despite-the-medieval-backdrop--game-of-thrones-manages-to-be-progressive-when-it-comes-to-female-characters13When my girl friends started wearing their hair in braids and endless flowy waves, and my guy friends were stealing my rings, cause you know they had to have a coat of arms themselves – it hit me. Not only are we obsessed with Game of Thrones and its phenomenon, to the point of using phrases that bare tons of meaning for GOT-addicts (errr… ‘Valar Morghulis‘ for when you think you’re cool, or ‘Hodor’ for when you’re testing the funny-power of just 1 word, or for when you’d rather say less than more), but also we’re unconsciously borrowing from its style, trends and sartorial choices.

Does that mean all men will look photoshoped? Steamy rugged, with a code of honor as well as coat of arms? And women will rule the world, tame dragons and look like ancient sexy beautiful Goddesses doing so? Doh. 1game-of-thrones-daenerys-hed-2013What this whole fantasy brilliantly enticing world and its characters have taught us is that it’s OK to be bold, strong and sexy. Deep cleavages down to belly buttons, bare backs and naked everythings for that matter are generic to us already. So is violence. Death. Cruelty. Forbidden love. Sex. Duty or honor. While all these are words and images that would otherwise shock and give birth to waves of appalment, truth is, this show broke a few boundaries. It killed a few taboos and no one died from it. Well, except a Stark each season.

So people hopefully we’ve learned to stay strong and empowered, to be brave when we’re chicken shit scared and above all to always look our best, girls. It’s OK to wanna look beautiful, feminine, incredibly sensual and seductive, and always stay fearless and strong. cae662877cd8c7bf780a3d5e16aef2b1

The 5 things we’ve learned from Game of Thrones. Fashion wise.


1. Maxi Dresses & Greek Style Gowns in expensive fluid fabrics, with opulent embroideries are IN. From those sultry whores to Cersei or Marjorie every single woman in Game of Thrones has a dress to die for. game-of-thrones-dresses-stygame-of-thrones-fashion-dressesgame-of-thrones-fashion-dresses-marjorie (3)game-of-thrones-fashion-dresses-marjorieThe designers over at Rodarte grasped our soft spot for all-medieval things with a touch of toughness meets beauty and delivered a collection of dresses that even Jon Snow would kill for.

With the last episode running on Sunday and a whole year to wait until we see Khaleesi and the girls again, I think we’ll be living the futuristic medieval life in fashion through fluid dresses, leather and jewelry insertions, high slits, low cuts & decolletages. dresses-inspired-by-game-offur-dresses-inspiration-game-of-thronesgame-of-throes-dresses-trends (2)dresses-style-game-of-throngame-of-throes-dresses-trends (3)game-of-throes-dresses-trends (4)game-of-throes-dresses-trends2. Braided Hairstyles. Not a new thing for our boring present times, I must admit the gals over in King’s Landing and every other corner of the fantasy world have taken braids to another level. Intricate, messy, original, incredibly long – this hairstyle seems to be the perfect compliment to any look, regardless of its high maintenance or not. It’s un-fussy and looks great. hairstyles-game-of-thronesgame-of-thrones-hairstylebraided-hairstyles-game-of-game-of-thrones-braided-hairstyles (2)game-of-thrones-braided-hairstyles (3)game-of-thrones-braided-hairstyles (4)game-of-thrones-hairstyles (2)game-of-thrones-hairstyles (3)The braids alternative is long flowy locks running down backs and shoulders like waves. Middle parted long luscious hair with maybe a few strains pinned at the back – is their other go to hairstyle. game-of-thrones-hairstyle (3)game-of-thrones-hairstyle (2)game-of-thrones-hairstyles3. Jewelry wise: antique, opulent, massive as well as fine pieces in mostly gold are seen on both girls and boys’ fingers, necks, ears, hands. We’ve been obsessed with bling for the past years, so a continuation of our addiction seems a fair assumption to make. Maybe invest in more antique imperial baroque style like jewelry. jewellery-game-of-thronesgame-of-thrones-inspired-jewellerygame-of-thrones-inspired-jewellery (3)game-of-thrones-inspired-jewellery (2)game-of-thrones-inspired-jewellery (4)4. High Boots & Gladiator Sandals. Not a new thing either, I would bet my money they’ll stick around some more, with a major twist towards warrior more powerful styles. A lot of black. A lot of shoegasms in both summer (high sexy gladiator sandals) as well as winter (thigh high boots). gladiator-sandals-game-of-thrones-inspirationgame-of-thrones-fashionthigh-high-boots-game-of-thrones-fashionthigh-high-boots-game-of-thrones-stylethigh-high-leather-boots-game-of-thrones5. The BDSM insinuation is sartorially present in Game of Thrones, and our obvious taste for all forbidden or taboo things is only just been aroused. Don’t give me the high eyebrow here, Jason Wu has sent models down the runway in harnesses and S&M inspired attire. Then, leather belts, harnesses, masks, cuffs and seductive fur were seen on the coolest trendiest people out there. Julien Macdonald: London Fashion Week A/A 2009 - Runwaygame-of-throes-leather-harngame-of-thrones-harness-stylegame-of-thrones-styleharness-game-of-thrones-inspirationharness-street-style-game-of-thrones-inspiration (2)harness-street-style-game-of-thrones-inspiration (3)Micah Gianneli_Top best fashion blog_Street style editorial_HaatMicah Gianneli_Jesse Maricic photographer_Controle Creatif_Saxonhelmut-game-of-thrones-inspired-collectionJason-Wu-game-of-thrones-inspirationBOYS

