2017 Trend Alert: Black Sneakers

By the way things are going in fashion, 50 years from now the sneakers will still be the #1 shoe trend in the world. I ain’t complaining though. While I’m such a stiletto girl and adore sexy heels I have lived in sneakers for the past 2 years more than I’ve lived in them all throughout my teenage years.

It’s the power shoe of our times.

It literally stands for that so coveted effortless vibe mixed with the on-going activewear trend and our need to be comfy while looking cool, for lack of better word.

Circa two years ago it was time for the white sneakers to shine bright, sort of as a translation of the sporty luxe style inspired from golf, tennis, laid back Australian lifestyle. As soon as people became even more prone to gym life and working out there was a tiny invasion of the bright neon sneakers paired with everything from leggings to skirts and dresses. A more minimal approach was born not too long ago featuring none other than the nude sneakers trend.

And then out of the blue for the past few months I had this craving for black sneakers. Like the perfect pair of black sneakers that would make me feel and look like a posh ninja. Oh. My. God. For both street style as well as gym life.

The kind of shoe that says fashion but is super classy too. You know the type. Chunky but sleek. Shoe hero can guide you to the best.

But I sat and sat on this thought and then I sat some more, up until yesterday when I saw a piece online on how the white sneaker is out and this black beauty is in. HA! Talk about listening to your intuition. Note to myself: follow the feel.

Anyway… sneakers history and personal sneakers story behind, THE BLACK SNEAKERS are the stars of 2017!

The best past about it is that they match any outfit way easier than any other sneaker trend and also look great with gym wear.

Personally I love the Nike styles, and am all for big chunky black sneakers but in a very aerodynamic cut. Chunky but still sleek.

Ankles out. Black sneakers on. Ninja mood.

My absolute fave picks for you below. Click on image to shop.


In my case nothing is ever complete without outfits inspo. So if you’re anything like me… scroll down.


Happy weekend everyone, and don’t let the bastards get you down.