2014 Oscars Red Carpet. Best & Worst Dressed

oscars-2014-winners-photos__140303075535 The much awaited film slash red carpet fashion event of the year came and went, in what felt like a heartbeat. And it was great. In fact, fashion wise it was one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. As a film geek and a fashion addict I enjoyed it tremendously sans le Oscar snub Dicaprio was yet again faced with. Seriously? Let’s not go there though. Maybe in a next post.

Another ‘seriously! wtf?’ moment for me was Jennifer Lawrence fall. Cooooome ooooon now. You can’t tell a good joke twice and hope it has the same laughing effect you know. That’s what I thought of the fall anyway. And the back necklace. It was Oscars 2013 re-run, that may have us like her even more, or not so much. Great timing that Daft Punk was there to give her a hand. Not. But that would have been hilarious. Oscars_2014__Jennifer_Lawrence_falls_over____again Lupita Nyong’o was the belle of the ball, nailing the award for best supporting actress, delivering an emotional, very endearing and inspiring speech while looking incredible in her duck egg blue flowy dress. Ethereal and so feminine. lupita-nyongo-2014-oscars-red-carpet- And speaking of speeches – Matthew McConaughey’s was by far my fave with the already coined phrase ‘alright, alright, alright.’

Let’s talk fashion though. It was all white, ivory, metallics and dusted feminine colors. Even tux wise, so many men opted for the retro classic white tux jacket. Jared Leto, Matthew McConaughey, Ryan Seacrest I’m looking at you. 86th Annual Academy Awards - Show 1972409_10152320229985127_434643368_n I know the title of this post is about best AND worst, but I’m having a very kind moment right now, and really feel that this year most actresses nailed it. It only comes to show you if you keep it simple and classy, and go for feminine styles you’ll probably so effortlessly land on the best dressed list. Although, honestly I don’t know how much they actually give a crap about these lists invading the internet post-Oscars, but for the sake of conversation we’ll keep doing them.

Best Dressed at the 2014 Oscars. 

