2013 Trends To Keep OR Kill In 2014!

1 If after a 2 week blog break one thing is certain, it’s that I’ve missed you all loads! Hope you had a fantastic holiday and tons of fun, while keeping it in style. Or not. God knows a bit of fashion break comes in handy once in a while.

But, all is not lost and here we are, back in the business of fashion ready to kill it this year. Resolutions in sight, and on we go with our pretty little fashion lives. fashionistas Speaking of resolutions, aside from working more for better results my #1 remains the gym. OK, laugh all you want at my unoriginal 2014 resolution, but if I’m not ready to give up cropped tops (2014 Trend Alert) or uber short shorts this summer… I’d better get my now-fat-stuffed-like-a-pig body to the gym.

Moving on, to start off the year I thought why not talk about the 2013 trends we wanna keep in 2014, or those we just had enough of. I am so curious where you guys stand on some of these, so let’s begin.

1. 90’s Grunge Trend 90s-grunge-style Pfff. I swear this decade can be so redundant these days. I mean, to some extent today, everything is a 90’s something. A reinvention. A forgotten trend, look or dusted style done by God knows who, and just because it’s those 90’s it suddenly looks cool & hip. 

Still… with all the eyerolling and effing this 90’s invasion may get, I’m kinda… sorta… not ready to kill it yet. 

This massive trend (click here for more on the 90s) has tons of looks. Let’s see which we’ll keep or kill.

#1 Cropped Tops. 

cropped-tops-style 2014-trend-cropped-tops cropped-top-look cropped-tops treet-style-cropped-tops I say: Keep It! What do you think? (more on this trend here)

#2 Leather.

It IS everywhere. A little bit too much: leggings, trousers, shorts, skirts, dresses, tops. Not to mention the ubiquitous leather jackets that everyone with a penchant for grunge or not (this last bit pisses me off, but let’s not go there) is wearing. all-leather-look-streetstyle leather-shorts-trend leather-trend-2014 peplum-leather-jacket street-style-leather-dress-look Not ready to give it up though. Leather anything? Keep it.  

#3 Motorcycle Boots.

Uber cool & rockroll, but again a bit too been there done that by now, so why not switch them with combat boots. (more on this dilemma here). I think these will be huge this season. Example: combat unlaced boots with a flirty flowery dress. Perfection. combat-and-moto-boots-style combat-boots-street-style moto-boots street-style-motorcycle-boots Kill the moto. Keep the Combats.

#4 Military. 

Errr. Don’t know about this one. Personally I think I’ve done it enough to last me a few seasons. Will not say no to a great combat jacket, shirt or trousers if I really really really love it, but as far as I’m concerned, I can live without this one.
militaryfuir military-jacket-style street-style-military-trend What do you think?

2. Sporty Luxe Trend

Now this one, alongside the 90s grunge was massive and it still is making waves. 2014 SS is all about sporty chic looks, so I think it’ll stick around for one more season. But, what do we keep and what do we kill?

#1 Wedge Sneakers.

Ah. These are everywhere. They used to be so cool back in the day, now everyone is doing them, which makes me wanna say Kill it. Although I do love them. (more here)Milan-Fashion-Week-Street-Style sneakers-trend (2) bright-sneakers sneakers-trend street-style-wedge-sneakers (2) street-style-sneakers street-style-kicks I would trade them for bright neon kicks which I think will be massive this year. Keep it!   

Converses will always be hip, and those I will never give up, don’t care what the trends say.

#2 Sweatshirts.

kenzo-sweatshirt music-band-sweatshirts sporty-luxe-trend-street-sty;e sweatshirt-look As long as the green Kenzo ones are gone, I’m all for these, especially plain ones mixed with skirts and heels. With that one amendment, I say, Keep it! (more looks here)

#3 Bombers.

Definitely: Keep it! According to the runways, 2014 Spring Summer will be all about the boxy cropped jackets & Bombers in the most appealing textures, colors & prints. (more on this trend here)2014-trend-bomber-jacket bomber-jacket bombers-trend-2014 street-style-bomber-jacket It’s only for a while they reappeared in fashion (reminiscent of STILL those 90s), and they are a great alternative to the leather jacket or blazer.

3. Pointy/Stiletto Nails Trend stiletto-aqua-nails-look This one, to me, is a Keeper, but I think a kill it situation for the rest of the world. They’ve been around for sooo long and are not too comfortable for, well, anything. Plus, so many girls out there love shorter nails, that I think this trend will slowly die. Not for me, though. I love them. ;) nail-art-stiletto-nails Why?

In a sea of grungy looks & sporty styles, or men inspired fashions, stiletto nails are the perfect touch of girly glam. Although I’m not wearing my nails pointy all the time, when I do, like in heels, I feel irresistible. They’re that card that gives me a free pass at wearing the most unflattering thing, or being total slob but looking polished. Or posh. lips and nails long-nails stiletto-nails 4. Peplum Trend giovanna-bataglia-peplum-jacket Please, for the love of God, make it stop. To me this is a definite Kill it situation, but for the rest of the world it’s probably a keeper. Reversed nails thing. (more here)peplum-trend-2014 street-style-peplum street-style-peplum-top 5. Hats Trend hat-trends These have to have a massive comeback. They are certainly trying to for a while now and I think they will stick. (more looks here) Beanies have. Baseball hats have, so why not this boho-chic version of the cover-your-head-with-something, right? fedora-hat-trend-2014 street-style-hat baseball-hat-trend I say Keeper to all these. Especially fedora hats! Ah.

street-style-beanie beanie-style street-style-grunge-baseball-cap   Hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane slash future predictions post! Feels good to be back dolls! :)  xoxo