2018 Golden Globes Red Carpet: Why Everyone Wore Black?

Never in recent years has there been a red carpet event so talked about, for other reasons other than fashion per se. This alone is a massive milestone in everything 2018 Golden Globes Red Carpet stood for: Time’s up and #MeToo movements supported and voiced loud and clear, bold and beautiful by women and men alike.

Like never before all celebrities stood together (with a couple of exceptions from the colour code rule) and wore all black outfits in support of equality and truth. Saying no to sexual harassment, gender pay gap, discrimination of all sorts, racism, power play, and all the negative issues women have had to deal with for decades – was all in the spotlight. Celebrities were telling it like it is, putting a name on it (Debra Messing addressing the E! situation of Cat Sadler’s leaving the network) for the first time ever. Live. On the red carpet. United through a dress code – all black – by the same movement and beliefs.


Oprah Winfrey summed this all up into one of the best speeches ever, whose aftermath has everyone begging her to run for president, and according to this morning’s news… for the first time she didn’t say no. It was compelling, heartfelt, pure truth, strong, empowering and so so emotional.

Basically good people are sick of bullies, keeping their mouths shut, and playing polite over truth to save appearances, in the film industry and all over the world, from the top A celebrity to the cleaning lady in your office building. Time’s up, and we’re done with turning a blind eye to casual insults, discriminatory behaviour and what not.

For the past few years I made a promise to myself to not keep my mouth shut whenever I felt ‘casually insulted’. I stuck to my promise and have since collected names for myself and those girls like me – ‘crazily over-reacting’, delivered by oblivious moronic boys and sometimes women too. I used to get so worked up over these, but now all I can say is ‘who gives a shit if you think I’m crazy?’. I ain’t silent, that’s for sure. Not to insults and casual harassments. Because I know it’s the first step. Tomorrow more women will speak their mind, and the day after even more until calling someone crazy for re-acting will not be an option and those ignoramuses will be the odd ones out. Hence why the 2018 Golden Globes were such a milestone.

A beautiful bold all black style milestone too. Irony is, although fashion was out of the cards for all those reporters looking to report on the sartorial situation – few years from now these Golden Globes will be such an iconic fashion moment too. Never were there so many gorgeous black dresses in one place.

2018 Golden Globes Red Carpet was a gorgeous display of textures, appliqués, cuts, designs, silhouettes, patters, shapes, sizes, styles – all in black.

Ya’ know me… I am such a sucker for glam, so give me a mermaid sexy dress and I’m sold. One of my favourite dresses were Giuliana Rancinc, Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman (yassss!), Kate Hudson, Penelope Cruz, Kendall Jenner, Catherine Zeta Jones, Alicia Vickander, Zoe Kravitz… So a lot of celebrities looked beyond amazing, with some of the best carpet looks ever, which comes to show you – you can’t go wrong with black.

All the red carpet looks from the 2018 Golden Globes:


There were celebrities who didn’t wear black, but gave statements saying they supported the movement, like Blanca Blanco. However the negative tweets she received were nothing but a mirror of the simple minded discriminatory people who still don’t get it. I think it’s great to embrace a cause, but wearing black alone does not a cause make.

Yes I am a feminist and so is every man around me from my husband to my father and my 3 brothers. Feminism is equality, it’s not a jeeber jabber anti-men ideology that tiny minded people or just ignoramuses think it is.

As a man be proud to stand up for the women in your life. As a woman keep the sisterhood strong and alive, if not for yourself than for the younger girls out there, for your daughters, so that they – like Oprah said – won’t need to use hashtags like #MeToo anymore.

xoxo D.