GIRLS. BOYS. Major Hairstyle TREND Alert: The HALF BUN

Another Monday, another week packed with new resolutions, tons of work, unbelievable work ethics and enthusiasm. Aha. Listen y’all, let’s just cut the crap and admit it: as much as we loved our jobs Mondays are the worst, if not for the post-weekend-trauma, then for all the bloody headaches that come with having to leave your bed (and all the activities involved with it. Sleeping!!! right.)

I hate to break it down to you, but Mondays usually come with the mandatory chore of having to wear something decent to work (usually plain basic looks define Mondays, unless of course you’re literally nuts and decide to be all polished up on a freaking freezing winter Monday, in which case, I’m not talking to you.)

After body-coverage is done (also referred to as fashion, on days other than Mondays) the worst part comes: THE HAIR.

Which finally brings me to today’s agenda.


Apparently there’s a new hair-fad in town ladies, and it’s called the HALF BUN. Kinda like hobo-chic-chick meets heroine-diva-on-a-hangover-too. Both gals pal-up and decide to throw on some wrap coat, or vintage fur jacket and hit the office. In bed-hair, dishevelled looks, but kinda cool style at the same time.

The half bun is not a new hair trick at all, I mean it’s the go-to-unfussy-hair-tie-trick you do when you clean the house for God’s sake, OR when you wake up with a post-wine-hedeache (I feel like I’m overusing the word hangover, so… yeah.)

the-half-bun-hairstyle-trend-2015-2 2015-hair-trends-the-half-buns-6

So I was just wondering why the hell did this home-hairstyle hit the streets with such trend-worthy success? 

Well… now that you asked, I feel like I have to tell you.

1). We are all a bunch of lazy bitches. I mean pulling half your hair up in a bun or a top-knot is the next best thing to apparently putting some effort into your look. You’re hair’s off your face, yet it’s loose, it looks disheveled, but borderline professional or chic depending on your style. AND IT”S DONE IN 10 SECONDS. 

case solved.

2015-hair-trends-the-half-bun-1 2015-hair-trends-the-half-bun-4


2). We’re talking 2 second solutions for Monday mornings to turn us into decent looking human beings. Nobody wants to spend 1 hour on hot-rollers, hair straighteners, and all of that shit. Well, sometimes we do, but usually we don’t. Not at 7 a.m. Unless of course we call our glam squads in, but we’re too kind to fuck up their monday mornings, so… we just go for the half-bun.

Yeah. We’re good like that.

2015-hair-trends-the-half-bun-2 2015-hair-trends-the-half-bun-7

3). This hairstyle… I SOLELY BLAME IT ON MEN. Besides the fact that they’re to blame for a LOT of things, er also, remember the men bun crazeYep. Ever-since THAT started things have not been the same. It’s like everyone who’s got hair (boy or girl) is doing the half bun. It’s 2 hair trends in one: the top-knot + showing off your long locks

Since Jared Leto & Jason Momoa did the half bun…

hold on. I’m recollecting myself now, err… I had a point before Jason Momoa popped into my head.

2 1 3

Yeah. … moving on…

Basically every guy who’s got a beard and a head full of hair thinks he’s freaking Jason Momoa, hence the abundance of Jesuses everywhere. Fashionable Jesuses true.

Nothing wrong with it, it’s just that I think somebody should break it down to half of these boys, it ain’t working. Men with long hair… are… men with log hair. Unless of course you’re one of those Instagram male models who frankly could have beards to their knees and hair to their ankles and still look hot. Then you’re good.



The rest of the lot… not so much. They’ve gotta have amazing style for it to work. A few words: the heavy-metal look is… . Don’t ask. Don’t do it. And the literally unkept look (‘smelly-cat, smelly-cat.’) is bad. Work on the less ‘literally’ part. Then it might work.

Or maybe (with too few exceptions to count) I’ve been not so blessed with seeing hot Jesuses in real life.

In virtual life we’re like so in love. (melting emoji everywhere.)

Recollecting again.

streetstyle-the-half-bun-hairstyle-trend-2015-4 men-streetstyle-the-half-bun-hairstyle-trend-2015-1 So yeah, I guess when men started wearing their long hair in half buns we realised – ‘Wait a minute! We’re wearing this effortless chic-rocknroll housewife hair style at home all. The. Time. Why not milk this trend while it’s hot?’ BAM.

That’s what I think happened.

It’s easy to do and looks grungy-great on everyone, adding a bit of chicness mixed with boho-chic effortlessness to any outfit.

more pics…

2015-hair-trends-the-half-bun-8 2015-hair-trends-the-half-bun-5 2015-hair-trends-the-half-bun-9 2015-hair-trends-the-half-bun-10 2015-hair-trends-the-half-bun-11 2015-hair-trends-the-half-bun-15 2015-hair-trends-the-half-bun-18 street-style-the-half-bun-hairstyle-trend-2015-1 streetstyle-the-half-bun-hairstyle-trend-2015-1 streetstyle-the-half-bun-hairstyle-trend-2015-2 streetstyle-the-half-bun-hairstyle-trend-2015-3 streetstyle-the-half-bun-hairstyle-trend-2015-5 streetstyle-the-half-bun-hairstyle-trend-2015-6 the-half-bun-hairstyle-trend-2015-3 the-half-bun-hairstyle-trend-2015-4 the-half-bun-hairstyle-trend-2015-5 the-half-bun-hairstyle-trend-2015-6 the-half-bun-hairstyle-trend-2015-10 the-half-bun-hairstyle-trend-2015-9 the-half-bun-hairstyle-trend-2015-7 the-half-bun-hairstyle-trend-2015-8

At the end of the day who the fuck am I to critique anyone’s hair. I mean I’m the worst at this chapter. Besides, I’m moody and inconsistent. One day I’m crushing in love and the next I’m running for my life.

It’s just hair you know. Plus a passing fad that just happens to be super easy to do and looks great. So… roll those buns bitches.