13 Fashion Trends That Came Back

Every decade has its own signature look. In the 1920s, women liked styling their hair in a bun, as if it was short, hiding it under the hat, and making waves in the front. The 1940s gifted us with suits with structured shoulders and cinched waist. And of course, no one can forget about the 2000s with its low-rise jeans and neon colors. 

The 2020s have only just begun, but there are already trends that can’t be ignored. But you see… the thing about fashion and style is that unlike a technical skill or a writing skill where you do it yourself or I need WritePaper writers to write paper for me kinda situation – in fashion ya’ gotta try it to feel it. It is maybe 60% practice and street style study, and the rest is a beautiful mixture of inherent good taste and acquired skill, study and education. Having said that – it is true that none other year seems to encompass so many returned trends – quite as broad and eclectic as the 2020’s. Nothing is off the table. So it’s easier to ‘be’ on trend (cause whatever you wear will most likely be IN) but it’s tougher to get THE look.

(Or maybe I’m wrong, we can discuss this in comments if you want. )

2020’s Trends

Nowadays, it’s all about the sources the clothes come from. Today, we’re trying to learn if the business follows the cruelty-free, sustainable model. We fight with fast mass-market fashion and prefer vintage clothing. 

Athleisure came in full strength, so you can now wear your favorite sneakers whenever. Be it a velour tracksuit or plaid mini-dress; your outfit will be stylish with a pair of sports shoes. Not everything we wear is completely unique. 

It would’ve been impossible to continuously create a brand new look without repeating some of the old trends. Also, it’s become a popular marketing ploy to use the feeling of nostalgia to hook people to your product. 

We usually refer to this phenomenon as a season. And just like seasons in a year, fashion seasons tend to come back. Here are some trends that came back and stayed even stronger the second time.

  1. High-Rise Loose Jeans

Loose jeans have become a staple of the 90s comfy clothes very fast. They went out of style as fast just to be replaced with skinny jeans. We’re all here for this historic return. They’re baggy and easy-fitting but sit snug because of the high-waisted design. 

2. Bell-Bottoms

Bell-bottom pants have come back as strong as ever. One of the popular iterations of this style is flared jeans. They are the most sturdy, so you might want to choose them when you want to look powerful. The 70s style, however, also comes in any kind of stretchy material. Just wear trousers to feel extra fancy. 

3. Biker Shorts

If you want to feel secure and comfortable but still stylish, biker shorts with an oversized tee are your choice. This is one of the main staples of athletic wear popular in everyday life. You might have seen a girl or two rocking these shorts to the gym in the past couple of years. Now, they’ve come out of their sporty phase, so you can wear them whenever you want. 

4. Cargo Pants

Cargo pants have been a big trend in the last few years. Their military look and relaxed fit combine well with crop tops and sports bras. If you want to add some edge to your look, definitely go with these.

5. Vibrant-Colored Turtlenecks

A turtleneck is one of the universal pieces of clothing. You can style it with a plaid skirt for the school girl look or wear it with a blazer for more of a business casual. But what if you pick the colorful ribbed one? You can wear it with anything on top or plain if you want to emphasize the pattern. There are so many variants! You won’t have any other piece with so many chances to style differently as a turtleneck. Hurry to get a couple of basic and some bright ones!

6. Oversized Sweater Vests

Sweater vests are back in! Anyone who had to wear a school uniform would agree – vests were not it. Today, however, there are so many models that they can fit any demand. Especially popular are oversized vests. You can throw on any white dress shirt you already have (or go for a colored one for a more interesting look) with regular pants, and a vest will finish the look easily. 

There are so many variations of knitted vests that you will most likely find the one that suits you. Want to have a short but wide vest? There’s a design for you. Want a fully oversized long sweater? Plenty of those are available. You can even find sweater vest mini dresses for a more unorthodox look.

7. Puff Sleeves

Our working theory is that puff sleeves remind us of our worriless childhood years, and that’s why we like them so much. Nevertheless, they can be a great addition to a plain shirt, making it look much more interesting and finished. They have a tendency to make any look softer. And it doesn’t matter if you have puff sleeves on a pink dress or a black t-shirt.

8. Corduroy

Corduroy pants, corduroy shirts, corduroy jackets – everything corduroy. Not to tire you with the same word over and over again, but corduroy’s in at the moment. The material gives any piece of clothing depth and an interesting feel. That’s probably why everyone is back on the corduroy track.

9. Skin-Tight Heeled Boots

If you want to feel powerful and dangerous, try on these boots. They add an edge to any outfit and can empower you for days. We don’t know what exactly gives this chunky heel so much force, but your potential to turn into a dangerous woman (in queen Ariana’s words) rises tenfold.

10. Dad Sneakers

There is time for being extra, and there is time to chill. Dad sneakers are the best recipe for a relaxed look. Take any paparazzi celeb shot – they all wear a baggy sweater and comfy shoes on their day off. Follow the example from the people who are always pressured to look their best.

11. Chokers

Choker was the logo for all 90s necklaces. And how happy we are that it returned. Look at how social media, one of the strongest promoters for trendy items, was overtaken by its comeback. A choker can be a nice accessory or the main statement of your outfit. It’s your choice to make!

12. Bucket Hats

What can be easier than to throw on a hat during one of those bad-hair days? Hardly anything. Still, bucket hats can help tie your look easier than anything else. Accessories can do that for you.

13. Hair Claw Clips

Do you remember those weird 2000s hair clips that looked like a claw? Their back in, baby! Hair accessories don’t go out and back in style as much as clothes simply because there are not as many opportunities. You’ve probably used a scrunchy your whole life, even when it was not trendy. 

The claw clip is another story. It’s so unique and recognizable that it needed a decade to come back in full force. It holds hair and looks cute – we don’t need another reason to welcome it back.

The Bottom Line

If fashion design is your passion, major, or career, you probably know everything about these trends. But the learning curve should never drop. Fashion trends come and go, and we need to stay updated to know what’s in the next season. Hopefully, this article helped you with it.

xoxo D.