13 Trends That Are So Over In 2016

I am as amazed as you are by my urge to write this post, trust me. Considering we live in the time of all is in and whatever you want to wear is okay this post sounds a bit off, doesn’t it? Actually I think not. I have indeed slightly feared going into this topic, cause seriously what the fuck do I know, and except for a few trends out there, most of my 13 infamous list is pretty subjective. Shockingly.

But some looks aka trends I really think have been did & done and we gotta move on. I know, I know it’s such a big issue (moving on) in life in general, but in fashion it’ll all comeback.

Frankly I ain’t ready myself to let go of some of these trends, but killing them is also a sartorial and creative challenge. OR, in some cases they could still be stretched for a longer time (a year maybe?) with a slight (or not so slight) nip and tuck.

Let’s do this people. And remember we’ve all done them, nobody is absolved of tacky trends at least once in their lives. Not if you love fashion, and have happened to live in the easrly 2000s. It does come with the fun of it. However this post is focused more on recent trends. Which is not at all a better thing.

1. Waterfall cardigans. I’ve had enough of these. That waterfall draping I’m not a massive fan of at all, not in cardigans.

I’m more okay with it in light trench coats for example in nude colours.

With waterfall cardigans I feel we’ve done the female equivalent of the lumber-sexual for way way way too long. Read the girl in Kim Kardashian wavy locks aka 2010 wearing a waterfall cardigan with skinny jeans and ankle boots. Enough is enough. Can’t let go? Try.

Or just keep it for winter mountain trips.

waterfall waterfall-cardigan

2. Shredded jeans. For the love of God some types of shredded jeans have got to stop popping up in shops. Others, on the other hand are fabulous still, but there’s a very tricky line here.

For shredded skinny jeans opt for just knee cuts, or slightly above the knee. Don’t overdue with rips & shreds. It’ll look cheap.

In looser jeans, to avoid the cheap look keep the shreds quantity wise to a minimum. So don’t do 1,547,736 rips on one leg and then 2,678,097 on the other. Instead if you want to go for the ripped jean look – do the massive one or two rips in baggy jeans.

On all occasions you gotta keep the white denim fabric from the rips to a minimum. Stick to clean ripped jeans.

ripped-jeans shredded-jeans shreded-jeans

3. The fucking beard. Pardon the ‘fucking’ in there but I, and the entire world, is over it. Somebody’s gotta send the memo to these kids, or men, who are still milking the beard trend for ego-bootsing purposes. If you are one of these males, OR you wear a beard cause it’s trendy – STOP.

Sure, most men look better covered up in facial hair for obvious reasons, but dang that chiseled face and jawline! If you got it flaunt it boy!

beard-trend clean-shaved-faces clean-shaved no-beard-trend

4. Shrunken jackets. Guilty guilty guilty and totally can’t stand them now. Shrunken jackets are nothing more than normal waist length fitted jackets: leather, bomber, even blazers. They’re over. Done. Oversized is in and it does look better, or maybe it’s just a matter of diversity you know.


5. Fedora hats. God help me if I see one more hat. Actually they keep popping up, and just the other day I saw a few in a shop. The trend is just that – too trendy. It’s over. If it’s not part of a person’s personal style prior to this hat mania that’s taken over the shops for the past4 years, then you gotta let go of the too covered up way too trendy look: hat, scarf, glasses, boots, waterfall cardigan. Bye.


6. Wedges. Never liked them. It’s like a sick shoe combo that couldn’t make up its mind between being a stiletto, a flat, or a platform, so it thought ‘hmmm, why don’t I be all three?’ Uhm, no.

Especially the sneaker wedges. Nooooo. They’ve died for sometime but in case you never found out, you just did. Don’t tell nobody. I won’t either.

If you wanna do wedge shoes, do them in summer. A la Dolce and Gabbana style.


7. Men in big bold graphic t-shirts. What are you 5? Move on. Wear a simple one colour tee, or if you love logos do a nice logo tee. Stop with the ‘clever tee texts’ written on hallmark borderline desktop photos imprinted on a tee. NO. If you are 30 (even less TBH) don’t wear them anymore, they’re tacky and make you look like a 19 year old skater boy.


8. The uber polished sock bun. I am now screaming on the inside. It was trendy in its time,   it had its moment –  stuck-up-bitch tight polished look, we respect it for it, but it’s gone now!!! I’ll refrain from anything else here.

It’s just too harsh, at least for daytime.


9. Peplum. Usually if you had a sock bun you most likely had a peplum too, in red most likely, a statement beaded necklace, and those big-fly (the insect) sunglasses. You know the look preppy sexy secretary on a trend roll. Yes we’re all fucking guilty of it, but hopefully not anymore.

Peplum is one motherfucker to be honest. It’s a very weird trend trick: emphasises the waist, it’s retro feminine… I liked it, but never really like loved it. So I can’t say I’m crying right now.


10. Heavy contouring. Now I am crying. Well, sobbing at least. I LOVE makeup although I’ve never done contouring per se (too much of a hassle for me, combined with the fear of looking like The Mask), I have applied foundation, bronzer, blush, a bit of an illuminator, and powder usually in the evening. The point is – the queen of contouring Kim Kardashian has stopped with the harsh lines and embraced more of a dewy soft bronzed and natural look and glow. And that means more natural styles are in, and perhaps the dramatic eyes and lips and contour is better left for special occasions.

I do LOVE a perfect full on makeup look though.

Slowly letting on. sobbing.

no-contouring-trend contouring

11. Slip ons. That’s the rumour in Fashion Town these days, and frankly I couldn’t care less. For some reason I never bought a pair, and instead preferred sneakers. Ha!

They look great though,  but have that trendy quality to them that you know will make them hot one season and not so hot the next.


12. The fly but not so fly sunglasses. They used to be the classic go to shades, but now they’re pretty passé, and make you look like a fly.

Trade the flies for eye cat sunglasses or wayfarers.


13. Flat bill baseball hats. Sorry. And anyway most people look better with curved bill hats, but to each their own.


Let’s talk about this in the Facebook comments:

TRENDS – which ones can you say bye to, and which ones you can’t yet?