5 Ways To Wear Boyfriend T-shirts

When it comes to this style – Boyfriend T-shirts – which actually became quite a trend lately, hold on to your senses and don’t let the name fool you. There is only ONE thing we need in order to nail this look down to its core. And it’s not a human, contrary to the name it implies.

For the past couple of years fashion has started to pivot towards more androgynous looks, or at least more effortless, slouchier, looser styles and cuts. With the exception of a few refined sartorial timeless pieces for example, or our stilettos, or skinny jeans, everything else became men inspired. Our coats are sweeping the floors in one size too big, our sweaters are humongous, our blazers are borderline men-tuxedo, and so on.

In all this men inspired fad the BOYFRIEND T-SHIRT is without a doubt the king of the castle. It’s the #1 trend out there for quite a while. WHY? Because of it’s easiness and because a boyfriend t-shirt will always have that effortlessness and the exact loosens that we seek. It also feels kinda cool to wear men’s shirts and clash them with something feminine, and pull off this rocknroll, dope, relaxed look.

In this post I am wearing Jack of All Trades boyfriend T-shirts, all in size S, from the Men’s Rock’n Roll Collection.

You can get yours using the discount code – FASHIONTAG15 – for 15% off the rock n roll collection. (click here) 


dana-cristina-straut-boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-5 dana-cristina-straut-boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-13 dana-cristina-straut-boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-29


  1. All Tomboy-ish look. Boyfriend jeans, or a pair of suit trousers that sit a bit slouchier on you, with sneakers or brogues, a blazer on top of your boyfriend tee and a messenger bag. It’s very French chic if you will, very designer-stylist minimal kinda look.
  2. Office sophisticated. A boyfriend t-shirt is perfect for office due to its loose cut. You tuck it in your high waist pencil skirt of your perfect pair of trousers with heels or ankle boots on and it’s quite the effortless professional look. Watch the t-shirt though.
  3. Casual cool. Think models off duty running around Paris or London to casting jobs or just to get coffee with their other model friends. Jeans, ankle boots and a cool t-shirt on top. Leather jacket, shades, and a big bag and it’s the dopest most effortless style ever.
  4. Hot rocknroll. Sexy high heels and rad t-shirt. Simple as that. This is perfect for evening paired with a mini skirt or a pair of skinnies. Or just the long t-shirt playing as a dress if you’re Rihanna par example.
  5. A touch of feminine coolness. This has nothing to do with what you pair the tee with but mostly HOW you actually wear it. The great part about a boyfriend t-shirt is its size, which plays up its versatility. So you can wear it long, or tucked it, or tied at your back or on the side to mimic a cropped top. It’s perfect actually. I do this all. the. time. Especially when I feel I’m getting lost in a too-big-t-shirt.

As you all know its not the first time I’m seen in boyfriend tees, nor is it the first time I’m wearing men t-shirts from Jack of All Trades. They do have a saying that “once you go jack you’ll never go back.” Seriously… it couldn’t be truer. I mean their pieces are – quality wise – to die for. The tees’ fabric is unbelievable – soft and just a bit stretchy – and the cut is fantastic. I am wearing all men t-shirts, in S, but they’ve got the best cut ever: they’re loose, but I don’t look homeless in them. Especially the Beatles T-shirt is a perfect fit.

Design wise – personally I am a sucker for slogan tees AND band tees. It’s like they do the talking and introduction for you. So the fact that I am wearing Beatles or Guns’n Roses is by no means a thing left to chance. Nothing I do or say is ever random.

I am wearing the Guns’n Roses t-shirt | Rolling Stones tank top | The Beatles tee | The Ramones raglan  — all men & size S.


boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-7 dana-cristina-straut-boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-27 boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-23

I wore my black skinny jeans and leather jacket, and switched the style a little bit with the help of shoes. I’ve always been a fan of clashed looks with a dash of sexy – hence my stiletto sandals for that boy-meets-girl style that is perfect for pretty much any occasion, with a few tweaks (a pair of black pants and a blazer would make the look office appropriate for example).

Then I switched it up with something more casual and rocknroll by wearing cut-out boots. The bold lips and my favourite big bold bag add just the right amount of girl vibe to it all.

In case you fancy this look and wanna partake into this on-going trend involving MEN T-SHIRTS – check out Jack of All Trades collection. I guarantee you will LOVE their pieces. They have so many styles and so many tee’s designs… get ready to waste a few hours browsing. The prices are great and if you’re looking to get the looks I’m ranting about above, or you have some T-shirt crushes of your own CLICK below to shop using a 15% discount.

Use the discount code FASHIONTAG15 for a 15% off the rock n roll collection

And now the rest of the pics of how I’ve worn my Boyfriend Tees. Scroll to the end to shop the looks.


boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-14 boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-15 boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-32 boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-38 boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-40 boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-41 boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-45 boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-46 dana-cristina-straut-boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-50 dana-cristina-straut-boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-54 dana-cristina-straut-boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-56 boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-61 dana-cristina-straut-boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-63 boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-64 boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-19 dana-cristina-straut-boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-28 dana-cristina-straut-boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-47 dana-cristina-straut-boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-48 boyfriend-tshirts-thefashiontag-JOATtees-52

I am wearing the Guns’n Roses t-shirt | Rolling Stones tank top | The Beatles tee | The Ramones raglan  — all men & size S.

Shop using the Discount code FASHIONTAG15 for 15% off the rock n roll collection

Hope you enjoyed this post. Personally I’ve had the best time ever shooting and styling these tees.

Photos by Florina Ciupertea. For more amazing pics follow her on Instagram – @florinaciupertea