14 Cool Summer Date Outfits for Guys

Dates offer a powerful opportunity to make a great impression and show off your unique personality through fashion. Whether you’re meeting someone for the first time or going out with your significant other, choosing the right outfit will make your summertime dates extra memorable.

Date Look 1: City Casual

If you’re planning to spend your date night in the city, a casual look is the way to go. For this look, opt for a pair of polished trousers or jeans with a classic slim-fit tee. You can finish the look with a lightweight blazer. Or, to add some texture and interest, layer one of your favorite patterned shirts over the tee. Finish off your outfit with a pair of fresh sneakers, and you’re good to go!

Date Look 2: Urban Suave

This is all about looking suave and urban cool. Start with a classic button-down shirt in neutral white or gray. Tuck the shirt into a pair of slim black pants to add to your height and elongate your figure. Complete the look with stylish leather boots and a black blazer for an on-trend aesthetic.

Date Look 3: Beach Vibes

Heading to the beach for your summer date? Keep it simple and comfortable with a pair of distressed shorts, a v-neck t-shirt and a lightweight canvas jacket. Top it all off with some leather sandals. This is a perfect combination of relaxed vibes with a touch of sophistication.

Date Look 4: Smart Retro

If you’re looking to make a statement, opt for a vintage-inspired outfit. Start with a pair of tailored trousers. Add a polo shirt or long-sleeved henley. Finish it off with brown leather loafers and an array of layered accessories. You might choose a pocket square, watch and aviator sunglasses.

Date Look 5: Sporty Chic

Try a sporty-chic ensemble for an outfit that’s appropriate for the outdoors without feeling too laid-back. Start with a pair of tapered joggers or chinos and a plain white t-shirt. Then layer on a stylish puffer vest. Accessorize with statement sneakers in your favorite color and a baseball cap to complete the look.

Date Look 6: Light and Bright

Keep things bright and summery with a light-colored outfit. Choose airy, lightweight fabrics like linen or cotton to keep you cool in the heat. Opt for a white or pastel-colored shirt. Pair it with tailored light-washed shorts or pants in a neutral hue. Add a pair of canvas sneakers or loafers to pull it all together.

Date Look 7: Refined Minimalism

If you prefer a more low-key look, try a refined minimalist approach. Tuck a crisp white crew neck t-shirt into above-the-ankle gray trousers. Elevate the look with a simple gold necklace and timeless black leather Oxfords. This look exudes effortless class without going overboard.

Date Look 8: Down-to-Earth Energy

Show off your easy-going personality with a down-to-earth look. Start with a pair of rolled-up skinny jeans in a light neutral. Pair it with an untucked Mao shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Add brown sandals and a classic leather-band watch for an outfit that’s sure to make your date smile.

Date Look 9: Nautical Chill

Try the nautical route for a chill look that won’t sacrifice your style. Start with a classic blue and white striped short-sleeved button-up, and pair it with some rolled-up khaki shorts. Finish the look with a pair of espadrilles and white aviators. It’s a perfect look for taking in the summertime scenery.

Date Look 10: Utility Class

Try this look for an elevated take on the utility trend. Start with a slim-fit utility shirt in an army green hue and tailored beige trousers. Complete the look with white ankle boots and a leather belt for a hint of texture. You’ll be ready for anything the evening throws.

Date Look 11: Suited Up

When in doubt, keep it classic! A suit is an unbeatable way to show you mean business. Pair a slim-fit navy or gray suit with a crisp white shirt and black dress shoes. Complete the outfit with a pocket square and a few pieces of gold jewelry. This look is sophisticated without being too flashy.

Date Look 12: Monochrome Magic

Seamless and simple, the monochromatic look is a winner. The key to this style is to choose one color for your entire outfit and stick to it. Go for a black v-neck t-shirt with black jeans, and add interest by layering on some silver jewelry. Opt for a pair of low-top black sneakers for your footwear to bring it all together.

Date Look 13: Linen Lux

Linen is a luxurious fabric that instantly adds a touch of class to any outfit. Try pairing tailored linen trousers with an open-collared white or light blue shirt. Add a pair of brown leather loafers and a coordinating statement belt to finish the look.

Date Look 14: Urban Explorer

If you and your date plan to explore the city, dress for comfort and style. Grab your favorite pair of cargo pants, and pair them with a short-sleeved henley. Add low-cut suede boots, a lightweight leather jacket and a beanie for a ruggedly cool vibe.

Wear It With Confidence

No matter what look you choose, remember to wear it with confidence. That is the key ingredient to any successful date night outfit. With the right attitude and a bit of planning, you’ll be sure to make an impression that will last. Good luck, and don’t forget to have fun!