This little annoying voice in my head keeps telling me: ‘‘Hey missy, ain’t you a little late on this event right here?” To which I reply with my motto these days: bitch please. Ef you. Having to deal with all the drama to which I am naturally prone to, and the pile of errands and meetings to attend these days, has inevitably led to this sad event of me not covering the Grammys sooner.

BUT, good things do come to those who wait. I don’t believe that shit, but it does fit the situation.

2015 Grammys were the best event so far, not necessarily due to the red carpet looks (which were actually pretty on point and more on the best dressed rather than not), but mainly because of everything else that happened. KANYE!!!! Just. Go home already.


His walking-on-the-stage-joke-shit was just that, pure shit, and I actually think his constant rants and neurotic behaviour, self absorbed persona, and God complex are only doing his talents un-service. So… what the fuck do you want Kanye? Who died and made you Beyonce’s defendant? Ahh… just go home man. Loosen the fuck up and leave the building.

Back to more important matters now: the red carpet at the Grammys, and the belle of the ball. RIHANNA in that Giambattista Valli pink Disney princess dress. Shut the front door.


Okay, actually at first sight I was like: uh-oh, Riri screwed it up this time, but then in less than 5 minutes the dress grew on me. Very much like her song with Paul McCartney and what’s his name. Now I can’t stop listening to it, much like I can’t stop uhhing and ahhing over that pink dress. The make-up was stunning, the hair was whispy-bun-amazing… The best by far.

And she kept it the best with her exactly-the-opposite-look from her performance: androgynous suit, sleeked back hair… swag and all of that shit! Perfect.

2015-grammys-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-37 rihanna-2015-grammys-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed

2015 Grammys Red Carpet – BEST DRESSED

Did I say Rihanna killed it? She did show up last on the red carpet, but she made a statement aright. That’s how you do it y’all.

Most of the other gals were great, BUT I’m still gonna be a bitch about some details. The bloody BOOOOOOOOBS cleavages. What the fuck is up with that? Yes, nice round perky big ‘girls’ are fucking amazing, but there’s also a thin line to looking vulgar, and ruining a very nice red carpet gown.

57th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

Like Nicky Minaj... she looked amazing. Natural makeup (the beauty red carpet trend this year!), sleeked back hair, beautiful mermaid-style-black-sequinned dress with a plunging neckline so deep you basically saw her vajajay. Well… actually no, cause those double D’s distracted from wherever else you might be going. She was best dressed, STILL the pressing and the lifting of boobs right to your chin is so… 2000s and so cheap. Get it together Nicky.

If I had girls like that (that’s a big IF) I’d do the 70s look like crazy: you know… loose, au naturelle. Just saying.


Kim Kardashain everyone. Aside from the fact that she’s freaking everywhere these days, gotta give it to her: stunning. Maybe, just maybe a bit too much: slit, boob-land alert, heavy-nude-makeup, glitter, sequins and what not, but she did look beautiful. Sure, a bit like the golden globe statue, but she is all about the glam and glitter. I actually loved the dress (I mean the super glamorous bath robe), what I don’t like is her so pretentious self these days for being attached to the self proclaimed God of everything. Whatever.



Still in the cleavage county, I thought Lady Gaga looked very very nice. Decent, you know. No more crazes and fads, just her own self, in a very simple yet dazzling dress, with a cleavage so deep you didn’t know where she was going, draped in diamonds and safires. Yes. I actually did like her dress. Simple cut, glam fabric. Except the pressed breasts. Is this a new thing nowadays or what?

531541735TM00598_57th_GRAMM lady-gaga-2015-grammys-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-2

Jessie J looked very nice as well, in that black-sequined-lace-sheer-cap-sleeved dress. Although I did think those T-shirt sleeves and blunt haircut were a bit too harsh. Maybe that’s just me. Beyonce was alright. I mean, she rarely is a red carpet good statement, so I wasn’t good-or-bad-surprised over her look at all. Loved the long locks, the mermaid Morticia sexy gown. Good, but I wasn’t blown away. You are Beyonce for God’s sake. Is this all you can come up with? With all the mills and bills in your pockets and the world’s best stylists dying to work with you?

2015-grammys-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-20 57th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals bey

Miley Cyrus kept is very very simple and I loved her look. Almost casual and effortless in a very red-carpet-sort-of-way. Chrissy Teigen of course looked stunning, although she could have tried something other than a white dress. That’s all she does lately. Chrissy dear… you were a bride. We get it, you really really really enjoyed it. Now can we move on please?

