2016 BRA TRENDS: 4 Must-Have Styles

‘Hey George, you know anything about bras?’ asked Mr. Costanza.

‘Yeah dad, I do.’, replied George in a sort of embarrassment mixed with boredom, after which Mr. Costanza tried really hard to not further explain the bra situation. Unsuccessfully of course.

‘You got the A, the B, the C, and the D. D is the biggest one.’ 

And that right there is one of my favourite Seinfeld scenes ever, and since we’re talking bras it’s a pretty clear indication of how far we’ve come in this matter. I’m sure most men still base their whole lives on the D cups, but bras for us have come a long way ladies. They’ve become trendy, cool, edgy, feminine, fashionable. Today you can make a huge fashion statement with just a bra strap.

While we’re still not walking around in our bras (another Seinfeld reference) we’re not that far away either. For the past two years we’ve had the exposed lingerie trend bombarding us with lace, and straps, and sheer fabric from feminine to borderline BDSM styles. Wearing a great bra these days can be part of an outfit and a fashion thing in itself.

So with the lingerie culture and fashion movement on the rise the straps, and sheer, and leather, and lace, and intricate styles that peek from underneath your tops are going nowhere in 2016. Actually they’re bolder and more IN than ever.

MY PICKS for the best bras of 2016. click on image to buy.


HOW to wear these bras? Wear a fab bra underneath a sheer top, a bare back top, a cropped top, a very slouchy top that dances on your body and occasionally exposes your bra, do the unbuttoned shirt trend and expose your intricate strappy lace bra from underneath.

Colour wise I think black looks better, so does the play of sheer with that spiderweb-like lace, and tones of straps. White bras are perfect for a feminine touch and look amazing paired with bold and edgy jewellery or tats.

Without further ado I give you the 4 BRA STYLES that’ll drive whoever the hell you want insane.

1. The TOP Bra, as seen in Alexander Wang, Balenciaga, Dries Van Noten’s collections is what happened when the bustier tops married the sexy bras. They had a kid and they named it TOP. It’s a perfect look paired with high waisted things or slouchy jeans, for festival days, for summer coolness, or throwing us cheeky winks from underneath unbuttoned shirts and sheer tops.

The TOP Bra

The TOP Bra

2. The TRIANGLE Bra. Ahhhh that one bastard that had us all turned to giddy little damsels in distress a few seasons back. So sexy it’ll make the cheekiest gal blush. So effortless, designed to really not support but rather adorn it’s the hawtest thing ever since Prometheus’s fire.



3. LACE-my-girls-will-ya? Those black or white cups or triangles that come in the most delicate lace you can imagine, that looks like expensive spiderweb, or black stars, or random lines drew by lazy sexy hands. You will basically look like Instagram wearing them.


The LACE Bra

4. STRAP-me-never-leave-me. Did anyone call the BDSM squad? No? Ah well… you might as well have, cause this bra style is the most insane and edgiest thing out there. It’s got straps around your neck your rib-cage, your breasts, your back, and wherever the hell you want to have tiny little black straps popping from underneath your sheer or slouchy top.

The STRAPPY Situation

The STRAPPY Situation

TIP: you can get any of the four styles separately OR (drumrolls please) one bra that has all 4 styles going on. YES, my little bra-lovers heaven does exists, and it’s one bra away from us. And no, it’s not too much. They actually look more delicate and dainty with a dash of edge, rather than over-the-top-sexy, borderline vulgar.


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If love at first sight is not your thing… love at first try will definitely be.