While the summer season is still upon us, and many of us are still wearing bathing suits and sundresses every chance we get, autumn is inching ever closer, and with it a whole new wave of fashion trends. So far at fashion shows and in style publications around the world, the focus for the coming season has been on accessories. As a result, I wanted to round up some of the most intriguing ideas that we’ll see in the months ahead.

Here are five fun accessory trends for fall 2015.

The Waist Bag

It tends to be one of the universal truths of fashion that tourist style “fanny packs” are tacky. But in some of the collections being debuted for the season ahead, we’re already seeing designers challenging this idea with a chic take on the concept. Harper’s Bazaar showed off some autumn accessories from a number of top designers and pointed to a fun design from Marc Jacobs that’s as functional as it is stylish. We may just be seeing a lot of hands-free waist bags this year.

New York, NYFW FW 2015 day 7

accessory-trends-fall-2015-17 accessory-trends-fall-2015-18


NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 10: A model walks the runway at Michael Kors during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2015 at Spring Studios on September 10, 2014 in New York City.


Pendant Necklaces

Pendant necklaces were a more traditional idea that was also written up in the Harpers Bazaar seasonal preview, though they’re also being mentioned by a number of other publications. Lengthy, dangling pendants have a way of lending a carefree vibe to outfits that can sometimes be somewhat stiffer and heavier when the weather gets cold. But they also foster a great deal of self-expression, as there are all kinds of different styles and pendants to play around with.

accessory-trends-fall-2015-3 accessory-trends-fall-2015-11 accessory-trends-fall-2015-12 accessory-trends-fall-2015-21 Pendant_1

Fuzzy Handbags

This is a fun little concept headlining Lyst, and it suggests a great way to provide a unique touch for virtually any fall outfit. Fuzzy clutches are soft to hold, cozy in appearance, and more versatile than many might expect in design. What’s more, they don’t all look like the bulky pouches of fur one might expect; many of them resemble ordinary handbags lined with intriguing texture and material.

accessory-trends-fall-2015-1 accessory-trends-fall-2015-2 accessory-trends-fall-2015-5 accessory-trends-fall-2015-13 accessory-trends-fall-2015-22 FuzzyBag_1


One of the most interesting things about seasonal trends is how various forms of jewelry tend to jump to the forefront of the public’s focus, seemingly at random. For example, a year ago (in summer 2014) you could hardly look at a collection or read a fashion article without stumbling upon suggestions for rose gold pieces. Well, according to Vogue, the jewelry trend this fall belongs to one of the most consistently popular and lovely ornaments we have: pearls! They seem to be popping up in just about every jewelry piece imaginable, which makes them a near-must have for the season.

accessory-trends-fall-2015-10 accessory-trends-fall-2015-15 Pearls_1

Patchwork Patterns

Finally, it has to be mentioned that many of the most attractive collections for the fall are showcasing quite a bit of patchwork. Forbes Life compared the trend to quilting and even popular artworks, and that’s not much of a stretch. A number of prominent designers are stitching together different patterns and materials, seemingly in an attempt to liven up garments that are often a little duller and more uniform than the looks of spring and summer. Rest assured, the trend can be extended to accessories, even including footwear and handbags.

accessory-trends-fall-2015-4 accessory-trends-fall-2015-7 accessory-trends-fall-2015-14

Suede peep toe stiletto isolated on white background. Clipping path included.

There’s your early look at some great accessory ideas to keep in mind as we ease into September. It’s already looking like an extra-stylish time of year.


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