2015 Oscars: MEN On The Red Carpet

When last week I had the pleasure of chatting with the amazing L.A. based celebrity groomer and makeup artist – Lauren Kaye Cohen – about red carpet beauty looks, grooming and styling for MEN – I had an epiphany: why don’t we talk about men on the red carpet as much as we talk about women?

Remember that time when Cate Blanchet, when asked to spin and twirl, and flip and flop, asked Ryan Seacrest ‘I’m just curious, do you do this to the men as well?’ The level of red carpets talk has gone ballistic, and we’re all to blame, but that’s a different talk.

Today, as a treat for ending an insanely hectic week, we talk MEN on the red carpet at the 2015 Oscars, a little bit of eye-candy ladies, and tons of tips, tricks, inside secrets, and trend reports for men, from Ethan Hawke‘s stylist and groomer, Lauren Kaye Cohen. 

Ethan Hawke, Rosamund Pike

White jackets on the red carpet, or coloured tuxedos (red and velvet was pretty common for men at the Oscars, which only reminds me of George Costanza‘s dream outfit ‘If I could drape myself in velvet, all day, any day, I’d be the happiest.’), were a major trend this year, YET as Lauren puts it, and I (as edgy and funky friendly I like to think I am) kinda of agree:

”If there’s one night when you need to keep it clean, classic, this would be it.” (Lauren)

Which only brings me to my ubiquitous question and massive wonder these days of whether or not everyday trends apply at the Oscars (the beard trend or undercut)?  Why do red carpets have more men with clean shaved faces than regular life events? Or is it just me?

Well ladies, as it turns out it ain’t just me. Oscars are the one red carpet event when classy and Old Hollywood grooming style are the key words.

”Anytime you want to look your best, a clean shaved face is where you begin. Defintely no facial hair, as clean shaved faces are timeless and classic.” Lauren Kaye Cohen


Yes beards ARE a trend still, and have encouraged those who never wore them, to rock them and experiment more, but red carpets and especially Oscars are about STYLE, which is timeless.”, says Lauren.

Hairstyle wise, ”men are styling their hair more these days, after a time when they looked totally disheveled. It started with a deep part/stronger side part and shorter around the ears” , she says. Old Hollywood style.

When styling Ethan Hawke for the Governor’s Ball it was a blessing”, she says, as he was rocking longer hair for a part, so that’s pretty much a stylist’s dream.

But grooming is a process and depends on the event they go to, it depends on their personal style, and also their own input for a certain look for a specific event. It’s both a team work between the stylist and the actor (and maybe their partner), as well as a work from scratch and single input from the stylist alone, when she’s given free hand.


Lauren encountered both situations and says there are 2 major things that ALWAYS count and she pays attention to:

  1. They have to be VERY comfortable with the look (hair, facial hair, makeup, outfit), and
  2. Natural glowy skin is tres importante. It’s actually the ONE thing she swears by, cause if the skin looks clean, glowing, natural and healthy, any makeup will look flawless.

Do men wear makeup on the red carpet? Do they get as prepped up as the gals?

Certainly. Of course it’s not as time consuming as for the ladies, but they DO wear makeup & hair styling products. No matter how much you groom somebody they have to look natural at the end of the process. They have to look like men.”, as if a shower is all it took to get to the Oscars. Well… that’s debatable.

”I love glowy natural skin, not too cakey. With the camera flashes it’s the most beautiful natural look: sheer & glowing. A little shine can be perfect, rather than too much powder makeup on. I am not a fan of fake tan, too much as it tends to look very orange. You have a natural colour to your skin, don’t make it lighter or darker, play it up.” (Lauren)

”Oscars are the night, like a weeding is to a bride. Try to look timeless and classic.” (Lauren)


When styling an actor for the Oscars, what are the main tips and tricks to keep in mind? Because clearly they didn’t just roll out of bed, put on their tuxedos, and BAM! Au contraire, there is more to their look, but what exactly is more?

”As a groomer and stylist you need to know what you don’t need to do, as well as what you do need to do.” (Lauren)

You need to know ‘what hair goes best with what outfit, facial hair is big, but you need to know when to wear it. Red carpets are more about clean classic looks, cheek bones and big smiles”, rather than trends. ”Some actors are in the middle of a movie and can’t comply”, she says, so you need to play around that.

