2013 Emmy Red Carpet. Best & Worst Dressed.

Emmys-2013-Hair-Makeup-Red-Carpet-beauty-looksAs all red carpets before and those to come, the 2013 Emmys were a celebration and mirror of beauty & fashion, with most ladies looking stunning in their designer gowns, all dolled up, excited, a bit nervous yet relaxed at the same time. After all, it is to us these events bare the wow factor, to them, it’s just another working day with the inherent beauty & style top notch requirements. I don’t know what t is about these red carpets events but they get us hoked on the fashion critique chats every time. And though we love to see those who nailed it (and there were so many this year), ah… I swear the bitch persona sleeping in all of us comes to live when a famous face wears the worst dress ever. Must be the confirmation & satisfaction we get that we’re all but mere mortals, subjected to fashion failure every now and then, and that not even the stars with they’re array of stylists and beauticians can escape landing on a worst dressed list at least once. Feels good doesn’t it? Though let’s face it girls, everyone, and I mean everyone looks all prepped up for the event, and good, and they’re all there for a reason (talent and hard work) so we’re just playing a Fashion Guru pretend game over here. emmys-2013-dressesHaving said that, the 2013 Emmys Red Carpet came with a few trends we might want to keep an eye on if we’re to attend red carpet events ourselves this year. Ha! Read weddings, cocktails, dinners et all. :) Muted colors in those powdered ice-cream shades (light blues, pinks, whites) alongside strong shades of purple and cobalt blues were pretty big. Emerald green took the spotlight in dresses and jewelry. Sheer fabric, a bit of glam goth and red-orange lips were a few repeated looks among the stars.

Best Dressed 2013 Emmy Red Carpet

The white dresses were (to me) the winners of the night. Taylor Schilling looked stunning in her simple white Thakoon dress with her one-strap sandals. Sofia Vergara did her ‘why fix it if it ain’t broken thing’: mermaid, cleavage, Vera Wang, va va voom spin. She’s a knock out, anyway, but I would have loved to see her with less jewelry this time and a different hairstyle. Maybe. Christina Hendriks looked beautiful in her simple yet dramatic Christian Siriano black dress and emerald green earrings. Fabulous look! Though I’m not a fan of all the structured ruffles on a dress, Rocsi Diaz was simply beautiful in her blue cobalt mermaid dress. Perfect silhouette, hair and makeup. taylor-schilling-emmys-2013-red-carpet-dressemmys-2013-red-carpet-dresschristina-hendriks-2013-emmy-red-carpet-dressemmy-red-carpet-dressSheer wise, Julianne Hough and Lena Headley rocked big time. Again, I was proved wrong, as I really dislike sheer on the red carpet, but they looked fantastic. E! stars Giuliana Rancic and Kelly Osbourne nailed it this year. julianne-hough-red carpet-dress-2013-emmys2013-emmy-red-carpet-dresses-12013-emmy-red-carpet-dresses-giuliana-rancickelly_osbourne-emmys-red-carpetOther Best Dressed ladies I thought were: Sarah Hyland in her emerald green dress. I do think the dress is a little too safe and old for her, but she did however looked more than stunning in this color. Rose Byrne, Kerry Washington & Malin Akerman make it to the best dressed list as well. 2013-emmy-red-carpet-dressesrose-Byrne-2013-emmy-red-carpet2013-emmy-red-carpet2013-emmy-red-carpetThen there are the OK girls: Elizabeth Moss, Tina fey, Zoey Deschanel, and maybe Heidi Klum. She’s so gorgeous all the time, but I’m not sold on her looks very often. I guess it’s just a matter of taste. I thought she was trying too much, she looked like a stiff statue desperately seeking attention… Just saying. elizabeth-moss-2013-emmy-red-carpet2013-emmy-red-carpet2013-emmy-red-carpetheidi-klum-2013-emmy-red-carpet-dreess2013-emmy-red-carpet-12013-emmy-red-carpet-dresses-january-jonesWorst Dresses 2013 Emmy Red Carpet

Ah… and the fun begins. With Lena Dunham. What in the name of God is that? Oh… wait Prada. Well, if Prada can’t save you, then you’re way off. Bad color, bad style, too big, too much. And what the hell was going on with her makeup? Next! Connie Britton – she wasn’t as bad as Lena, but she did come across as if she just stole an ancient Byzantine curtain and made it to the event. Anna Faris looked ridiculous in that yellow dress. The gown was fabulous just not for her hair and complexion. And then there was Claire Danes. I’ll refrain myself from swearing this time (though a **** is way called for), but despite the good reviews she got for that dress, I thought she looked so bad. Yes the dress was nice, amazing fabric, beads, lace et all, but, I did not like it on her. At all. And the rest of the looks speak for themselves. Or not. Feel free to disagree and let’s chat over all this (hot) mess. :) lena-dunham-2013-emmy-red-carpetconnie-britton-emmys-2013-red-carpet-012013-emmy-red-carpet-dresses-anna-faris2013-emmy-red-carpet-dresses2013-emmy-red-carpet-dresses2013-emmy-red-carpet-dresses2013-emmy-red-carpet-dresses2013-emmy-red-carpet-dresses2013-emmy-red-carpet-dresses