5 Tips For Creating Awesome Embroidery Designs

Embroidery has been a beautiful way to decorate clothes, accessories, and housewares. If you like to embroider or if you are thinking of taking up the practice, there are a few tips for creating embroidery designs that you should consider.

  1. Use the Appropriate Material

If you try to put embroidery on a thin little t-shirt, you will end up with a knotted mess. You should also avoid stretchy fabric. Embroidery thread will stretch with the material. You should always use a thick fabric whenever you put an embroidered design on a shirt. 

Woven fabrics are excellent for embroidery. Cotton or wool works well for embroidery.

  1. Choose a High-Quality Thread

A quality embroidery thread will be colorfast. You will have to wash whatever you are making eventually, and you do not want the thread to bleed all over the garment. Make sure the thread is washable before you buy it. 

A smooth texture of thread is necessary for a lustrous appearance. If you go to a sewing shop, you will see that the cheap thread is fuzzy. It will have a flat appearance, and it can fall apart easily. 

If you have already bought your thread, you do not have to waste it. You can use a thread gloss to tame down wayward and staticky threads.

  1. Use an Embroidery Stand

You can find an embroidery hoop stand online or in a sewing store. You will be amazed at how much time it saves you and the ease with which you can move your fingers when both hands are free. 

The stand can be used anywhere you have a seat. All you have to do is put the base under your legs and adjust the arm to where you can work with comfort.

  1. Do Not Let Your Fabric Slip

When you are pulling a threaded needle through the fabric, it can cause the fabric to move out of the hoop. This can make your stitching look uneven. It can also pull threads out of place. 

The fabric you are using should be secured in the hoop. If the fabric shifts, do not just pull on it to make it tight. Loosen the screws on the hoop and readjust it the right way. It may take an extra minute to do this, but it will take even longer if you mess up your design because of improperly secured fabric.

  1. Use a Computerized Sewing Machine.

If you have the perfect idea for a design but you do not have the time, skills, or patience for embroidery, you can simply draw your design and let a programable sewing machine do the work.

An automatic computerized sewing machine will make perfect stitches every time. This is a great option if you do a lot of sewing or have plenty of expendable income to spend on sewing.

Fortunately, there are on-demand printing companies that have computerized sewing machines. You can simply visit the on-demand companies website, upload your design, and let the computerized machine put it on the article of clothing or tote bag of your choice. You can 

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Everyone loves to get a hand-embroidered gift that is made just for them. Whether you give it away or keep it for yourself, it will catch people’s attention and look great.

xoxo D.