Let’s just say today was a PERFECT day. Just because I could’t wait to play God for yet another year, with the celebrities you know. On the red carpet. I know, who the hell died and made me fucking queen of style, but one can only hope, while being redundant, since every year I bitch about red carpets yet end up covering and actually enjoying them. There’s a bit of power (and ridiculousness) to all us bloggers and mortal writers loving or NOT loving incredibly expensive dresses on incredibly famous people. `Ah well… that’s the game and somebody’s gotta do it. Might as well have a few shots with it you know. Giuliana-style. You go girl.


And BTW… with the risk of having the entire planet hate on me right now I will however be a bitch about Clooney’s new wife – Amal. Kudos to her for the woman she is – professionally and I’m sure personally as well, but… I seriously – 1) do not get what the hype is about her. Okay she’s HIS wife. Ohhhhh. Ahhhhh. Let’s get over it okay; and 2) What the fuck is up with those white gloves. I thought she looked meh, if not worst dressed, just because it was plain, and those gloves were kinda ridiculous. Oh, oh, oh, oh… she sewed them herself this morning.


Pleasssssseee! Just shoot me now, before I choke of cheesiness. It would have been such a sweet statement were she, er I don’t know 15 YEARS OLD, but she’s double that age, so… Ok. I will stop now. While the whole twitter exploded with envy and style lust over her outfit I felt like the odd one out. Nothing new there.


Other than this… 2015 Golden Globes came with one bloody amazing red carpet. It was by far one of my favourite red carpets in a long time. I mean did you guys see Jennifer Lopez? OH. MY. GOD. And Kate Hudson. Shut the front door. I guess it’s no secret anymore who my all time faves were.


The fashion winning ticket this year at the globes was definitely white. Every girl wants to be a briiiiiiiiiide! Well not necessarily. White gowns on the red carpet though… SIGH! Perfect. It’s elegant, it’s simple but glamorous.

For edge you can throw in some cut-outs (major trend), ruffles, feathers, sequins… etc.

The next big trend was… SILVER dresses. Statuesque, sexy, and very very glamorous. LOVED them.


And then there were the live dancing emojis. Oh, I mean the ruffled red dresses with the winning live emoji award going to… Catherine Zeta Jones. WTF? For the love of God. FYI, if you choose to wear a ruffled red dress do not, I repeat do not pose like the Cha-Cha emoji. Just saying.


And now the list.

BEST DRESSED – 2015 RED CARPET Golden Globes

There were the WOWs… – mostly the ones in silver, and whites and then there were the MEHs, not too bad, but not over the top, shut-the-front-door either. So JLO nailed it in Zuhair Murad. remember last week I was going on and on about how HOT plunging necklines are? Somebody was taking notes… Kate Hudson as well. THAT DRESS. Ah… can I re-marry in that dress please? Er. No. OK.


LOVED Julianne Moore. She looked stunning. Reese Witherspoon as well. Simple. Elegant and very red carpet understated glamorous. Diane Kruger best dressed doh. And… another big favourite was Chrissy Teigen. Er actually could I re-marry in THAT dress. Oh.My. Absolutely stunning. Anna Faris: I’m not a big fan of her red carpet choices but this time I loved her dress. Camila Alves... of course big YAS.

julianne-moore-2015-golden-globes-red-carpetreese-witherspoon-2015-golden-globes-red-carpet72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivalschrissy-teigen-2015-golden-globes-red-carpetAnna-Faris-2015-golden-globes-red-carpet2015-golden-globes-red-carpet-methew-mcconaughey-camila-alves

Kate Beckinsdale‘s dress was great, but I feel like she always misses with hair. Jessica Chastain was gorgeous. She looked beautiful on screen, less than perfect thought in photos, cause the dress photographed kinda weird around her stomach. The colour was beautiful on her.


Noami Watts is one of my faves all the time just because she always looks stunning, but effortless.

72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Emma Stone was… different and okay I guess. Perfect make up and hair. I would have gone for a dress though. She would have killed it.


Emily Blunt was okay as well… but there was something about the dress that didn’t blow me away. Same case goes for Rosamund Pike… To me, the dress was a bit ill-fitted. I salute the fact that she just had a baby and chose to show so much skin so quickly. I still think she just needed an excuse to show her new boobs.

And more best dressed.




Not too many made this list, but those who landed here sure made up for the whole lot. Lana Del Rey. OH! MY! GOD! What the hell was she thinking? In what world, on what planet, in what decade other than 80s is that dress OK? Lena Dunham… loved the red of the dress. That’s it. I am trying very hard to like this girl, but I cannot do it. YET.


Claire Danes was probably trying to do the rich sophisticated baroque style widow, but just ended up looking like a… witch.


I might as well sign my death sentence with the next 2 worst dressed: Amal. Yes, I’ve already told you about her, and Lupita Nyong’o. I cannot for the love of God understand why everyone is STILL so hyped about this girl. She is beautiful. Ok. She is talented. So they say. OK. I’ve only seen her in the 12 Years A Slave, in which she had 2 lines. Or so. Fair enough. Then she wore that blue dress. Then the internet exploded. Then we went on with our lives. Now she just showed up in an ugly dress, and everyone was still ahhhing over her. Let’s get it together people and not still fall like suckers over last year’s PR work. OK?

amal-clooney-2015-golden-globes-red-carpet72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Kerry Washington. Did she have a mirror before she left home? I’ll just pretend she didn’t. No woman would have worn that dress to such an event.


And did Keyra Knightley lose a bet or something?

72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

And the rest of the worst lot to follow.


Yeah. I should talk, sitting here writing in my expensive sexy and hot as hell Chanel pyjama, wearing diamonds, and bed-hair that smells like 4 figure heaven, sipping champagne, and snap-chatting with my A-list friends, planning our yacht-vacay getaway.



5 replies
  1. Bill says:

    Some really great photo shots here and then some not so great, makes you wonder who is styling some of these red carpet walkers, great Blog interesting article.

  2. M. says:

    And Kiera. Damn, having a figure like that, she could wear so many beautiful dresses, but no – she chose a frock, which is bad fitted and just UGLY -_-

  3. M. says:

    Well, J.Lo won my own Golden Globe. Actually, I like Clarie’s witchy-gypsy-hobo dress, but I’m not sure if I would wear it on red carpet… Yeah, I’m at one with you about Lupita frenzy. And about those awful white gloves. Brrr.

  4. vanessa says:

    yes, yes, yes!!! i am so glad we are on the same page about Amal! but, why wouldn’t we be? you know what’s hot! Kerry washington?? What?! she looks like she’s channeling the queen of hearts in Alice in wonderland. Lupita–a total miss for her, in my opinion as well. I put emma Stone on my best dressed because she felt refreshing, but i wasn’t a HUGE fan of the big bow thing going on in the back. I am dying laughing over the Catherine Z/Emoji comparison!! omg, that is just pure genius right there!! and of course, Zuhair Murad ruled the runway with my two fave looks: JLo and Chrissy. swoon swoon swoon.

    • FashionTag says:

      omg, I am soooo happy I’m not the only one thinking bad dressed – Amal and Lupita – ahhhhh, so so glad! Thanks so much Vanessa!!! My God, JLO and Chrissy were the best EVER, it really was one of my fave red carpets, and those 2 (and also Kate Hudson ‘dayum’ so HOT) were incredible! Of course we’re on the same page girl ;) kisses xoxoxo


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