The 2016 Eyebrow Trend: Smokey, Bushy & Brushed

Is ‘groomed eyebrows on fleek’ OUT? Has the world of makeup had enough of contouring and glamed looks? I dare say YES. Makeup has had it with too-polished looks, and it seems to me however we turn these days we’re still obsessed with eyebrows.

In 2016 we are going back to the full-on natural messy look of young girls who’ve never touched a hair on their brow, and are all about the strong natural look.

Still we are left with one Q.

What is smokey eyebrows?


It’s the opposite of too-groomed, polished, and perfect aka on fleek. Smoky eyebrows are full, slightly messy eyebrows, filled-in if necessary with eyebrow powder, and then blended and brushed upwards, in a somewhat messy smokey way. The idea is to get a young and fresh faced look as if you don’t tweeze those brows and yet they’re a very wild and cool version of ‘on-fleek’.

Actually messy bushy brushed upwards eyebrows are the NEW ON FLEEK brows.

Truth is ever since Cara Delevingne stepped into the spotlight we kinda got the message: thicker brows look better. So then over time, for the past 4 years or so we toyed with eyebrows and their looks so much that we’ve basically done it all eyebrows wise.

Maybe somewhere in this eyebrows-journey we decided to stop playing altogether and just wear them natural from now on. Hence the smokey eyebrow trend. Perhaps it also has to do with summer and how the contouring trend a la Kim Kardashian is slowly dying, and we are more and more celebrating glowy natural slightly imperfect but beautiful looks. Big messy brows fall into this.

Groomed on fleek eyebrows. 

eyebrows-trend-2016-1-groomed eyebrows-trend-2016-17 eyebrows-trend-2016-14 eyebrows-trend-2016-1-on-fleek groomed-on-fleek-eyebrows

Messy smokey natural on fleek eyebrows.

eyebrows-trend-2016-1 eyebrows-trend-2016-4 eyebrows-trend-2016-9 brushed-up-eyebrows

[My eyebrow story in short: When it comes to eyebrows I have literally tried it all: the plucking, the over plucking, the growing, the messy growing, the polished, the filled in, the brushed, tweezed, all of it. Now I decided to stop and let them be. I am also prepared for the horror of the whole process, but secretly praying that I get back the full big beautiful brows I had right before I started plucking in the ’90s. They never did grow back the same, though. Anyway… in this growing/plucking process I have noticed that, like in life in general, I’m quite inconsistent. Sometimes I LOVE a polished groomed eyebrow look. Thick but clean, eyebrows perfectly arched, perfectly filled in, highlighted, and all of that. And then I work for it with all the products and youtube videos next to me, only to change my mind the very next week, and long for a natural messy eyebrow look that’s the opposite off on fleek preciseness.


So I have decided, influenced by the smokey eyebrow trend as well, to stick to natural for now. It’s summer, nobody wants to draw their brows, unless they really have to, I’m so done with the beauty hassle and perfect editorial looks, I’m just gonna stick to my mascara and a bit of eyeliner, and that’s it.]

Of course, next week I might come back here and tell you how I could’t take the messy look anymore and be all glam team again.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see for that one.

Bottom line is big bold messy SMOKEY eyebrows are IN, so now you have an excuse to miss a few plucks and get lazy like that. But if this is not your thing, don’t fucking bother doing trends, they’ll change anyway. Go for natural looks and wear your beautiful brows however you wish. They say thicker is better though.

The SMOKEY EYBROW trend in visuals. For inspo you know.


eyebrows-trend-2016-7 eyebrows-trend-2016-5 eyebrows-trend-2016-12 eyebrows-trend-2016-11 eyebrows-trend-2016-6 eyebrows-trend-2016-8 eyebrows-trend-2016-10 eyebrows-trend-2016-19 eyebrows-trend-2016-16 eyebrows-trend-2016-15 eyebrows-trend-2016-18 smokey-eyebrows-trend-2016-3 smokey-eyebrows-trend-2016-2 smokey-eyebrows-trend-2016-1

To pluck or not to pluck is up to you, don’t do it excessively though. 2016 Eyebrows on fleek is more natural than ever.

What do you think about that?