3 DIY Hair Masks to Try 

Have you ever felt like your hair is weak, dry, or maybe you see some split ends? If you are here, that means you would like to give your hair more love and pamper them as much as possible. If you are tired of using potentially harmful chemical products and want to live more sustainably, you can make some DIY masks from organic ingredients. Masks are a great way to improve the condition of your hair, but it might take some time for you to see the desired results. 

Nevertheless, hair masks you make by yourself will work the same, and maybe even better than the ones bought in stores. In times of pandemic and social distancing, you now have more time to take care of yourself! Keep on reading to learn more about DIY hair masks and why you should try them.

But Why Masks?

Hair masks are a little more complicated than regular hair conditioners, and you have to keep them on your hair for a long time. So why bother? A hair mask will work wonderfully both on the hair and the scalp. These home treatments mixed with some good  Primal Harvest supplements can do wonders are are simply fantastic for our hair and skin. They can also provide more profound conditioning treatment like:

  • Shinier and softer hair
  • Reducing hair breakage and damage
  • Less frizz
  • A healthier scalp
  • Stronger hair

You have to remember that if your hair is already broken or split, it may be necessary to shorten it a bit. You can easily do that at home, but remember to use professional shears, not kitchen scissors. There are many great websites like Scissor Tech that have amazing models in offer. You can choose high-quality scissors and pick the design you really like.

So, which masks are easy to make and can give you the best results? You’ll find our suggestions below!

Coconut Oil + Honey Mask for Damaged Hair

Coconut oil is known for its cosmetic properties. It is used to moisturize the skin, remove makeup, as a lip balm, or even as a deodorant. Aside from that, you can use healthy fat in the kitchen as it aids digestion. The oil is full of fatty acids, which will help to penetrate the hair a lot more deeply than regular conditioners. 

Honey is an emollient, so it will be a great addition to the mask if your hair stay dry. Its humectant properties will add moisture to the ends and add the healthy glow you need. After regular use of this mask, you may expect smoother and softer hair. 

All you need to do is one tablespoon of honey and one of coconut oil. Mix them in a frying pan or a pot and heat them until they melt. When the mixture gets a little colder, apply it to your hair from top to bottom and keep it for 20-30 minutes, then rinse. 

Banana + Olive Oil

These are the two ingredients that probably sit in your kitchen already. Bananas contain many vitamins and minerals, such as potassium, so they can repair your hair and restore the balance of the scalp. If you have problems with your skin’s pH, bananas are the way you want to go. 

Olive oil’s nutritional properties will make your hair shiny and sleek. It’s rich in fats and Vitamin E, so that it will work wonders on split ends. It will also create a protective layer to keep the hair moist for a long time and protect it from environmental damages like pollution or UV light.

If you want to make this mask, you will need one ripe banana and mash it until you have a lump-free puree. Add one tablespoon of olive oil and stir it until it’s creamy in texture. Apply it and massage your scalp for a few minutes. Keep it for 10-15 minutes, then rinse.

Yogurt + Egg Mask

For colored hair, you can use yogurt to keep it shiny and silky smooth. The proteins that are found in yogurt may strengthen your hair and cleanse the scalp, all without damaging the dye. Some people claim that the regular use of yogurt-based masks will fasten your hair growth. When it comes to vitamins and minerals in eggs, they can make your hair more resistant to damage and boost growth as well. Egg yolk is rich in Vitamin A and E, biotin, folate, and iron.

To prepare the mask, you will need a small bowl. Inside, put four tablespoons of yogurt, one egg, and a tablespoon of olive oil. Mix it all together until smooth and creamy. Apply it to your hair and massage the scalp for 5 minutes. If you have long hair, put it under a cap, leave for an hour, and then rinse. 

The Bottom Line

These DIY masks will give your hair what they need and make them healthy, shiny, and smooth. You don’t need to buy expensive bottles of cosmetics to take good care of them. It may turn out that you already have the majority of ingredients in your kitchen!

Every mask can be mixed with different proportions depending on your needs. You can add or remove anything you like. However, pay attention to the ingredients you use and be careful how much you add. Some oils can have a harmful effect if they are used too often. They may cause your hair to look greasy and weigh them down. Always wash your hair before and after applying a mask, and have fun!