color head to toe hue, an all white look IS more of a statement than its counterpart. It’s brighter. (Yes it is white, but it somehow pops more than any color.) It’s classic but not too been-there-done-that. It’s a no-brainer but not that easy to pull off . all-white-summer-trend (10)While I do see the power of a white dress or white suit, I’m too sold on the black attire, but that don’t mean I’m not loving this summer look. Yes I found it so hard to pull of in the cold season, but come summer… it’s one of my favorite looks. It’s been around since forever really, so is it actually possible for us to reinvent the way we wear it?

Do we style an all-white-look different in 2014, than last year? How do we do it? Is white so versatile that it can actually go from from morning to evening, from Mondays to Sundays?

And how do we look chic in all-white and avoid looking like lost nurses, doctors or lab geeks out on the loose? all-white-summer-trend (12)

Here are 5 ways to pull off an ALL-WHITE Look this summer?

1. Classy/Office/Business Style. Wear an office white dress with heeled pumps in white or black (brights will do, but they look more lunch/dinner than work appropriate), a big black bag & a white blazer or coat on top. Or don a white trouser suit, in a loose cut. The secret to this look is pairing the dress, suit, white skirt and white blouse with either white or black shoes and bags. It’ll look smart, classy & empowering. all-white-summer-trend (8)all-white-summer-look (2)all-white-summer-trend (13)white-street-style-52. Feminine/Spring’ish Style. Think beach dresses, summer dresses in cotton, loose, flirty, midi or pleated skirts with white tees; palazzo pants with white tops – all paired with pastel accessories, wedge soles, brown tones, red lips, colored details. Think super girly, feminine posh flirty styles. street-style--summer-all-white-lookswhite-looks-summer-trend (3)all-white-summer-trend (7)all-white-summer-trend (9)3. Casual Style. The easiest of them all. It has to do with ditching the heels for more comfy shoes (flats, sneakers, boots, loafers, sandals, wedges) in white or not. White jeans and a white tee, shirt or blouse. White shorts and a white denim shirt, white cotton dress, white skirt, maxi dress, the sky’s the limit really. all-white-summer-trend (5)all-white-street-style (2)all-white-summer-trend (6)4. Sophisticated Style. This is very easy to do, it’s all about layers and soft quality textures mixed with posh accessories and amazing shoes and bags. Think luxe, rich women who rule the world in great style. ;) A great white blazer over a silky white shirt paired with any bottoms from long flowy trousers, to jeans or skirts will do the trick. all-white-summer-trendall-white-street-styleMicah Gianneli_Raww blog_Jesse Maricic Melbourne photographer_Whwhite-looks-summer-trend (4)5. Trendy Hot Style. Okay. This is not for everyone, cause you know who the hell wants to look like Kim K at 9 am, right? Errrr… actually forget I said that, cause the all-white-look is DAYUM. So hot! Although I see this look more for going out, dates, dinners and whatnot, and more appropriate for girls who fave fun with fashion or are not afraid to flaunt it, if you wanna try it out it’s easy peasy. Fitted everything and heels. Or mini lengths and sexy slouchy. Golden necklaces or earrings look amazing against white.  white-looks-summer-trend (5)all-white-summer-trend (2)all-white-summer-trend (2)street-style-white-lookAnd now, here are more pics for some fashion inspiration. all-white-summer-lookall-white-summer-trend (3)all-white-summer-trend (4)all-white-summer-trend (11)all-white-summer-trendLeonor Diaz04streetstyle-all-white-summer-trendstreet-style-all-white-summer-trendStreet-style-in-whitestreet-style--summer-all-white-looks (2)street-style--summer-all-white-looksstreet-style-white-dressstreet-style-white-dressstreet-style-white-lookwhite-looks-summer-trend (2)white-looks-summer-trend (6)white-looks-summer-trend (8)white-looks-summer-trendwhite-looks-summer-trendwhite-looks-summer-trend (7)However you look at this staple trend, all white is amazing. It looks rich, classy & sophisticated. Clothes look expensive, crispy, soft – especially when paired with golden accessories. :)