The 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Red Carpet chrissy-teigen-emilio-pucci-2015-grammys-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-

I thought Sia made her great statement again. Although that too is like barking at the same door since forever. But I love her, so…


Jennifer Hudson and Nicole Kidman looked okay, for a very proper sexy-mom-pta-meeting. Do not hate people, that’s just what I thought. They looked beautiful, (hence the good dressed list) but deep down inside I cannot shake the ‘meh‘ feeling.

57th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals XXX 2015_GRAMMY____316.JPG A  ENT USA CA

Also Iggy Azealia. Iggy!!!!!!!!!!! Why the fucking cookoo’s nest on your head? That just ruined it for me. But I loved her natural makeup and simple cobalt blue dress.

534936331RJ00357_The_57th_A 2015-grammys-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-42

Katy Perry looked beautiful. Sure, she looked like a chandelier, but… a beautiful one.

57th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals 2015-grammys-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-31

And some more looks/gowns I liked.

2015-grammys-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-17 2015-grammys-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-21 2015-grammys-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-23 2015-grammys-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-29 kendall-jenner-2015-grammys-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed

2015 Grammys Red Carpet – WORST DRESSED

I mean who the hell didn’t do their job properly and let Madonna out on the loose? She too has a case of Kanye or whatever, so Madge… if all you’ve got up your ass and sleeve is just cheap shocking tricks… please just go home. And while you’re out the door, take Kanye with you.

Did she know this was not a Halloween party, or was she going to one, but instead chose to crash the Grammys? And what the fuck was she wearing around her butt? And why the need to show the world? Girlfriend… not even being fucking Madonna is an excuse for… THIS. seriously.

APTOPIX The 57th Annual Grammy Awards - Arrivals 2015-grammys-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-34 madonna-2015-grammys-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed

Ciara showed up in what looked like the after-fight with a dark black wasp nest, which she wrapped, and cinged around her as if to show the whole world ‘this bitch won the fucking fight’. Makeup and hair, the best at the Grammys, but that dress. I get it, it’s couture, but… you look like a runaway black widow bride in some alien wasp nest attire. Ciara… paaaalease.

534936331RJ00319_The_57th_A 2015-grammys-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-36

Ariana Grande was… … I’m still thinking… … prom queen, meets wanna fashionista, meets chaos, meets wtf. The dress was basically fine, but that silver handkerchief patched around her boob, as if she just decided to cover up her left nipple before leaving home… was just wrong. And that hair… I get it, why fix it if it ain’t broken, but she’s so stuck on that hairstyle, that it feels as if she was born with it. Girl you are what, 14? (I know she’s older… )  Have some fun with fashion.


Taylor Swift y’all. By now my ”love” for the girl who’s done me no wrong is quite notorious, hence her landing on my worst list. Actually I hated that dress. What you trying to be: Stepanie Seymor in Guns’n’Roses November Rain video? It ain’t working. And those shoes… I’m not even gonna go there. Hate it.

57th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

Paris Hilton just escaped her 2000’s prom night and decided to show up here. Moving on. Rita Ora looked stunning from the neck up, but that dress just swallowed her up into all the sequins and the glitter of the world. Sorry Rita.

2015-grammys-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-26 57th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals Rita-Ora-2015-grammys-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-2

And Gwen Stefani… WHY????? She looked stunning, her face, her hair, her lips, her eyes, even the upper part of that outfit, but the lower part… horrible. Or maybe it’s just me, but I did not like that jumpsuit, nor how the pants fit her. Looked like she left home in her pj pants.


My heart breaks a little now, but Giuliana Rancinc… *insert like 100 sad emojis here* why did you wear that jumpsuit? No. No. No. I didn’t like it one bit.


The rest of the lot:

2015-grammys-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-7 2015-grammys-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-25 2015-grammys-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-28 2015-grammys-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-13 2015-grammys-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-14 2015-grammys-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-15

Oh… and those 3 divas or whatever… Kendall, Khloe and Kylie... okay people, truth is they look drop dead gorgeous, stunning, beautiful, but don’t you feel like it’s TOO much. I mean, Kendall’s look is fantastic, Khloe is HOT and she is my favourite, but that little brat… Kylie, you are what, 16?!?!?!?! Plastic alert anyone. I’m talking your lips here. I mean seriously, we were not all born yesterday. And the uber sexy(ual) pose… oooooookay. She’s drop dead HOT but it’s just too much for a teen. Other than that… I guess they literally roll with ‘if you got it flaunt it.’ If not, you can always get it and then flaunt it.

2015-grammys-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-5 2015-grammys-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-8

Anyway… that’s a wrap. Until the Oscars lovelies!

