summer-outfitsThat’s right. From Mondays to Fundays (Sundays) instead of going through tons and tons of clothes and the inherent fashion headaches that end up with us screaming ‘I’ve got nothing to wear’, from underneath a pile of otherwise great potential outfits – why don’t we divide and conquer as follows:

  • office hours
  • office hours with after-work-happenings
  • off-duty outfits for WEEKENDS & WORK-DAYS OFF

street-style-summerlooksThe one tip in my book I always follow is to always give it to the shoes and accessories to make an outfit anywhere-appropriate. Of course, we’ve got the heat to beat, which is our best friend in the weekends and worst enemy in the weekdays. Can’t we wear flip-flips to work and cropped tank-tops? Err no.

So then, here are 4 looks to get you inspired for a whole week:

1. WORK WEAR. To make your outfit more fun for office pair a statement skirt or trouser with a basic top. Wear bold lips and an uber cool office bag. Structured and oversized. what-to-wear-to-work-on-summer (2)what-to-wear-to-work-on-summersummer-outfit-workwhat-to-wear-to-work-on-summer (4)Silky or chiffon button down blouses look fantastic for the office and the best part is that they make an outfit look sophisticated and professional no matter what you pair it with. Bold chunky or long and thin necklaces look great with a flowy shirt. summer-office-looks (3)summer-office-lookssummer-office-looks-button-downShoes wise, these are fantastic for work, but if you just don’t feel like sweating your heart out on sky high heels, opt for flats and take your sexy shoes in your bag, for when you get to work.  A great ring, a watch and a pair of sunnies are the perfect accessories for a professional chic outfit. summer-dress-officecasual-dress-office-wear-for-summercasual-summer-office-lookswhat-to-wear-to-work-on-summersummer-office-looks (2)what-to-wear-to-work-on-summer (3)casual-office-wear-for-summerOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMore office looks here.

2. AFTER WORK HAPPENINGS. If office hours stretch loooong in the evening at some cocktail party, dinner date, or just an importante meeting where you need to look put together with a twist, but don’t have time to go home and change, then your best options are probably a great summer dress & heels. after-work-outfits (4)after-work-outfits (2)Or a statement skirt and a great shirt. after-work-outfits-street-styleafter-work-outfits (6)after-work-outfitsafter-work-outfits (3)Long flowy trousers paired with a silk tank-top, or a monochromatic look are again 2 great options. You can pull your hair back, wear a red lipstick and a smile.  after-work-outfits (5)summer-office-look-maxi-skirtoffice-wear-for-summermain.original.585x03. SIMPLE & CHIC. For those weekdays when you’re not in the office and you’re one lucky gal for having a day off, or a whole afternoon to not care about work, but don’t feel like up-ing your game at all, jeans are always the best idea. Basics always save the day, and a shorter skirt or dress is the perfect little piece to take out. basic-look-simple-chic-styles-for-summersimple-chic-styles-for-summer (3)simple-chic-styles-for-summer (10)simple-chic-styles-for-summersimple-chic-styles-for-summerwhite-dress-simple-chic-styles-for-summerstreet-style-simple-chic-styles-for-summerOn hot summer weekends shorts, cutoffs, and great tops with gladiator sandals or sneakers are a fantastic option. If you’re planning a Sunday brunch with the girls, a stroll around town, or late morning coffee with your friends a midi skirt and tucked in tee, or a crop top are the best idea ever.  all-denim-simple-chic-styles-for-summersimple-chic-styles-for-summer (2)simple-chic-styles-for-summer (5)simple-chic-styles-for-summer (8)simple-chic-styles-for-summer-cutoffssimple-chic-styles-for-summerwhite-blousesimple-chic-styles-for-summer (4)simple-chic-styles-for-summer (6)simple-chic-styles-for-summer (7)simple-chic-styles-for-summer (9)4. SOPHISTICATED WEEKEND. We all know you’re one hot lady who’s always got plans for the weekend, from posh dinners out, to parties, book-launches, art exhibitions. And we all know you love fashion, and just can’t wait to wear your sophisticated outfits that have been waiting since Monday in your closet. Now’s the time. street-style-after-work-looksstreet-style-weekend-look-summer-2014street-style-after-work-summer-lookFabulous shoes, great clutches and bags, mini skirts and dresses, cut outs in anything, see-thorough fabrics, sparkles, crop tops and neon shades, bustiers and sky high heels, rocker boots and leather – ALL these are IN come Friday night, all throughout Sundays. street-style-weekend-look (2)street-style-weekend-look (3)street-style-weekend-looksummer-street-style-weekend-looksummer-2014-street-style-weekend-lookWe all get those days when we’re like ‘Pffff Fashion, leave me alone. I just wanna wear my old tee and jeans’. And that’s OK. Style has nothing to do with piles and piles of trends on us. Au contraire. But then… you get those days when you wanna wear every trend from the 90s to today. And that’s OK too. Cause it’s only fashion. And we are supposed to have a laugh and enjoy ourselves.

Have a great week lovelies! xoxo


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  3. caroline says:

    I’m lucky in that I can wear pretty much anything to work but some of those outfits are so amazing and definitely need to be incorporated into my wardrobe!


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