When I was in fashion school one of our teachers said some fashion writers or bloggers adore red carpet events and covering the style of those, and they specialise in that area, and I remember thinking how that would be so last on my list of fashion stories… It just wasn’t my thing back then, but fast forward a few years and out of all the pieces I write, red carpet is one of my favourites and closest to my heart. I enjoy the dresses so much, the transformations, the glamour and fun, and throwing in my two cents, playing the fashion god if you will about dresses and looks, I like the commentary, the wow, the no-no… all of it.

And last but not least I used to adore seeing my fave actors and actresses on the red carpet after having watched most if not all of their movies and tv shows. Now… I don’t get to watch tv as much as I used to, which also makes me a bit ignorant as I’ve lost track of who’s who, and there’s a lot of talented and beautiful new faces out there…

2023 golden Globes were amazing and certainly not short on fabulous dresses, in fact I think it’s one of the most beautiful red carpets I’ve seen in a long time. Very glamorous classic simple kind of gowns, where ‘beautiful’ in its natural sense kind of ruled the night. Sure there was some edge which I’m always a fan of, like Jenna Ortega‘s dress, or even Britt Lower‘s slight punk vibe gown.

There were the ‘wait-what/I’m-staring-in-space-right-now dresses (aka worst dressed) like Heidi Klum‘s, and then there were those who I’m not sure about, I kinda like but then I change my mind 3 seconds after and this goes back and forth… like Claire Danes’s dress for example… or Salma Hayek‘s, both whom I love but I would tweak their gowns a little bit. No black straps on Salma’s (she was probably trying the edgy, goth vibe, but she should have added one more detail to not have them stand out as much as they did), and Claire’s dress I’m not sure about the upper part, or perhaps that’s the one thing that makes it pretty. I’m confused.

2023 Golden Globes Best Dressed

Red carpet dresses are best when they’re either classic or edgy, done in a very cool but refined way. Good fit is key. The right color is so important, and details do make or break a look. This year I was in awe of all the ladies who wore the classic beautiful dresses. Either the classic color, or cut, or fabric – but I loved the simplicity.

Jessica Chastain in Oscar de la Renta is a pure vision of natural beauty. The dress is stunning, and the monochromatic glamorous look makes her out of this world gorgeous. I think she’s one of the most beautiful women out there. I LOVE the simple cut of the dress. Monica Barbaro in Dolce and Gabbana. Yes baby! Classic and beautiful. The color and the fluid dress is so pretty! Zuri Hall’s gown is so simple but it truly is amazing. One of my faves. Simple and very sexy in a very refined way.  Li Jun Li in Dolce and Gabbana absolutely gorgeous! And Gigi Paris looked so beautiful in her gown. And Nina Senicar OMG! THAT is how you do simple, classic and glamorous! Absolutely love that dress.

Sequins were big on the red carpet at the 2023 Golden Globes with Jennifer Coolidge as one of my faves. That’s how a great fit, beautiful sexy and classic dress is worn. I just love her entirely. Abby Elliott dressed her beautiful baby bump in a gorgeous orange gown and looked so good and so sexy. I also kinda liked Jen Stasky in her very minimalistic futuristic edgy high fashion kinda way. Simple but very powerful look and dress. Angela Basset was one of my favourites if not the best dressed for me. That’s what a call a very beautiful sexy but classic gown. It’s a silhouette and style you can never go wrong with, and sometimes I think resorting to these classic looks is theeee way to go.


Of course there were also intricate edgy even weird dresses – there always are – just to keep the balance if nothing else, but you know what, with a few exceptions I really liked them, although I’m sure some of them are not everyone’s cup of tea. For instance I really liked Julia Garner‘s dress and entire look. I think she served us pure red carpet gold with this very ethereal, pretty, extremely exquisite, and equally sophisticated dress. I also liked Anna Taylor Joy in Dior, but I will say this: had it been better fitted it would have been wow. I know it’s not a look that everyone likes, but I really fell for this color and blonde hair on her, it’s so sophisticated and monochromatic in a very edgy but elegant way and I like it. Michelle Williams in Gucci. Yes baby! It’s not my style of dress, and while I do love this whole hair and skin and dress color matchy-matchy trend  – I think it might be a bit too washed out for some reason, but the dress and ruffles are stunning.

Chloe Flower‘s dress is a mood. It literally looks so pretty and soft it calms and soothes my soul. I also really liked Letitia Wright‘s dress. The color and that slit made it for me. And Lily James in Atelier Versace was again a wow moment and one of my top faves.

I also liked Anna de Armas although I think a differs hairstyle or stringer makeup might have fitted this dress better. Or maybe not. Margot Robbie is a natural beauty and her dress is pretty, not one of my faves but I like it. Stephanie Hsu‘s dress was very pretty as well. I’m not a fan of the upper part but that white lacey bottom is gorgeous. Janelle James looked beautiful but I think that a longer dress and sans the little capes would have been better. Viola Davis can wear what she wants cause she always always always looks STUNNING. This blue on her is simply breathtaking and the cut and the silhouette are so sexy and classy. I am not 100% sure on the fabric and also is that hem wet? Or is that just an effect? Anyway I loved the look. Jamie Lee Curtis… I mean wow! And I also like Jenny Slate‘s dress… it seems a bit odd for the globes but I kinda like it. It gives me 90s effortless red carpet vibe.

2013 Golden Globes Worst dressed 

TBH I didn’t really wanna do a worst dress section cause I felt there was nobody that bad dressed. That was until I saw Heidi Klum‘s dress. What in the name of god is that? And why? Also Dolly De Leon… nobody would look good is that nightmare of a dress. And since I opened this section I’m gonna let it all out: Michelle Yeoh, and Laverne Cox what the hell!!?? It seems so 80s meets 2000’s prom. Not in a good way. That blue color though is fab. Also not a fan of Jennifer Hudson’s dress, I’m usually really not a fan of her red carpet looks, so maybe I’m just lazy and biased here. It’s too much without being anything. I also wasn’t feeling Selena Gomez‘s dress, or maybe the sleeves were ruining it for me. OR maybe it looked better in person.

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA – JANUARY 10: Selena Gomez attends the 80th Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton on January 10, 2023 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/WireImage)

But at the end of the day you know what I always say when ‘judging’ these red carpets: it’s easier said than done from behind the keyboard and these ladies are all talented actresses who all look beautiful and got dressed to have fun for the night. having said that I’d still wanna hear your faves and leat faves lol. Comment and share away :)


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