P.S. Now it’s your turn to share your faves and least faves. xoxo


7 replies
  1. Aaron says:

    Hate to put in a guys perspective here but am i the only one who thought Kim looked like she was imitating Ric Flair? Hats of to some of the other beautiful women though- Nicki always looks amazing

    • FashionTag says:

      loooooool, omg she did. okay, so I had to google that guy (ooopsy) but she so looks like him with that robe dress on. Thx xx

  2. Fashionholder says:

    Is inappropriate to dress like Madonna even when you’re 20 but at her age?? Ridiculous. She looks like an old working girl. Rihanna’s choice was surprising cause she actually had something on. She looks fun and i love her in this dress.

  3. VANESSA says:

    Oh! yes, I forgot about Ariana. That girl has pipes that are out of this world, but she needs to fire her stylist, STAT!

  4. Vanessa says:

    Rihanna!!! KILLED IT!! I had a shock factor for 5 seconds and don’t even really like pink, but I thought she STOLE THE SHOW! A whimsical risktaker. There’s a balcony shot that shows her dress from the nosebleed sections…she was taking up 3 seats!! speechless. I’m so glad we agree on that one!! xoxo We can agree to disagree on a few others–def thought KK looked like she was wearing a million dollar bathrobe. I actually liked Gwen’s jumpsuit!! I usually love chrissy, but I felt like she needed to change things up as well, but she can wear a sack and look hot. I was not a fan of Taylor Swift, either! So many people thought she looked amazing, but I thought it lacked sophistication and…good taste. period. Loved Jessie J as well, but i totally feel you on the hair and sleeves. As always, love your tell-it-like-it-is fashion reviews! Til the Oscars! xoxo

  5. Anca says:

    Oh hai, it’s me again. Let’s do this because I’m fresh off of watching Fashion Police: I LOVED Taylor Swift’s dress and Gwen Stefani’s. Rihanna also, although I would have made it a little less puffy. I thought Nicole Kidman looked very statuesque and pretty, I like her new haircut. Katy Perry’s hair is my dream (if I could pull it off) and her dress would have been ok a little longer. I just hate strapy shoes like hers, they look cheap. And I’m gonna blast all from the Fashion Police who said that Ariana annoying face Grande looked good and very mature. She looked cheap like she always does, I don’t know who made her famous in the first place, and those godawful white shoes of hers looked all kinds of wrong and were too big on her and clunky. I think we can ALL agree about Madonna: we get it, you’re Madonna, you somehow need to stay relevant. Here’s a thought: reinvent yourself, you were so good at it, surround yourself with awesome producers, act your age and be classy. Speaking of classy, I would go gay for Jane Fonda. She can school any trick on life lessons, I love everything about her. Ok, she was not in her element here, but she can do no wrong in my book. Take lessons, Madonna. Speaking of tricks, Kanye and Kim are beginning to resemble that annoying, fugly, full of themselves couple that gets invited everywhere and everybody is like: “oh no, the party’s over, let’s go home”. That bathrobe looked 2 sizes too large for Kim. The sisters looked ok, I did not like Khloe’s hair and Kylie right now is Kim 2.0, she knows this look sells, that’s what she was thought. She’s no fool. The money is flowing. Rota Ora and Paris looked cheap. Paris always looks cheap. The rest “meh”. Beyonce looks like she hid some melons in her dress, I don’t know, maybe it’s the posture, but there’s always something off about her. I think I’m the only person in this world that doesn’t like Beyonce, she just rubs me the wrong way. Maybe because she is a robot, she doesn’t have a personality, she’s a mannequin. I think it’s her persona. Says the right stuff, has the right family, but that is all there is, the idea of a successful artist. Madonna and Lady Gaga can go off the rails, but when they do, they are real. Juliana is so skinny, it’s that skinny that doesn’t look good anymore. She kept saying she wore Laboutin shoes. Yes, but who can see them??? Ugly, ugly jumpsuit. And a last note: music is not about music anymore, it’s about big performances that makes you forget that the person who is singing has no voice or talent. Hozier and Annie Lennox thought those tricks a few lessons with their performance. Just like Taylor Swift warmed up to me last year with her performance of “All to Well”, raw and powerful, just her and her piano. And this year two powerful voices singing live, no gimmicks. That’s how it’s done, biatches!

  6. Ana @Champagnegirlsabouttown says:

    I totally love Rihanna’s dress-it’s a pure fantasy! As for Madonna…poor woman- so many minions around and no one told her the back of her dress was missing…


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