10 Trends For Spring 2017 At New York Fashion Week

Some things are better left untouched and undisclosed until the right time comes along. Yeah, not the trends case though. Not when it’s Fashion Week frenzy and my brain seems to only work in terms of sartorial criticism and trend spotting. So there’s that.

Yesterday I did a brief report on best runway looks so far from New York Fashion Week 2017, and man had I wish I’d waited a day longer so I’d include Anna Sui, Michael Kors, and Ralph Lauren. I am crying right now. I literally just wish to be a runway girl draped in Ralph Lauren SS2017 clothes.

That’s not gonna happen anytime soon, so I might as well stick to my guns here and disclose you my Eureka moment of the trends we could keep an eye on for Spring 2017. If we’re into that sort of shit you know.

1. Sports-mania

I’ll shout an amen for this one while squatting as low as I can and hope the sporty-athelisure-gym-inspiried-trend never never ever ever ever dies. Like ever. What’s new for next year: perhaps a bit more masculine inspired with a dash of scuba diving and swimming mood going on.

New York Fashion Week Trends New York Fashion Week Trends

2. The 80s Comeback

Well… it ain’t as obvious as I’d hoped, nor as powerful but it is slowly making a comeback. Sequins, broad shoulders, cinged waists, pencil skirts in midi length, massive kitsch earrings… 80s alright.

New York Fashion Week Trends

3. Time Traveling to the 40s

To be honest it’s a pure speculative thought, but I really had glimpses of the post world war fashion: reinvented, uber feminine, but incredibly powerful and sexy, in high waists, cinged, belts, pencil skirts, midi length, beautiful exquisite classic hourglass designs.

New York Fashion Week Trends


4. Baby Blues

Never in my life have I seen so many blue outfits. You know what? I think each year all designers have a common sartorial craving which they all secretly decide to give into and make us all mortals follow them. For spring 2017 it’s blue.

blue-ss2017 blue-trend

5. Black & White

Overall Spring 2017 is less a mess of chaotic prints and colours, and more a structured, powerful, sexy, feminine, slightly sporty, slightly retro season. There is a lot of all white looks and all black looks, and then, there’s a combo of the 2 and I love it. It’s clean but sophisticated and very refined in a not so serious way. It’s quite welcoming after seasons of too much bloom and prints that were thrown up on all the outfits in the world.

black-and-white-trend white-looks white-trend black-looks black-trend-2017

6. Tamed Prints

Well halle-fucking-lujah for this. Spring 2017 is all about tamed bloom inspired prints, little flowers, bigger flowers, but nothing too crazy or wild. And then some designers who also dab into the gypsy-ethnic-hobo-cowboy looks use geomatric prints and ethnic inspired patterns.

prints-2017 prints-trend

7. Trench Coats

Wait what?! And with trench-coats come quite a significant number of furs, and jackets, and invasion of outwear that first left me speechless and outcasted: ‘Like, what the fuck is happening, am I watching the spring summer collection?!’, but then it hit me, well… it is spring, which tends to be less hot than summer, and in places like London you do need quite a significant outwear during the day. We can’t all wear dresses, tank tops, and bras now can we? Temperature wise it’s just not possible.

trech-coats trench-trend-2017 trenches-jpg


8. Power Suits

Dayumn. They’re strong, empowering, yet feminine and sophisticated. Some designers have slouchy power suits, a la 80s, some have a more retro 40s version of a pant-suit, some are uber sexy a la 90s done in 2017. All in all they look fab and I love their massive comeback.

power-suits power-suits-trend


9. Hobo Queen

Think of all the romantic colours and dainty dresses, and lace and granny inspired fabrics and wear them all as if you’re this rocknrol queen with either an edgy alter ego or a shy one, a difference in attitude that gives different vibes to the same trend. This trend is pure perfection, it’s new, and such a breath of fresh air.

boho-queen boho-chic cool-queen hobo-chic

10. Bras Are the New Tops

Yep. Better start working on that six-pack. Or not. Actually this trend as risqué as it may appear, it’s basically just another version of the crop top meets the bralette. I like it. And like the sports thing, I’m glad it ligers for yet another season.


One more day to breath in and breath out, and then London FW begins. Until then we can still talk about NYFW in the Facebook comments.