What To Wear: 2018 Winter Fashion Trends

Ah the question that brings us all together, regardless of our sartorial loves… “What the hell do I wear today?” Looking into 2018 winter fashion trends is a great start. Personally I think it’s one of the richest seasons in terms of looks, outfits and trends that are quite versatile and mostly easy to wear, and adapt to any look and situation. 2018 marked the return of so many fashion trends with a few of them standing out of the crowd. They’re on repeat. They’re classic. They’re chic and very easy to rock.

It is especially easy to top up your winter warmers here, and find some of the hottest winter 2018 fashion essentials to dress up your winter outfits. But when. it comes to essentials I think it’s safe to say some of the IT looks of the season are based on these classic trends.

1.Classic checks are back in vogue

There is a strong Savile Row vibe going on. The fabrics being used for many of this winter’s clothes feature classic patterns like checks and houndstooth. Most women will look great in these traditional, good-quality fabrics. 

2. Pure wool and tweed

Traditional, environmentally friendly fabrics are also prevalent. Pure wool coats are expensive, but well worth the price.

Tweed suits and jackets are also back in vogue. You are going to find this fabric being used for classically tailored suits for men and women. But look out for less traditional designs. This beautiful, rich, textured fabric is surprisingly versatile.

3. Animal Prints

The animal print trend we have seen featured in so many designers’ autumn collections looks set to continue through into most winter ranges. In fact, if anything it is set to be even stronger. If you have never worn them before, just take a look at this article before you go shopping. It is a great guide to how to incorporate these fabrics into your wardrobe.

4. Classic retro coats make a strong comeback

It is great to see classy coats and jackets dominating again. If you want something casual there are plenty of sports jackets around, with 1980s ski jackets being the main trend.

Military-inspired bomber jackets are also widely available. If you tend to feel the cold look out for the sheepskin lined flight jackets that some stores are carrying, this year. They are not cheap, but they are really warm and made to last.

You will find also a great selection of smart coats and jackets in the shops. The trench coat and camel coat have both made a strong comeback. These classic designs look fantastic on practically anyone. Wearing a coat with a belt is a great way to define your waist. Look for one with a belt that sits at the narrowest point of your torso.

The great thing about the upcoming winter trends is that they blend in really with the autumn fads and styles we told you about here. This is very good news if you have a tight budget. It means you can pick up some end of line bargains, knowing that you will definitely be able to wear those items with the clothes that you pick up later in the year.

xoxo D.