4 Classic Bags That Never go Out of Style

Every now and then a new bag hits the market and women go crazy after spotting it on Instagram influencers. However, these fast-fashion moments don’t last long, usually until another trend comes up and accedes to the throne. When it comes to consumer goods, women invest in bags more than ever. The reason is simple – designer handbags hold their value over a long period of time, while vintage pieces are worth their weight in gold. 

Fashion industry is putting more and more focus on pairing the clothes with bags, rather than the other way round. It seems as if the hunt for a great purse is never going to stop. Here are some classic bags that will always be in fashion, regardless of the trends that come and go.

Classic Black Bag

Just like buying a house, when picking out a perfect black bag, pay attention to “storage space”. Additional compartments and pockets make this accessory perfect for every occasion whether it’s a party, parent teacher conference or a brunch. A black luggage tote  will give your attire a professional look. Tote bags are durable and women tend to buy them because of their long-lasting design and practical shape, along with being convenient and comfortable to carry. 

Beige Tote

Due to their versatility, you can pair a beige tote with a dark suit, loose jeans or fashionable designer sneakers, it’s entirely up to you. Flaunt your style at work or make some jaws drop at the beach – it can easily be transformed from a work bag  into a beach bag, and vice versa. It’s a time-tested staple piece with enough space to carry all of your everyday essentials. You can accessorize versatile designer Marni bags according to your personal style and fashion preferences. Boho or traditional business look, a high-quality designer bag takes your look to the next level.

Speedy Bag

The most famous example of a speedy bag is a Louis Vuitton statement piece that was originally used as a travel accessory. You will definitely enjoy this bag for a long time, because it is roomy and manageable for everyday use. Due to the sturdy material it’s made of, it’s extremely hard to tear, so it’s remarkable characteristic is that it can remain scratch-free for a long time period. All sophisticated women need to have this piece in their wardrobe.

Saddle Bag

It’s all about bringing the vintage look back and reviving the past. With its unusual equestrian design, a saddle bag might be a perfect choice for a dynamic and hectic lifestyle. It is small in size, and it easily became a street-style staple, but also perfect for weekends and travels. According to statistics, Dior is among the top 10 brands with the highest resale value, so this is definitely a great investment to make. As one of the most prominent parts of the 2018 Dior collection, it became a must-have bag thanks to Maria Grazia Chiuri’s impeccable eye for detail.

Every woman’s nightmare is spending a lot of money and then seeing stitching coming undone, the zipper catching, the pull tab falling off the zipper, and the leather being all creased and saggy. Unfortunately, this is what happens when you get low-quality bags. Even though we understand that getting your hands on that occasional trendy piece might be interesting, it will probably not bring you any value. If you lean more towards eccentric styles, there are designers with a variety of “out of the box” styles you can choose from. Let us know which one is the bag of your choice in the comment section below!  

xoxo D.