2023 Autumn Trend: The Classic White Shirt

It’s old, and it’s basic, never groundbreaking nor ‘trendy’ yet if fashion has anything particular these days it’s the prevalence of the sense of style over trendy pieces. So here we are in fall season 2023 celebrating the rise of the simple and classic white button down shirt. The classic white shirt, or the boyfriend shirt used to be a piece in the uniform of baristas, bankers, 9-5 employees… but in 2023 it appeared on the runways of all designers – reinvented and re-shaped, yet holding its classic quality.

Versace had it styled with extra long leather gloves and denim – a vision of style circa 80s meets 90s supermodel off duty. Proenza had the office wear taken up a notch, Valentino or Loewe had the reinvented superfluid shirt-dress style. Each designer had a soft spot for styling the white button down shirt with either denim or leather and keeping it simple but very sophisticated and classic.

Weather we go for the designer pieces or the retail more affordable ones, whether its poplin or hemp, oversized or classic fit, tucked in or not – you gotta admit a classic white shirt has that je n’est ce quoi of style, it’s simple, elegant and very fuss free. What used to be part of a boring uniform is now a way to get you out of any fashion outfit trouble – work wise or dinner outfit style. Especially with today’s fashion specs that nothing is out of fashion, all is in, and style spin is the key. Add a bit of 80s and 90s vibe to it and you’ll have a pool of white classic shirt styles to choose from.

How to wear a classic white shirt in 2023?

With heels

The basic of all basics is a classic pant or denim with a button down and a classic pair of stilettos. That’s it. If you’re a fashion ignorant, you don’t care, ain’t got time or are just in a style funk THIS outfit is the key.

If you know fashion or are just having a ton on time and inspiration on your hands you can opt for extra long pants, more loose cut, a boyfriend cut crispy white shirt, chunky hoops or clip-on-earrings, a great 90s blowout hairstyle, a vintage belt and a pair of square toe sharp shoes or boots. Pointy styles work too, boots, or even sandals if you can brave the cold. That’s it.


Just a peak of a white shirt, its collar all crispy showing from under a sweater or vest is the epitome of good style and 2023 vintage outfits. It has practicality and style depth and it looks really good with mini skirts and long tube-style-boots, a a little pearl necklace.


Never in a million fashion years has the office outfit looked more cool and trendy. Black pants with an 80s cut, high waist, and extra length, a vintage belt and deep pockets paired with a tucked in white shirt and a nice necklace – damn its so Cindy Crawford meets Kim Basinger I can’t.


Well… there’s just something about the blue denim and white shirt combo that is a forever and after happy marriage in fashion. Keep both pieces classic and in good quality and you’ll have an outfit you can wear at any age. Any shoe style works, in fact it’s the shoes that dictate the style, and the vibe of it all, so experiment and have fun with it.

Vintage old school

This is all instagram reels and Pinterest boards. The outfits are very reminiscent of either an 80s interpretation of a white classic shirt outfit or a 2000’s Britney Spwears vibe. Anything that just seems thrown on, carelessly, but with style, with a pair of very loose, hip-hanging denim pants is a good mirror of this old school button down shirt style. For the sake of good taste please stick to non-fitted white shirt styles.

Anyway you get the idea, there is no wrong way to wear the white shirt, in fact wearing it you must and you can on any occasion and with any style gimmicks. Speaking of style gimmicks – this season you can unbutton your shirts all the way to your bellybutton for an extra sexy vibe, you can add very glam vintage inspired or evening earrings, and you can pair the white shirt with leather or denim. For extra coolness wear them with baggy jeans and tons of jewellery.

Outfit inspiration:


And if you want my fashion advice: it’s always best to stick with classic pieces and cuts, rather than an up-to-date-trendy-representation of such a staple.

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Now it’s your turn to tell me if you love this staple, do you wear it often, or find it rather boring?

xoxo D.