feathers-streetstyle If you didn’t know that birds of a feather, er… dress together, well now you do.

The saying (sans les feathers) is so true for me and my birdy friends it’s scary. We go shopping together and more often than not end up buying the same clothes, each of us refusing to make a compromise will lie to herself that we’ll be careful as to not wear them at the same time when we’re together. We never do. That is, we never plan in advance to avoid the copycat sartorial predicament, so we do sometimes end up looking like slightly schitzy overly fashioned sisters. And the moment we start talking in syncron, that’s when it all goes down south.

At this point we’ve learned that creating confusion kills boredom so we just say, at the same time: ”It’s been 2 weeks since the doctor separated us.” We get the laughs, true, but I’m pretty sure they come with the weird label as well.

Starting with this fall though things are about to skyrocket to the next level for us, as women with a penchant for fashion (Hello, everyone!) will literally dress to the above saying: BIRDS OF A FEATHER flock DRESS TOGETHER! IN FEATHERS. 2014-fall-trend-feathers (3) 2014-fall-trend-feathers (2) 2014-fall-trend-feathers Yes ladies, feathers are the new IT thing of 2014 – 2015 autumn/winter, and I think that’s just fantastic. A while ago I would have been very skeptical in regards to this trend, but 2 things made me change my mind. OK 3.

  1. Seeing my friend and fellow blogger Vanessa from Budding Fashionista rock a fab feather skirt here.
  2. Looking at some Vogue pics of this trend.
  3. My inner voice screaming ”Have some fun, you stuck up bitch! It’s just fashion. And they’re just feathers.”

Good. So here I am now, converted to the birdy trend and it ain’t that bad. Actually feathers have a bit of retro glamour and sophistication to them. They’re somewhere between fab costume & sexy fashion forward style. And the way they just dance and move at the slightest wind blow it’s irresistible. It’s like wearing a trend with its own personality. Not to mention that each color they come in, is more than just a color. It’s a new style and look altogether: black feathers, pink fathers, white, green, blue… *sigh*. fashion-look-feathers-skirt 2014-fall-trend-feathers (5) feathers-details-looks How to wear feathers without looking like a half bird – half person creature? 

Instead of draping yourself in a feathers coat, just stick to one feather item.

Skirts are the easiest and chicest way to go about this trend. A black or colored feathers mini skirt looks great with a more classic top (tee, shirt, sweatshirt) and more feminine shoes (flats, high boots, classic pumps). feathers-looks-autumn-trend-2014 (2) feathers-skirt-autumn-trend-2014 (2) feathers-skirt-autumn-trend-2014 (8) feathers-skirt-autumn-trend-2014 (9) feathers-skirt-autumn-trend-2014 (7) Feather tops are one way to dress to this trend. It may be borderline costume but don’t let the feathers fool you. It can look pretty sophisticated.feathers-looks-autumn-trend-2014 (4) feathers-skirt-autumn-trend-2014 (5) Feather coats. Why the hell not. When I see these fashionistas wearing them at Fashion Week… hell yeah! feathers-coat-autumn-trend-2014 feathers-coat-autumn-trend-2014 (2) feathers-coat-autumn-trend-2014 feathers-skirt-autumn-trend-2014 (3) Feather dresses look sooo glamorous and feminine for a special occasion. They scream fashion celebration.feathers-skirt-autumn-trend-2014 feathers-trend-street-style (5) If you’re not sold on the big bold feathers look, but still wanna do the trend you can certainly give it a try with feather details on shoes, bags, shoulders, necklaces, appliques here and there, hats. The sky’s the limit. feathers-bag-autumn-trend-2014 (2) feathers-bag-autumn-trend-2014 feathers-looks-autumn-trend-2014 feathers-trend-street-style (2) feathers-trend-street-style (7) feathers-trend-street-style (11) feathers-trend-street-style feathers-trend-street-style (15) There are literally tons of ways to do this trend, from the type of feathery clothes you wear, to the colors, the feathers per se, and of course how you style them. I think the best way to go about styling is to keep it chic and feminine OR clash them with more versatile pieces like denim or leather.

They are a massive statement piece so leave it to them only to make the bold fashion moment of your outfit. Let’s see some street stylers now for inspiration. ;) feathers-looks-autumn-trend-2014 (3) feathers-looks-autumn-trend-2014 (5) feathers-looks-chic feathers-on-clothes-looks feathers-skirt-autumn-trend-2014 (4) feathers-skirt-autumn-trend-2014 (6) feathers-skirt-autumn-trend-2014 (10) feathers-skirt-autumn-trend-2014 (11) feathers-styles-fashion OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA feathers-trend-street-style (4) feathers-trend-street-style (6) feathers-trend-street-style (8) feathers-trend-street-style (9) feathers-trend-street-style (10) feathers-trend-street-style (12) feathers-trend-street-style (13) pink-feathers-looks light-feathers-fashion-tren And now, if you’ll excuse me I’ll go fly away in some feathers…

‘I’m like a biiiiiiiiird… ‘

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  1. Mitra says:

    Dear Sir/ Madam,
    My name is Mitra, and I am a new customer to you. I have seen this gorgeous black coat or jacket made of feather which called ( Feather Coat). I would like to buy it if you could tell me know- how and what is the price please. Many Thanks to your helps.
    Kind regards,
    Mitra Guha.

  2. Budding Fashionista says:

    you know I LOVE this post. I’d love it even if you didn’t give me a shout out…but of course, i can’t get enough of it because you “did” give me a shout out! Thanks so much, love!! you’re absolutely the best!! xoxo


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