Lauren styled Ethan Hawke, Ellar Coltrane, and the director of Boyhood Richard Linklater for the Oscars, and as she said, classic and natural would be key words in the styling and grooming for the big night. And they were. Ethan Hawke looked fantastic, and I love how he’s always so relaxed and comfortable in his own skin on the red carpet. He’s also like a great bottle of wine, better looking in time. ;)

ethan-hawke-2015-oscars-red-carpet-men-lauren-kaye-cohen-stylisyt US-ENTERTAINMENT-OSCARS NOMINEES LUNCHEON-ARRIVALS

Ellar Coltrane turned into an incredibly handsome young man, so Lauren just played up his natural features, ‘amazing smile and cheekbones.”


On the three things any man should have and do, grooming and styling wise, Lauren – who believes in the less is more mantra – says: ‘sunscreen to protect your face, good quality toothbrush for a flawless smile, and a good razor – Gillette fusion – for that Old Hollywood clean shaved face.”

And now let me switch my bitch-mood-on, and talk men at the Oscars 2015 best and worst looks and outfits.

2015 Oscars – BEST DRESSED MEN 

Justin Theroux killed it at the Oscars 2015, at least I thought so. He looked like a real movie star, confident, laid back (perhaps it was the skinny tie, instead of the classic bow tie), and slightly edgy with his effortless hairstyle. LOVED the look.


Adrien Brody… well, he’s not the prettiest bulb in the chandelier but OH. MY. GOD. He always is, and will always be my man-crush. And he wore a white jacket, which I ain’t a fan of, but who gives a shit. He’s beyond handsome and hot and all the in-betweens uhhhs and ahhhhs. We are married in my unicorn and rainbow world. Loved the look, the hair, and that edgy massive ring on his finger. NAILED IT. Oh, did I say we’re married in my head. sigh. insert melting emojis now. more melting emojis and let me collect myself.

2015-oscars-red-carpet-men-looks-11 2015-oscars-red-carpet-men-looks-1-adrien-brody adrien-brody-2015-oscars-red-carpet-men-looks

Ethan Hawke was, like I said super confident, laid back, but classy and timeless. Perfect. So was his co-star Ellar Coltrane, and director of Boyhood, Richard Linklater. Natural skin & perfect smiles.


Eddie Redmayne went for a dark blue tuxedo… edgy for the Oscars, but the guy is handsome, or pretty, or however you want to put it and rocked it. Perfect hair and great smile.


Chris Pratt… sigh. sigh. sigh. LOVED him! Michael Keaton kept it classic as well.

2015-oscars-red-carpet-men-looks-1-michael-keaton 2015-oscars-red-carpet-men-looks-michael-keaton 2015-oscars-red-carpet-men-looks-9

On the edgier side, stubble and all, there were the rockstars of the 2015 Oscars: Adam Levine. Perfect. Jason Statham. DAYUM. He’s my other man crush, so…

Adam_Levine-2015-oscars-red-carpet-men-looks 2015-oscars-red-carpet-men-looks-jason-statham The 87th Annual Oscars - Vanity Fair Oscar Party 2015-oscars-red-carpet-men-looks-6 2015-oscars-red-carpet-men-looks-3 XXX 2015_OSCARS____022.JPG A  ENT USA CA 2015-oscars-red-carpet-men-looks-4 2015-oscars-red-carpet-men-looks-13 2015-oscars-red-carpet-men-looks-14 2015-oscars-red-carpet-men-looks-16 2015-oscars-red-carpet-men-looks-18 channing-tatum-2015-oscars-red-carpet-men-looks-1 mark-ruffalo-2015-oscars-red-carpet-men-look


Jared Leto, why?!?! Truth is, I am not a fan of long hair on men, and that’s for a good reason. Evidently. The guy was wrapped up in hair, on his head, on his face, down to his waist for God’s sakes. And that bloody lavender suit… And the shoes! He probably thinks he can pull off anything, and he can. Or maybe not so much. And to think I once took one of those Facebook celebrity couple quizzes (yes, I am 5 years old, judge away) and he turned out to be my perfect match. Hmm. Out of all the men. Ah well… he probably just had a bad moment. Yes, that was it.


David Oyelowo and Kevin Hart probably got dressed together… what can I say, kudos for the reddish outfit, but I ain’t feeling it. And don’t even get me started on J.K. Simmons. What. The. Fuck. Oh, I get it, he probably thought he was going to some rodeo posh gathering, or just a regular event in the Wild Wild West, where he was the sherif above all the mofos. Great performance though in Whiplash!!!

David_Oyelowo-2015-oscars-red-carpet-men-looks kevin-hart-2015-oscars-red-carpet-men-looks jksimmons-2015-oscars-red-carpet-men-looks

Ah well, I guess you can’t have it all. Oh wait a minute, they can and do have it all, actually. Now if you’ll excuse me I’ll just go to my slightly less than have it all world. And drape myself in velvet.

Have a great week you fabulous people! xoxo