14 Ways You Can Look More Expensive

Whether you want to feel better about yourself you are looking for simple ways to look more fabulous undoubtedly having that “she looks expensive” look can instantly elevate how you feel about yourself. There are a number of tricks that can make a massive difference and leave you feeling expensive and elegant. So, what are the best ways to have that style and sophistication?

Accessorise With the Right Pieces of Jewellery

There are so many ways to augment our outfits, and accessories are an amazing solution to turn something that is plain and uninspiring into something far more sophisticated. A pair of earrings or gold and rose jewellery can all elevate your look, but you can always go for those tried and tested brands of luxury designer handbags or watches. 

Of course, it’s hard to find accessories that look expensive without being expensive but there are providers such as AdoreFashion that work hard to get the balance just right. Make sure that whatever jewellery you pick doesn’t make the outfit appear inappropriate or too flashy. It’s important to remember that looking sophisticated is the goal, rather than just looking like you have a lot of money. 

If you want to look expensive, you can just buy expensive things, but sophistication should be the name of the game. Rather than having too many accessories, opt for two or three that add that air of sophistication to your get-up.

Go for Timeless Clothing

Clothing suffers from being trend-oriented. If you want to look more expensive and sophisticated, it’s more important to focus on the type of clothing. We easily fall for trends like fast fashion, but instead, now is the ideal opportunity to streamline your clothing and invest in higher-quality pieces with a classic cut that can create that capsule wardrobe and will stand the test of time. 

This means going for the obvious solutions like your LBDs, but when you build a capsule wardrobe, you will be able to create an outfit solution for every scenario. The benefit of going for timeless pieces is that you don’t fall for trends. Sophistication is about remaining timeless and evergreen, rather than focusing on what is popular now but won’t be in a year’s time. If you go for this, you will spend a lot more money than is necessary. It’s always about the quality, not the quantity.

Alter Your Clothing

There are two things we can do here to get that luxurious look; getting your clothing tailored will give you that perfect fit. The benefit of this approach is that you can upgrade a cheaper item of clothing without paying over the odds, but you can also make some simple changes that elevate an outfit and make it look less generic. Changing the buttons for something more sophisticated, like pearl buttons, can instantly upgrade that high-street blazer.

Avoid Distressed Details

While distressed details on your denim jackets and jeans make your outfit more casual when you’re looking to create that more sophisticated and expensive look but still need denim in your life, black denim is the best solution. Distressed marks and indeed anything that involves you paying to pierce holes into should be avoided. We will look back on the early 2020s as the time when we were all filling in our eyebrows and putting holes in every pair of jeans, and we will most definitely cringe!

Neutral Tones 

If you want to look sophisticated, you’ve got to stay away from the trendy colours. When creating that capsule wardrobe, the neutral tones provide a solid base. Beige, black, and navy can ensure you always stay on point. Purchasing classic garments that have neutral tones can guarantee they will stay in your wardrobe for many years. 

It’s easy to look old-fashioned, which is why colours need to stay within a very specific palette. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can incorporate shades like cream or mocha, but as long as you stick to those neutral colours, you can accessorise and upgrade around those base items that will give you confidence and help you remain timeless in your fashion choices.

Invest in the Right Handbag

We all know the power of accessories and their ability to elevate any outfit, but a classic handbag that is black in colour will always look classy. When you opt for a structured handbag with a crossbody strap and handle, you’ve got a versatile solution that is at home in any occasion. 

While a black handbag can be expensive, there are solutions where you can rent a handbag, such as BagButler that offers a selection of designer bags for a small fee. This can always appeal to those who are trying to avoid fast fashion but also are working hard to keep their budget in check. It’s harder than ever to stay within our financial limits, especially when it comes to upgrading our wardrobe, so this might be the best option for many people out there.

Know How to Look After Your Clothes

Looking stylish, sophisticated, and expensive is not just about the things you wear because if you turn up to an event in an LBD that looks like it’s lost a fight with a concertina, you’re not going to pull it off! When you wear crumpled, creased clothes, people are going to think that you have a crumpled, creased personality! 

Yes, it can be very busy in the mornings, but if you want to look that little bit more stylish, looking after your clothes by giving them a quick iron can add that extra sense of polish. Additionally, make sure you take the time and effort to keep your bags and shoes clean. Get into the habit of giving your shoes a quick spot check before you head out the door and clean them based on their material.

Opt for Structured Pieces

If you like the slouchy look and you are very rarely out of your sweater, opting for structured pieces instantly makes you look more professional and polished. When you opt for structured pieces that create a greater sense of balance, this instantly will make you feel more expensive and better. A bit of structure can do so much to help you avoid those overly slouchy and over-the-top looks.

Have a Classic Coat

Structuring your look is partly to do with adding the touches that visually complete the look. Layering is an amazing solution that can make a simple outfit appear far more sophisticated. When you think about what sophistication or expensive looks like, most people’s minds go to the put-together outfit. 

A well-thought-out outfit, including the coat, will ensure that you make that simple outfit look like something much more complete and satisfying. A classic wool coat or a trench coat automatically notches up those sophistication points. It doesn’t just make you look like you are ready to tackle anything, but you will feel like you are ready to take on the world!

Stay Away From the Logos

While we’re not saying you need to avoid wearing Coco Chanel earrings because, after all, a pair of the right earrings by the right designer will instantly make you look more expensive, but there’s a balance to be had here. One or possibly two visible logos is okay. If you go hell for leather with your logos, you are conforming to trends. 

Cutting back on the logos and opting for a more universal style will guarantee a much more demure and sophisticated look. When we wear logos, we’re basically saying, “Look at me, aren’t I expensive!” Logos are a trend, and if you want to be more classic in your look, you’ve got to go for the timeless pieces.

Don’t Show Too Much Skin

If you want to look expensive, you need to look classy. There is a lot to be said for the Audrey Hepburn style when it comes to wearing an LBD, but you’ve got to focus on the layering and balance, and the key to ensuring you do this right is by not being too body-conscious.

Go for Dark Sunglasses

Sunglasses are an amazing way to elevate casual outfits to chic. Tortoiseshell glasses or cat-eye sunglasses keep any outfit classy. Of course, they’re super useful when the sun is out or you are feeling a little too tired and have those dark circles on display!

Tuck in Your Top

If you like baggy jumpers or blouses, you can easily accentuate your figure. One of the best solutions is to cinch in your waist by tucking any shirt tails or t-shirts. Don’t forget to accessorise at this point by wearing a belt, as this automatically elevates the classiness factor.

Ensure You Have the Rest Dialled in

We’re talking about nails, hair, and scent. It’s easy to overlook these when we spend a lot of time focusing on the ideal outfit, but pulling off a luxury look is also about getting the rest finely tuned. Choosing the right perfume, manicuring your nails with the right shade, as well as the perfect hairstyle and looking after your skin and your teeth are just as critical.

Pulling off a luxury look doesn’t have to be difficult. Just make sure that you follow some of these rules.