3 Statement trends to wear in 2024 Summer!

Sexy, statement and strong with a dash of relaxed. No, no… this is not the latest slogan for coffee or some summer drink, this is 2024 summer fashion. That it’s bold and beautiful, but equally casual and slightly blasé is non questionable, what is questionable though is – are you a part of this sexy summer revolution or not? Are you loving it? Are you wearing it?

And what in God’s name is IT anyway?

It’s 3 things actually: metallics, sheer clothes, and fringe.

The novelty with these is how daytime accessible the outfits are, or perhaps we’ve grown some style balls and have no problem wearing metallic pants to work or pair some sheer skirt with a basic white tee at 10 o’clock on a Tuesday.

From Gucci to Chloe, Blumarine, Nina Rici, Joanna Ortiz, Dion Lee, Dolce and Gabbana, to Simone Rocha – all of them were caught somewhere between this romantic version of a woman, dainty, feminine, frail, on one hand… – and very powerful, slightly grunge, dark yet draped in see-through-white-lace par example on the other hand. There is something incredibly powerful and sexy in a very confident way about the juxtaposition of contrasts in a look or an outfit.

Throw in some lust for life post pandemic and there you have it – a 2024 disco summer where the world is alive again and we are here dressed for the part at 9 o’clock in the morning, thank you very mucho!

Metallics Trend for 2024 Summer

When I scrolled past some metallic pants on asos circa 6 months ago or so… I said to myself ‘hmm really, daytime jeans in party dressing?‘ Not too long after this I think it was Rocky Barns who did an outfit reel wearing theeee absolute coolest and sexiest pair of 90s cut metallic pants… and then somehow everybody owned a pair. Except me of course.

Why – you ask? No idea… At this point on I feel like if I didn’t’t jump on this trend wagon in time… ahh might as well skip the road testing and adore it from the sides.

We’ll see…

So how does one wear metallic pants in 2024 summer? Easy peasy. It’s all about the leg cut, whether they’re high waisted, mid rise or low rise has no difference whatsoever, it’s all about your personal style. BUT DO stay away from skinny styles, and opt for more classic jeans cut, not too tight, not too oversized… These types look best with a plain tee, a blazer or a party top, why the hell not.

Shoes wise I ADORE metallic pants with skinny heels. Oh my god I might just get a pair of these pants for this look alone. Of course with my busy party/social life (insert sarcasm here) they’d make a pretty cool outfit for instagram.

Gazelle sneakers are a pretty great runner up shoe style and so are chunky heeled sandals. Ah… if only I were shorter… the things I would wear…

Personally I love the metallic pants look for a more polished version of the jean and you know me: I like contrasts so I’d probably wear a white tank top with some skinny sandals.

I do not like a heavy printed top with metallic pants BUT it might just be me and I haven’t yet found a great outfit alongside the mixing prints with metallic pants style.

Last but not least – metallic dresses are to die for. Period.

Sheer Clothes Trend for 2024 Summer 

Oh man… where do I begin with this one. Honestly it deserves  an entire article in itself… EVERYBODY and I mean EVERYBODY is doing the sheer maxi dress look this summer. I’m taking a wild guess here and I assume it’s beach only attire but again who knows…

Surprise surprise I too am deep into this sheer trend. I have a few older pieces (lets call them vintage) that I will bring back to life this summer. Of course given Pinterest and instagram one needs a very nice young body for such a look, but you know what… I like being delusional and I’m also proud (when I’m not insecure) of my body as we all should be. And clothes are just clothes. If they look good on you wear the damn clothes.

But enough about me.

How do we wear sheer? We wear it with bigger coverage bikini and bustiers, because #indecentexposureisafelony I guess… AND usually the look is topped off with a man inspired blazer. I am in love with this look in black. Either a sheer maxi dress, or jumpsuit, OR a two-piece set of either a skirt or pants with a top. All sheer.

I mean…

And heels.

Then come the 90s looks… those who lived it need no fashion guidance. It’s amazing and very cool.

Beach wise we have the sheer dresses, usually backless or with a deep v-cut, the sheer pants, the sheer skirt… they make amazing summer outfits for beach covers, or lunches ORRR dinner?!

Fringe Trend for 2024 Summer

I swear it was last week when my friend and shopping BFF, who was lusting hard over some fringe top (which in her defence was AH-MAZING) asked me if fringe is trending this summer or what?


I kid you not I had no idea it actually is trending. So when I sat down to research for this article and found out about how hot fringe is right now… I felt both joy but also some sort of ignoramus shame… Ah well… live and learn. Also live and re-do trends all over again.

So how about fringe, and how do we wear it this summer, and what is so different about it this time around?

Well… it comes in more glamorous styles, mixed with metallics, sparkles, glitter, disco inspired, flapper vibes. I adore it for evening outfits.

When it comes to daytime styles, there’s the western look I will forever adore, AND the extra long fringe belts that you can wear on top of a mini skirt or tiny shorts for a full on fringe effect.

For me this trend pretty much ends here, as I’ve been a hardcore fan of the fringe for a long time a long long time ago… I did it, and then some more. So I’m good now.

I would however never pass on a drop dead gorgeous evening fringe dress!

Well dayum dayum…. it’s not a boring summer at all and I am here for it. I’ve always had a soft spot for statement pieces and looks so this is just the right sweet fashion talk for me.

What do you think?

xoxo Dana