1. Jewelry is one hot trend this season, and I kid you not when I say I’ve witnessed men loving it, and most importantly rocking this shit. Massive rings like the kind that would make any wearer feel like one mother fucker Emperor are my friends’ and other males’ #1 obsession. Personally I love it. tywin-lannister-game-of-thrones-men-fashionJoffrey-Baratheon-From-Game-Thronesmen-rings-game-of-thrones-smen-wearing-rings-game-of-thrones-stylemen-wearing-rings-game-of-thrones-style (2)2. The Rugged style was invented by the men in Game of Thrones. It probably was a casting must-look, which we could only be thankful for, cause really it took what, a few months for it to stick in real life. Sans l’odeur of those times, of course, but with the now mantra: I have a beard, I do not fear. game-of-thrones-men-fashion (2)game-of-thrones-men-fashiongame-of-thrones-men-looks-beardsgame-of-thrones-men-looks-beards3. Leather all over. Or just a little bit. This is not very hard to stick, as leather jackets are already on your best mastered list, so while you’re there do leather gloves, big leather belts, harnesses, tops, long coats… you get the picture. Medieval style gone 2015. 
menswear-game-of-thronesgame-of-thrones-men-fashion (4)game-of-thrones-menswear-inspiration (4)game-of-thrones-menswear-inspirationgame-of-thrones-menswear-inspiration (3)game-of-thrones-menswear-inspiration (2)4. Fur. Hold up. Before you’re all no, no, no on me, think Kanye West. And a few other fashionistos. True… you might wanna kinda sorta need to be famous, infamous, or a rapper to rock this shit, but… if the Starks did it, I think you’re safe to give it a try, and if it’s not gonna work, just blame it on Game of Thronesgame-of-thrones-men-fashion (3)men-fashion-looks-game-of-tjon-snow-game-of-thrones-men-fashionmen-fur-game-of-thrones-insgame-of-thrones-fashion-inspofur-men-style--game-of-thrones5. Er, great bodies lads. The era of skinny boys has come to an end courtesy of Khal Drogo. :)

khal-drogo-bodyWho’s your favorite character & your Game of Thrones trend? ;)


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  1. Antique Ring says:

    I agree that we can take some really positive, empowerment-type messages from this type of series…it is OK to embrace what we are as human beings, in all our ‘terrible beauty’!

  2. Sofie says:

    Great post :):) My fav character is def imp! Trend wise I would have to say leather and jewelry is my favs.
    X Sofie


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