AMA’s 2013 Red Carpet! Best & Worst Dresses!

rihanna-american-music-awards-2013-red-carpet You know how I always bitch about covering red carpets events, and tend to avoid posting about them too often, just cause it always seems to be a case of best & worst (guilty as charged) and been-there-done-that lists, glamour and all that crap. So it all feels futile. And I swore to not do this shit again until the Oscars, but… so much for this promise. After looking at the red carpet photos from 2013 American Music Awards, and watching the performances… I gave in. I’m only human after all. So… I thought I’d share all my faves and not so faves with you, my lovelies.

Aside from this year’s fabulous dresses, gotta say… some of the performances were beyond mind blowing. Yes, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga featuring R Kelly, I’m looking at you on this one. katy-perry-performs-ama-awards-2013 These days it’s all about Miley Cyrus – but boy did she deliver big time. A heartbreaking performance on a background that had the sweetest cat in the whole world (and I don’t even like cats), with the saddest most beautiful eyes, that were all tears at some point, the exact point when Miss Cyrus’s performance was incredibly intense, honest and raw. Loved it. As I loved Miley Cyrus’s red carpet outfit: white suit & natural look. Simple, chic, sophisticated and incredibly feminine. miley-amas-2013 Lady Gaga was stuck in her Donatella Versace mood and showed up in a dress similar to the one from her recent add. I thought she was stunning and (not that often I get to say this in regards to Gaga) beautiful. Her performance was amazing, with tiny subtle (or not) references to America’s thirst for scandal: see JFK & Marilyn Monroe, or Bill Clinton’s sex scandal, or the pressure she got from the press (Gaga’s fat, she’s over, she’s on dope etc). And she looked fabulous. In that Marilyn Monroe little costume, comfortable in her body and singing the shit out of her. Beautiful performance. Lady-Gaga-in-Versace-2013-American-Music-Awards-AMAs-Performing And… saving the best for last – Rihanna – she was in my eyes (no surprise there) the star of the night. From her look, to her brilliant performance, all down to her speech as she received the Icon Award (first time in history) at the AMAs 2013, straight from Monica Fenty, her mother. And while I’m always a bit skeptical and not so blind when it comes to her performances, cause she’s no Beyonce or Lady Gaga (no offence) I must say – Rihanna is all grown up. Her voice, her giving in to music & to the night were phenomenal. She sang her heart out, with so much intensity and emotion like I’ve personalty never seen her. It was her night and she owned it big time! And that Gaultier bustier & skirt… OMG! My favorite. rihanna-2013-amas-awards The night was definitely not short on amazing moments and performances, like Katy Perry’s & TLC’s performance, which took me back in time, and I loved every minute of it. Enough about the music, it’s Fashion’s time to shine!

This is my list of BEST & WORST – 2013 AMA’s Red Carpet!

Best Dresses – 2013 AMAs

If I had an award to give to just one person last night, for best dressed, drumrolls please… it would have gone to Rihanna. Professing my love for her style is already starting to sound redundant, so I’ll got to my next faves. In no particular order this time (except for Taylor Swift maybe, just cause you know… she’ll never be my fave as much as she’ll top any other. Pure personal dislike. Other than that I’m sure she’s a great gal.) here are the winners: Aimee Song (yes the fashion blogger) killed it in that grungy glam black mini dress. Perfect hair and makeup as always. Alicia Silversone (is she still alive? What the hell was she doing there anyway?) looked kinda OK. Loved the dress. It was perhaps the awkward pose that led to my only-OK vote. rihanna-backstage-amas2013-red-carpet aimee-song-american-music-awards-2013-red-carpet alicia-silverstone-american-music-awards-2013-red-carpet giuliana-rancic-american-music-awards-2013-red-carpet nicole-richie-american-music-awards-2013-naya-rivera-2013-AMAs-red-carpet Nicole Richie looked stunning in white. Seems to have been last night’s red carpet theme. That and the metallics. Oh and JLO, going as… Jennifer Lopez in her mermaid, glamorous, see through, sequined/beaded dress. Katy Perry was beautiful, but then again she always is. Miley Cyrus went for the white look. Fantastic. And again… love her. So, had she gone for something less generally beautiful, chances are I’d have liked it as well. jennifer-lopez-casper-smart-american-music-awards-2013-red-carpet katy-perry-american-music-awards-red-carpet 2013 American Music Awards - Arrivals Naya Rivera… let’s all go and kill ourselves. Hot as hell. And beautiful. Zoe Saldana was stunning, but what she was doing there is a total mystery to me. And one of my faves of the night: The Jenner/Kardashian Sisters. The juniors are all grown up, hot as hell and so beautiful. Each went for different looks, Kendall Jenner for a very sexy feminine white look & red lips, and Kylie Jenner for an edgier style, with cool bangs & cool attitude. naya-rivera-2013-AMAs-red-carpet kendall-kylie-amas-2013 kendall-jenner-american-music-awards-2013-red-carpet kendall-kylie-jenner-american-music-awards-2013-red-carpet kylie-jenner-american-music-awards-2013-red-carpet zoe-saldana-american-music-awards-2013-red-carpet ariana-grande-american-music-awards-2013-red-carpet brandi-cyrus-american-music-awards-2013-red-carpet ciara-american-music-awards-2013-red-carpet jordin-sparks-american-music-awards-2013-red-carpet well, these were not best, but not worst either… so I guess OK. jennifer-hudson-american-music-awarsd-2013-red-carpet

keha-american-music-awards-2013-red-carpet kelly-osbourne-american-music-awards-2013-red-carpet lady-gaga-amas-2013-red-carpet lubov-azria-american-music-awards-2013-red-carpet zendaya-coleman-american-music-awards-2013-red-carpet Oh… and Taylor Swift. Loved the dress. Hated the hair. taylor-swift-american-music-awards-2013-red-carpet Worst Dresses – 2013 AMAs Red Carpet

Don’t feel like ruining my mojo right now and going all bitchy on these hot ladies, cause after all you know, we all got good and bad days. Or stylists. But Emma Roberts? What the hell girl. Don’t you have a mirror or something? Ah… if I had your money I’d have killed it. Just saying you know. (when in doubt go for a simple black dress. Or red, or white. But SIMPLE.) Same would go for others, but why bother. There’re always gonna be those to make it to this list anyway. emma-roberts-american-music-awards-2013-red-carpet heidi-klum-american-music-awards-2013-red-carpet joan-jett-american-music-awards-2013-red-carpet keltie-knight-american-music-awards-2013-red-carpet lil-mama-american-music-awards-2013-red-carpet red-carpet-2013AMAs Christina Aguilerra… thought she was Marilyn last night. I guess she could have been, with that super hot body, bleached blonde hair, baby blues, and gorgeous white dress. Hell she could have been anyone she wanted. But wasn’t that dress kinda short for a long dress?christina-aguilera-american-music-awards-2013-red-carpet Aaaanyway… this was fun and definitely worth keeping an eye on for some party/red carpet style inspo! Who was your favorite?

photos via HollywoodLife & google images