Everyone. Well almost. Lupita stole the show in that Nairobi blue custom made Prada dress and her headband. Regarding the latter… (please don’t hate) I’m not very sold on it. Yeah, she pulled it off. She’s incredibly beautiful, feminine, young, fun, elegant, so a sack on her head would have had the same effect. To me that tiara was a bit of a last minute bling. 2014-oscars-red-carpet-lupita-nyongo And then there were the ladies in whites and dusted ivory colors with sequins, crystals beads and metallics. Angelina Jolie: OMG. I’m never so in aww with her granny dresses, but this… this Elie Saab gown was perfection. angelina-jolie-2014-oscars-red-carpet- Cate Blanchet: a HIT! It was so her, in that understated glamorous way. Beautiful. cate-blanchet- Jessica Biel was the epitome of simple elegance in an ivory metallic strapless gown and side parted old Hollywood hairstyle. Loved her look. jessica-biel-2014-oscars-red-carpet Naomi Watts: ah! Stunning in an effortless way. White, sparkly, cap-sleeve Calvin Klein. Loved her look and that necklace. naomi-watts-2014-oscars-red-carpet White goes a long way apparently. I wonder, do they all chat before and decide to start a red carpet trend? Who knows… but really those who went for the white’ish dresses rocked it. Kate Hudson shines on the red carpet. All. The. Time. She’s one of my faves. This year she opted for a gorgeous old Hollywood style in a white, plunging V-neckline, semi-cape-draping in the back, Versace frosty look. kate-hudson-2014-oscars-red-carpet Kelly Osbourne’s always a favorite in my eyes. Loved her white dress. And her black one, in which she changed afterwards. Kelly-Osbourne-2014-oscars-red-carpet- And last but not least… Camila Alves. Simply beauty & perfection. Loved the dusted pink dress with a bit of draping. camila-alves-2014-oscars-red-carpet- matthew-mcconaghey-camila-alves-2014-oscars-red-carpet Then there were the black/red/dark-ER colors. It is said those do not photograph that well, and are not so wow-ing for the Oscars, but… whatever. I mean, did you see Charlize Theron. That’s how you do fashion on the red carpet. LOVE. That Dior dress fits her ridiculously well, and her short hair and minimal jewelry compliment this ultimate elegance. charlize-theron-2014-oscars-red-carpet Amy Adams went for a very simple, clean cut dress. The exact opposite of her character, and her past choices. She did say she chose this dress for herself, cause she wanted to feel comfy classy simple and chic. Loved the earrings and all this clean elegant look. may-adams-2014-oscars-red-carpet- Kerry Washington – amazing! Perfect dress. Loved the hair & the dark lips. kerry-weashington-2014-oscars-red-carpet- Jennifer Lawrence. Okay she’s beautiful and fun no matter what. I really liked her Dior red peplum dress, although I thought the peplum was placed too low for her long torso. But maybe it was just a bad angle. Love her new hair and the classic elegance it oozes. The back necklace? Been there done that. By her. Last year. As was the fall. jennifer-lawrence-2014-oscars-red-carpet- Sandra Bullock did her own thing and wore a simple but slightly sophisticated dress in dark blue. Minimal bling and just let own self and inner elegance and beauty do the work. And it worked. Simple and beautiful. movies-oscars-2014-sandra-bullock-red-carpet Olivia Wilde – gorgeous! As most actresses she too went for simple, classy and time-less and nailed it 100%. Loved her earrings and her makeup. Speaking of makeup, it was all about natural: nude lips & pale skin. 2014-oscars-red-carpet-olivia-wilde 2014-oscars-red-carpet (2) olivia_wilde_2014-oscars-red-carpet Anne Hathaway is one lady I’m not always so keen on fashion wise, but this year against most people’s dislike in her armor chest dress – I liked it. It had slightly more edge and overall looked classy and pretty. Emma Watson kept it classy and chic and Jennifer Garner looked beautiful as always in the trend of the night. But those platform shoes!!! Hideous. ann-hathaway-2014-oscars-red-carpet emma-watson-2014-oscars-red-carpet- jennifer-garner-2014-oscars-red-carpet- 86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals portia-de-rossi-2014-oscars-red-carpet Worst Dressed at the 2014 Oscars. 

Well, I’m not sure about the worst pre se, except Liza Minelli maybe. Once a drama queen always a drama queen. Everyone was sold on her look. Not me. What in the name of God is up with the blue hair? Oh… I get it. She wanted to color coordinate with that cobalt blue thing. I mean dress. Jumpsuit. Whatever. Hobbit alert. The thing is that silk satin fabric does not photograph well at all. It rarely looks great on 6ft tall skinny models. I guess if anyone could have pulled it off, that would have been Liza. Or maybe she just needed a mirror. And a bra. liza-minelli-2014-oscars-red-carpet- The rest of the ladies were OK, not necessarily worst. Julia Roberts looked great – hair and makeup, and even the dress is OK on her. Frankly I don’t like the fabric, it looks like cheap lace, too thick, too stiff, a bit too boxy from the waist down. julia-roberts-2014-oscars-red-carpet- Anna Kendrick. First of all kudos for choosing a black, edgier style. Didn’t quite nail it, but it’s only the 1st time. anna-kendrick-2014-oscars-red-carpet Margot Robbie looked like crap. She’s probably doing the dark hair for a movie role (thank God) but that dress looked hidious on her. The back was pretty interesting, but the front looked square, dull, unfitted and I don’t know… I like her more as a blonde. margot-robbie-2014-oscars-red-carpet- rogbbie-margot-2014-oscars-red-carpet Oh… wait. I just realized there are a few worst dressed winners. We love them all, but there’s no show without a few misses, right? So there you have it. lady-gaga-2014-oscars-red-carpet oscars-2014-worst-dressed worst-dressed All in all it was a fantastic red carpet, all about understated glamour, classic sophistication, nude lips, ivory shades, crystals, beads and metallics in a very subtle timeless way. It was the year of less is more. :)